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The Caribbean Affair – Paperback

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It was just a family vacation… until the terrorists came aboard.

Jackson Barr, Jr., along with his wife and kids, are enjoying a Caribbean cruise when all hell breaks loose.

The Caribbean Affair – Paperback

It was just a family vacation… until the terrorists came aboard.

Jackson Barr, Jr., along with his wife and kids, are enjoying a Caribbean cruise when all hell breaks loose.

At port in Jamaica, an explosion rocks the ship, and all passengers are sent to shore on lifeboats, where they are told they'll be reunited with their children.

But Jack senses something's not right, and hides on the ship.

His wife calls from shore: the kids are not there.

Now alone on a ship with terrorists in control, Jack must fight for his life — and his kids' lives — in order to reunite his family and bring down whoever's doing this.

From USA Today bestselling author of the million-sold Harvey Bennett Thrillers series, this fast-paced action thriller is perfect for fans of Ludlum, Cussler, Patterson, and Child.

128 reviews for The Caribbean Affair - Paperback

  1. marcia

    While it took a while to get into the story, Jack was a CIA desk jockey, but when in a race to save his kids, he becomes Rambo.

  2. JRL

    This story begins with Jack being asked to spend time with his family and take a break from work. Jack wants to just go with his wife, but she convinces him to go on the cruise. The 1st glimpse that we get of Jack on the cruise is when he is climbing a rock wall. Jack is not comfortable, but he eventually gets to the top. After this exercise, he and his wife drop his daughters off at the kid zone, this gives him time alone with his wife. The dropping off of kids is an everyday affair. The day that they near Jamaca and drop their daughters off, an explosion happens. All paasengers are directed to get off the boat. Jack after making sure his wife is alright, escapes frpom the life boat. His aim was to locate his daughters and then go ashore.While Jack starts his search, he discovers that everything is not as it seems. Jack hunts brings him in touch with terrorists that have a plan regarding a shipment. Jack has to avoid them if he wants to locate his daughters. The terrorist leeader has managed to capture all of the children and he has a plan. The end plan includes Jack and one of his daughters.To learn what the explosion on the boat was, who was the terrorist leader and why he went on this ship, plus learn what hoops Jack had to jump through in his quest, then you need to read this book.I received an ARC and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  3. John Strupeck

    Nick Thacker writes a number of different series. Some I like, others not so much. Loved the Mason Dixon series, until the character died after 3 books.This series started slow for me, but the character dragged me in. Halfway through the book, I was hooked.Can’t wait for the second book due in October.Highly recommended – a good action story.

  4. Tony

    I couldn’t put it down until I got finished. Full of action, suspense, drama, intrigue and deceit throughout the the story.

  5. Kindle CustomerJim

    I liked this book but it just didn’t seem to flow well for me. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t. It turned out to be a good plot and story line. I will read the next one in the series.

  6. G. Russell

    The first time I read the book I didn’t particularly like it. However, since I have liked prior books I decided to read it again and then decide.I found that the first time I reacted negatively to different characters because of my own experiences and preconceived ideas. I realized that my deep involvement in certain characters was the genius of the book.The second read through went more smoothly and I am looking forward to the next installment.

  7. Rosemary56

    I like the way Jack(son) Barr III is introduced as a CIA pen-pusher, whose commitment to his career sees his wife frustrated and resentful and his daughters becoming strangers to him.On his and wife Kate’s 15th wedding anniversary, the couple resolve to take a make-or-break Caribbean cruise, with their 2 young daughters being mostly cared for in the crèche/kids club.What happens to seriously interrupt their vacation? Where are the kids?Who’s Victor and what orders does he give?It’s soon action and danger all the way, as the expert story teller and adventurer Nick Thacker’s series opener The Caribbean Affair ratchets up the tension and alternately thrills and terrifies you, as Jack struggles to find his inner James Bond and save the day.An unmissable, sure-to-be-bestseller, get your hands on a copy as soon as you can – and hurry up, the countdown’s started!

  8. Mountain woman

    I have to say, this book was full of surprises! Nick knows how to hook you into his stories and keep you there through the whole book. Then, he comes up with lots of surprises at the end. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes adventures and hoping that the good guy wins in the end.

  9. Cindy

    I had to really think whether to give this a three or four star review. This was a good start to a new series with lots of action, and I look forward to reading the next in the series. However, I would recommend doing a better job of editing. Many instances of incorrect words, which caused me to have to backtrack an reread whole paragraphs to try to understand what the author was trying to say. I would recommend this to anyone.

  10. Mitch Selleck

    The action starts on the first page, and does not let up until you finish. I started reading before I turned in for the night. After about an hour asleep, I woke up and read until I “turned” the last page. The book is that good! I hate reviews that include so much you don’t really need to read the book, so I will simply say buy the book right now. Do it! You will not regret it (although you might lose a bit of sleep).

  11. Marie Markham

    I am a big fan of Nick Thacker. Loved this new book so much I almost read it in one sitting.New characters are always a challenge for me, I get very comfortable with book series and the way the characters and storylines adapt based on personalities.Jack and his family are very likeable and the storyline set on a Cruise ship was a great idea. So many options and corridors to explore as the adventure unwinds. The heart-stopping moments were just that, and like all of Nick’s books unpredictable.I will be interested to see how many of the new characters we met in this first installment will make it to the next book (or sixteen)!The story moves fast and what one thought was true might be……or it might not be! Suspenseful, engaging and an overall fantastic read from one of our great 21st century novelists.I received an advance reader copy of this book, and I am thrilled to leave a review and would definitely recommend it

  12. dolphin

    I loved the new characters of this new series. Looking forward to the next installment to see where we will be going next with Jack.

  13. Sage

    Caribbean Affair is such a good book.Fabulous, 10 stars. It read like a movie and I loved it!Could not put it down! Took about….6 hrs give or take.Get comfy cuz this is a great ride!

  14. Rancher

    The hero may not be THAT kind of agent, but he gets the job done. Looking for more to come!

  15. SR

    Jack Barr is. DOJ agent taking some much needed R&R with his family. Sitting around on a cruise isn’t necessarily his thing, but it gives him a chance to reconnect with his kids, and rekindle dying embers with his wife. But strange and dangerous happenings in the lower decks soon turn the pleasure cruise into a nightmare, and Jack has to dig deep to not only to save himself and his family, but also the entire ship. Another nonstop action thriller from Nick Thacker.

  16. Rabid Reader

    I love this new series from Nick Thacker. It’s kind of like a Joe six pack CIA man meets a drug cartel and he triumphs despite his lack of training.Tension filled from the beginning, The Caribbean Affair layers disaster after disaster, with seemingly insurmountable odds. Jackson (Jack) Barr, Jr. is forced to act beyond his comfort zone as a desk man for the CIA.Set in the jewel like island of Jamaica, Jack, his wife and his two daughters are supposed to be having the time of their lives. But an evil force is making that impossible.What I liked best about this new series is that our hero is just a regular guy, not special forces or Navy Seals. He is fighting for his family. What a great novel and a great beginning of a new series. I highly recommend this.

  17. Slugpuppy3

    The Caribbean Affair is full of surprises along with fast paced action. Jack Barr is a desk jockey at the CIA (NOT a field agent) who is taking his family on a vacation cruise in an attempt to refresh his marriage. Then the unthinkable happens. The ship has problems, his children disappear, and someone is shooting all the crew! Can a dad who rides a desk save the kids?I really enjoyed this book.

  18. Jill M. Collins

    If you want to read a Nick Thacker book, be sure to start early enough in the day as you won’t be able to put it down until you’re finished. The author always takes you on a wild ride and you don’t know what’s coming on the next page, and you can’t help but become invested in the characters. Enjoy!

  19. KKep

    First Jack Barr book I read and it was very intense. Great story line, perfectly realistic characters, good background information. A lot of action and suspense. Good reading!

  20. dondi

    The book starts out with a family going on a cruise, I’m thinking, this will just an ordinary read, somethings will happen here and there, but the pace quickly picks up with an explosion on board the cruise ship…I really enjoyed this book in its entirety, and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves an adventurous thrill.I can’t wait to read book 2.

  21. Carolyn Banks

    Jack Reacher might be a bit too far, but the action, excitement and twists were entertaining. I enjoyed the book and hope to see more of this character.

  22. MimiATO#77

    I loved that our hero is a family man. He loves his wife and kids and yet they still struggle with the same issues you and I do in marriage and family. He technically isn’t a field agent but when his kids are threatened, he turns out to be everything the CIA training has taught him to be plus one determined dad despite all odds. Can’t wait to read the next book by my fellow Texan! Go TEXAS!

  23. Danq

    A really great series. Jack Barr comes across as a new untrained James Bond. He is a desk jockey for the CIA, but sure gets his points across to the bad guys.

  24. Ravenous Reader

    I wanted to like this book because I do enjoy the Harvey Bennett series by this author. While Jack Barr is assuredly a reluctant hero in a difficult situation (typically a winning combination for writers and readers alike), this guy is no Jack Reacher.I did not enjoy “watching” him blubber like a baby (something I am certain Reacher would never do), nor did I enjoy the pages that I skipped because their content did not appear to offer anything of value to the story. Not one to give up on a book, I did finish it, but I am not sure whether I will venture into Book 2.

  25. Ron

    Jack finds himself in quite a predicament and having other members close to him makes it more difficult.Has all the suspense and things that make the book well worth the time to read

  26. grannideb

    The book has a good plot, it started slow but then moved along at a good pace. Would recommend. Will be purchasing more of this series.

  27. ReaderLee

    I enjoyed this reluctant action hero’s story. Good characterization and plotting, though the ending was a little trite… characters standing around explaining “what happened and why” for pages. But, all said, this was a very enjoyable read, I’d like to see more of Jack Barr.

  28. Alisa Smith

    I was very happy to see you had started a new character series. And of course I was not disappointed. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  29. Sue L.

    Although it was a little bit hard to follow the characters in the beginning, by a couple chapters in, I couldn’t put the book down. Read it in less than a day. Can’t wait for the next one!!

  30. WS Canada

    The story itself is great, action packed, lots of tense moments, believable characters, this thriller has it all and more!The editing though, is the worst I have ever endured! In fact, I don’t think it was even spell checked! Misuse of words, missing words, repeating paragraphs, really difficult to push through!Step Up, Nick Thacker! Get ridof the people who have done such a shoddy job editing your work. You are an excellent story writer, poor editing totally destroys the flow of the book.

  31. Kindle customer – Jeannie

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to the next. The character transformation of our hero was right on, and the twists just added to the enjoyment because they were not expected! Great new series, Mr. Thacker. Thanks.

  32. Kindle Customer

    Jack is a desk jockey for the CIA. He puts all the puzzle pieces together. But he never dreamed he’d have to put all his training to use while on a cruise with his family. Explosion, evacuation except the kids that were in the Kid Zone and jumping back on the ship to find his little girls. Lets just say Jack may not be happy being a desk jockey anymore. Great job. Looking forward to Jack’s next adventure. Thank you.

  33. Dave

    Interesting start, definitely a lot going on (which is no surprise coming from Nick Thacker). Will reserve judgment on how good series is until after I’ve another book or ten.

  34. KH

    For me this became better about half way through. I stuck with it because I’m a big fan of Nick Thacker. New character in Jack Barr and look forward to his development. Good action! Just need to edit as I’m sure will happen. Looking forward to book two.

  35. Saundra Wright

    I truly enjoyed these new characters. Adventure on the high seas, or at least the harbor. What lengths would you go to if your family was in danger? Would you even have the skills to save them? Jack has the skills, but he’s not that kind of agent.

  36. Cathy

    The Caribbean Affair, by Nick Thacker, is full of mystery, suspense, sorrow and courage. What starts out as an ordinary vacation aboard a cruise ship turns into terror. It is well worth your so time to read it.I would have given it a 5 star rating, but there are a lot of cruise ship mysteries out. It is still an excellent read so enjoy.

  37. Kindle Customer

    I enjoy all of the Nick Thacker books I have read so far. This one was exceptional and kept me on my toes waiting to see what comes next. I highly recommend this one guts and gals.

  38. Kindle Customer

    This was an absolutely great story full of suspense. My only complaint was that it has some bad language but it was light compared to most books in this genre so I consider it a really good novel.

  39. Cacher

    Another fun and captivating read. Cancel your plans for the next 24 hours because you won’t put this one down till the end!

  40. ARbee

    Jackson Barr, Jr. works for the Justice Department, but he’s not a CIA operative. Nope, he’s just a dedicated desk jockey, a talented thinker, but not a field agent.However, while on a holiday cruise with his wife and two ‘tweener daughters he finds himself embroiled in a distressing plot of murder and mayhem.This is Nick Thacker’s initial Jack Barr series thriller novel, with more to come.

  41. Tricia

    This is by far the best book I have read in a long time. It deserves 10 stars! I was literally glued to the pages and could not put it down. The main character, Jack, was a real surprise – not only to me, but his family too. The setting was perfect (a cruise ship) and I was not able to figure out anything for myself. After my emotions got jerked around, the ending explained everything (which then made perfect sense) . Awesome book Nick Thacker!!!!

  42. Albino C.

    I received this as an ARC book. It is a start to a new series as I see book 2 is on sale already. Also, the story ended with unfinished business. But, before we go there, this story is well-written, has good character development, a realistic plot, and good dialogue. So, I believe you will enjoy it.I must admit that I started thinking the plot reminded me of a certain Bruce Willis movie. But enough of it was different that it made the reading enjoyable.I’ve enjoyed Nick’s other books, so I look forward to reading more of Jack’s capers in this series.

  43. Carla Clark

    I was drawn in immediately by the well defined characters. Then the action started and continued nonstop for the rest of the book. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen the plot changed. The twists and surprises continued right through the end of the book. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. What is Jack going to get involved in next?

  44. Jwolf1877

    As I said a great adventure..one of the first books I have read in a while that I could not put down and I finished it in a day.I look forward to Jack Barrs next adventure.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Really enjoyed this book! Had to read it all in one reading, couldn’t put it down. On to the next in the series. The main character is very likeable, more realistically a regular guy than a Super hero. Hope this series keeps growing.

  46. M. J. Morris

    A family cruise vacation with a CIA analyst aboard develops into a fast paced tale of terror. Jack Barr is not your typical field agent but he becomes driven to unravel the plot to commander an ocean liner. A good page turner.

  47. D. Calhoun

    The story kept me guessing all the way through. I didn’t want to stop reading until the end.

  48. mikie


  49. Amazon Customer

    I tried, I really did try to like/enjoy the book. I got up to chapter 4 and deleted the book. I did not care for Jack, the main character. Very self-centered. Many typos, which make me crazy. Please get a better editor or proof reader. Love the Harvey Bennett series.

  50. Peter

    A good action adventure but the plot is a little simplistic and many holes, how did they get tons of weapons away through seawater without being apprehended? Explained away but logically impossible. Shallow character development. The author needs to find an experienced reader for his audiobooks, he has no sense of pacing, and there are annoying background noises that distract from the recording

  51. JCurl

    Jack Barr is on a cruise with his wife and two young (7 & 11?) daughters. Soon after dropping the daughters off for age-appropriate supervised activities, there is a loud boom from the depths of the ship. And the crew begins escorting passengers to the life boats.This does not bode well. This is not forboding — it’s elevenboding!This is an exciting thriller with well fleshed-out characters, a riveting pace, and quite a few “holy carp!” moments. Nothing is easy for Jack, but when it comes to his daughters, well, you know what they say about mama bears? Papa bears can be pretty protective, too.Excellent read, and I can’t wait for book two (which I also have purchased and have it ready to start).

  52. Mark Marcus

    This was an almost perfect suspense thriller. It was fast paced, easy to read and, quite frankly, fun.I ended up missing a few scheduled appointments because I could not stop reading; it really got me hooked.The protagonist, Jack, is definitely my kind of hero!Bravo to the author on this one.Mark

  53. Claudine Delacour-Jarrett

    Wonderful read

  54. Ivan Moreno Jr.

    Great story; good plot, but you leave the readers hanging without finishing the story.Maybe there will be a sequel ??

  55. Dolores

    One minute they are relaxing and the next he is trying to save everyone he can. Like in Die Hard. Let’s go on vacation have a few laughs and then your racing for your life. Well developed characters and has you cheering for the good guy!!!

  56. GMC

    Jack’s CIA, but not an agent just a desk jockey. With a troubling marriage they take a family vacation cruise to get back on track. Then the ship gets hijacked by terrorist and his kids kidnapped. Can one man save the day. A really well laid out story that sucks you in until the end. A great read.

  57. William D. Albrecht

    The Caribbean Affair is an excellent read. Jack Barr is on vacation with his wife, and he wakes from being an analyst into b ing secret agent man. A lot of fun!

  58. Gma4two

    This book should not be read on a cruise ship! There’s lots of action with twists and turns. I read it in a day!

  59. Kindle Customer

    JackBarr is a suprise hero whoturns out to be a McGiver. A guy who figured out how to save the day. The book starts out slow, but gets more exciting vwith esch new chaptrr

  60. Bruce White

    Thacker’s story features a plot any dad would like and be fully engaged in…the characters are, for the most part, well drawn and believable. The setting will be familiar to any cruise-taker…and doesn’t love Jamaica? I found too many typos and incorrect word usage throughout. Something I’ve come to expect on an e reader.

  61. David E.

    Jack is a pencil pusher at the CIA, used to sitting at a desk and thinking things through, rather than an action man. His family decide to go on a Caribbean cruise to unwind and have fun. However things are not as they seem on this cruise liner. There is a dark secret in its belly and after an explosion, things take a turn for the worst. While ‘everyone else’ is evacuated, Jack tries to track down his kids and discovers that they are being used as hostages while Victor gets what he came for from the boat. While not normally a man of action, Jack is driven to react in his search for his, and the other, children and a new action hero is born.A suspenseful game of cat and mouse ensues while Jack tries to work out what is going on and reach the kids. There are twists and turns, plenty of action, plenty of intrigue. A highly entertaining read.

  62. R E Tiner

    If you like action & suspense, read this book. Loved it!

  63. John

    Not sure if Nick actually wrote this or someone using his name.

  64. Keri J

    The foreword isn’t wrong. This book delivers a fast paced, well written story that keeps you page turning. Finished it in four hours on a Sunday afternoon.

  65. Kindle Customer

    This book is an action thriller that happens on a cruise ship. Jack Barr goes on a Caribbean cruise with his wife and two daughters that turns into something totally unexpected. It starts out slow paced giving a little backstory to some of the main characters, but once the action starts it’s pretty much action til the end. It was interesting because most of the story takes place on the cruise ship and the hero of the story was no superhero but an everyday guy who was willing to do whatever it took to save his children and others. I gave it 4 stars because of the editing and writing errors but overall a good read if you like action.

  66. Maureen Pyburn

    This book kept my interest from beginning to end. I only left it to get some popcorn and lemonade, books are like movies to me, and I didn’t want to forget a scene! Jack Barr is a likeable unassuming hero!

  67. Susan murray

    This was a rollicking good yarn.Jack is CIA but works a desk job assembling facts to solve cases. He is not a field agent.He is on a cruise with his family when all hell breaks loose and his children are missing. He is suddenly a field agent on a mission.If you love action movies and thrillers you will love this one.

  68. Don Culham

    A real good read with a great story and characters. Non stop action . Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  69. Kindle Customer

    Well written, action packed thriller, with good characterisation and not farfetched plot. Good start to a new series from an always reliable author.

  70. HeartHugs

    I had just gotten back from a cruise and thought this would be interesting. It was. Very. I liked all the details and characters. Kept my attention and I didn’t want to put it down. Was surprised by some of the poor editing but it didn’t make me like the book any less.

  71. Holly H

    Good read, fast paced but a bit “over the top” in some areas. mostly believable characters. Apparently setting Jack up for next in series. Look forward to reading book 2.

  72. George A. Heidenrich

    A real page-turner that just got better as it went along. I had not heard of Nick Thacker before, but now would read more of anything he wrote, any time.

  73. Amazon Customer

    Good character development. Some nice twists that are quite unexpected. A good read. I can’t wait to see how the series develops

  74. Carolyn

    I’m not usually a fan of this genre but after enjoying this book I might have to read more.Jack Barr, his wife and their two daughters go on a Caribbean cruise. While docked at Jamaica, the cruise ship rocks as if there was an explosion and the boat tilts. As they were evacuating the ship, Jack jumps back onto the ship to search for his daughters. An exciting book.As other reviewers have stated, this book is full of errors – sentences that have incorrect wording, repeating sentences, etc. Maybe it’s just a Kindle thing.This book would make n exciting movie

  75. Kindle Customer

    I found this story entertaining, a fast paced action tale. I was taken back by the numbers of editing errors. The characters are lively and the plot is well laid. Overall well done.

  76. Donna E

    Edge of the seat. Had me interested all the way to the end.

  77. Pierre Borlase

    Slow beginning of the book, with a slow climb in action until it reaches its crescendo, like a well conducted orchestra. Well done Nick. Another of your great stories. Thank you for entertaining us with your writing.

  78. C. Wilckens

    Very fast moving. Loved the characters. I felt like I was on the cruise too. Looking forward to book 2. I would love to read more books by this author.

  79. jim haggart

    I wanted to like this but kept stopping and reading something else i will finish it but the story didn’t grip me

  80. RogerB

    Well ol’ Uncle Jack got himself in a real pickle this time. I could not put this book down after I started reading. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.R. Barr Vermont

  81. K.D. from Southeast Arizona

    The forward tells it all. I couldn’t put it down. It’s like watching a Jack Ryan movie. Something constantly going on.

  82. Micky P.

    First time reading Nick Thacker and was rather impressed. Storyline flowed nicely, even though was a little “over the top”, characters were outstanding, and the plot was nicely done. Recommend highly.

  83. M Puls

    I enjoyed the book very much. The story line and plots kept me thinking at all points. I would recommend to those who like international thrillers.

  84. JonnaV

    I received this book free as an introduction to Nick Thacker’s Jack Barr character. I absolutely loved the tale and consider the events to be a very real possibility. The main character, Jack Barr, is portrayed not as a superhero, but a everyday man doing what needs to be done. I can see anyone in this position doing these things to keep their kids safe from harm. If you like characters like Sahara’s Dirk Pitt or Die Hard’s John McClane, you will find Jack Barr more believable as a real person that you can relate to. Thank you Nick for giving us a hero we can root for.

  85. Patricia Myers

    I personally loved The Caribbean Affair, it kept me guessing the whole book. I loved Jack and how he was willing to risk everything for his family. Jack is not perfect, a little aloof but he loves his family and I found him likeable. I had a lot of The Caribbean Affair figured out as things were introduced to them. My biggest complaint is that it took a little long for the action, but once it started it didn’t stop. I found myself rooting for Jack all the way. In my opinion The Caribbean Affair is a good start to the Jack Barr Thrillers Series. I read on Kindle Unlimited.

  86. Patricia

    I literally couldn’t sleep until I finished this book! Jack a CIA agent moved from lower to super agent.The writer Nick is good in this, thanks.

  87. Seann

    I’m so very disappointed in this story so very far from nick’s best work. The obviously used computerized spell and grammar check rather than proofreading stories himself which less enjoyable able to read. I would like to think that even a CIA desk jockey would do better than are heroes efforts.

  88. Cindy Millard

    Almost gave up on this book. It took 11 chapters before the plot started to happen. Once.it did it was very intense. Good to the very end.

  89. brumba

    Resourcefulness and stick-to-it-ness are the forte of the secret agent man. His actions help him again and again. He’s both an action and a thinking talent.

  90. Rick L

    This book has lots of action, but much of it unrealistic and contributed. It was interesting to read despite numerous typos and errors, but not great.

  91. Steve Butterworth

    Not quite a waste of 3 hours but pretty damp close. Poor use of language and badly edited even after excusing the American idiom.

  92. Cindy Cox

    Jack worked as a desk agent for the CIA. Kate his wife talked him into taking this family vacation. The ship they were on was sabotaged by a Venezuelan cartel kingpin whose was there to find and kill the people stealing from him.Page after page is filled with things that I could not have imaged. Enjoyed this book.

  93. Amazon Customer

    The story takes a guy, his wife and kids on a thriller adventure cruise. They were supposed to be relaxing but turned out to be a scary ride with the cartel. Good read. Big D

  94. Clive Robinson

    Good read

  95. RonMele

    This was my first read of this author. I enjoyed the book its plot, though simple, kept my interest. Enjoyable.

  96. Kathy

    This is a great action story that keeps your interest from the first page right to the last.

  97. Amazon Customer

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Harvey Bennett series, so decided to to give this a try. The main charactor works for the CIA in a desk job, but jumped to action to save his kids. Thacker writes a great story.

  98. Bill Craig

    I have to say, the first chapter did a slow burn, but then the book took off we see CIA Analyst Jack Barr transform from Desk Jockey to Field agent as he struggles to find his two daughters that are being held as hostages on a sinking ship in Jamaica Bay. This is a real page turner with a breakneck pace. You won’t be disappointed!

  99. frugal frau

    While the story is just what one would want from an action/adventure, and the characters were well-drawn, the editing is abysmal – or non-existent. The plot is frequently interrupted by a wrong word (e.g., “tougher” when “together” was intended), or a sentence that makes no sense, leaving the reader to have to stop and figure out what the sentence was supposed to be; not desirable in the middle of a suspenseful scene!

  100. Kindle Customersteve o

    Nice plot. But it leaves you hanging. What was so important? The characters were nicely written in. Jack was a true agent! I need to check out the next installment of Jack Barr.

  101. Bevan

    Well – struggled through 20% of this nonsense – absolutely NOTHING had happened … but it took hundreds (even thousands?) or words to achieve that!Skipped a few more chapters … still, very long descriptive details of nothing at all…Gave up and deleted – life’s too short!

  102. Customer

    This was a fun read with plenty of twists and turns. I liked that the hero was s regular guy just trying to save his family. Don’t read this before or on a cruise.

  103. Jimmie47

    A very interesting story with many surprises. Very enjoyable reading for such a fast paced experience. I’m hoping there is a follow-up story. Liked it a lot!!!

  104. Allen S

    I like the concept, and the plot was interesting. But I never bonded with the characters including Jack. It just felt like it was plodding along, it didn’t grab me and become a page turner. I was actually skimming the final chapter just to make it to the end.

  105. Kindle Customer

    Fast moving and action packed. Keeps your attention. The plot is full of twists and turns that will keep your interest to the very end.

  106. By BB OF CROUSE n.c.

    I enjoyed reading this book. Jack works for the CIA low key a desk job. Goes on family vacation. Then all hell breaks loose. Got to read this book. Action to the very end.

  107. Quilter

    It was nice that our hero wasn’t a superhero who knew how to do everything. And it was also nice that there weren’t any graphic love scenes. The only reason I didn’t give the book 5 stars was because of the editing. It wasn’t terrible, you didn’t have to work to try to figure out what the author was trying to say, but there were a fair number of errors. But all in all, it was an enjoyable read.

  108. Ms Tx

    Exciting and action packed, enough quirks in the plot to keep me reading when I shouldn’t be! I hope you enjoy it!

  109. Kindle Customer

    Good character development and suspenseful plot – the type of book that is hard to put down. If you are an action lover, this is the book to read.

  110. BoogieBear

    A very fast moving story, a bit far fetched in a 007 sort of way but enjoyable none the less, well worth a read

  111. grammy

    Not on the par of other famous authors but good enough to get by. Its truly a gift to be able to write books that are engaging as this one is but a little wordy and at times more information than what’s needed

  112. Linda Walls Beauregard

    I liked this book. I read it in about 3 days. Suspenseful, fast paced, having been on a number of cruise ships I could picture the images in my mind which was helpful. I will read the next book for sure. I like Nick Thacker as an author.

  113. PF Dvor

    Pulls you in and doesn’t let go. What a way to ruin a good cruise. The story moves along quickly and I would highly recommend it.

  114. hifire88

    Kudos to author. Story moves quickly with many twists and turns. Captivating plot, had to read in one day to learn of the ending. Talented author, stimulating story teller. Looking forward to reading more Nick Thacker novels.

  115. Todd S

    I had no expectations of this book. It turned out better than I thought it would. It kept rehashing Jack’s angst about his children- maybe there are better ways to convey that, but plenty of action and twists. I am going to start his next book next.

  116. KC

    It caught me from the start. I loved the characters and they were believable. A lot of tense moments and I couldn’t put it down.

  117. DBex

    Like many of Nick Thacker’s books, this one had a strong plot, good character development, and was a relatively quick read. While the book could be read as a standalone story, the end leaves you interested to see what happens next. I’m looking forward to reading more about Jack Barr

  118. Okie

    I felt the plot was unrealistic. I did like Jack (the main character). Although he was only two dimensional. I thought more effort should have been spent on his development. Scene settings were lacking, and the other characters were pretty flat. I have no real desire to read the next book in the series. The action scenes were good; but could have been better.

  119. June Ponder

    Always wanted to take a cruise. Now I REALLY want to take that cruise especially if there is kick a_ _ adventure on it. Didn’t care for the mom character but she set the scene for Jack’s strength to come through. Don’t stand between a dad and his kids. Very, very entertaining. If you don’t read it, you will miss a great book.

  120. Jon J. Sanserino

    SIX chapters in and nothing notable has happened! Just people on a cruise. I quite at that point to avoid wasting more time.

  121. NC2CA

    Thacker delivers a good pace for his strings of action. Definitely not a realistic portrayal but definitely fun to read.

  122. Chris

    It’s hard to put into words what I disliked about this book, but it just seemed so generic, like it was written for young adult level readers. I guess there’s a market for this type of book, but it isn’t me.

  123. Linda

    What would a father do for his daughters. He will risk his life. Very exciting and nail biting adventure you can’t put down. This is storytelling at it’s best.

  124. Amazon Customer

    I found this book smooth, (hence my title) It kept me in suspense. I enjoyed reading this book. Thank you.

  125. montana transplant

    This a great page turner. The plot is understandable, fast paced with believable characters. It is tightly edited without extra pieces of distraction.

  126. Kerry Gubb

    Credible: the hero wasn’t Superman; but delivered the necessary. I believe Mr Thacker are about to become very much better-acquainted

  127. Ginny Zuckero

    Great story, lots of action that keeps your attention and with kids in danger extra tension. Jack Barr may be another Jason Bourne or even better. Good read .

  128. Keith

    Starting with a cruise, celebrating 15 years of marriage, a deskbound CIA agent is involved in a highly dangerous and deadly voyage. A senior member of a Venezuelan cartel takes over a Carribbean cruise vessel and attempts to sink the vessel to cover up an illegal smuggling operation. With at least 15 other operatives the cartel boss progressively frees the ship of its passengers, some lucky enough to be transported in to the main port, whilst others unlucky enough to be still caught on the ship are simply murdered

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About Nick Thacker

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