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The Amazon Code – Paperback

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Deep within the Amazon rainforest, a secret lurks. A secret that could change the world.

…A secret worth killing for.

The Amazon Code – Paperback

Deep within the Amazon rainforest, a secret lurks. A secret that could change the world.

…A secret worth killing for.

When her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects, Dr. Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company. The clues seem to be pointing her to one of the remote places on the planet:

The Amazon Rainforest.

When Harvey “Ben” Bennett gets a hint that the nefarious organization he's been searching for has turned up in Brazil, he and his new girlfriend Juliette Richardson race to the jungle to discover what they're after — and hopefully stop them.

From the myth of the lost city of El Dorado to emerging science technology, The Amazon Code has it all: action-packed adventure, an exotic setting, and characters you'll fall in love with.

451 reviews for The Amazon Code - Paperback

  1. A. Miller

    This started off really good, but as it got to the middle (and literally to the middle of the Amazon) it started getting slow and bogged down. Then, once our crew reaches the native land, the whole story got unbelievable and really slow. I started just reading the first sentence of each paragraph just to get through it, hoping the end would pick back up again, but no. The end just was anticlimactic and made me wish I’d have given up on this book when I first wanted to instead of trudging on in hopes it would get better.

  2. rancopartsllc

    good book

  3. C. F. Crowe

    I stayed for the second of the series as I am generally a fan of conspiracy stories. The plot and story line is weak. The protagonists are whimpy and shallow. I would have preferred a stronger Ben character such as Jack Reacher, but that was not to be.I will skip the third in this series and await the fall release of some of the more bloody books coming out for the fall book binge..

  4. Henry E. Dorfman

    You can check the other reviews for the plot. What makes this unreadable is poor characters and development thereof, comic book level dialogue and haphazard editing. The opening chapters manage to set a fairly decent hook but it’s all downhill from there. While the book notes describe an aspiration to Rollins, this lacks the research and polish, not even coming close to the mark.

  5. Wraptor

    I enjoyed this book. It was interesting and fun. If it wasn’t for some “issues of reality” (or the lack there of) I would have loved the book. Granted the issues extended the story and increased the tension in plot. With that said it was still worth the time.

  6. Amazon Customer

    A motley band of explorers led by a man of uncertain loyalty, but obviously skilled to meet rough challenges, foray into unexplored territory deep in the Amazon. The band are pursued by an even larger band of violent men who have a single goal to capture a female scientist who has had a breakthrough researching human memories. Their corporate boss wants the secrets that lay in the city of gold. At a critical moment one of the enemy seems to come over to the good side, but can he be trusted. A thriller of a ride right to the very end. Nick Thacker turns in an excellent story of suspense.

  7. V10Diesel

    Where to begin? First, the cover and title are what separated me from my money. I was expecting an adventure I could get into, like Crichton or Rollins. What I got was an amateur novel that was poorly formatted (all paragraphs have breaks between them and that got old quick). Best-selling author? Sorry, but I do not believe that at all. I’ve been reading techno-thrillers, sci-fi and other related adventure stories for 32 years now, and this is one of the worst. The characters are not believable. The dialogue is not believable. The beginning, as I mentioned, had real promise, but as the story went on (about 20% in) I lost interest.

  8. Redtiley

    Reasonable read

  9. Preethi

    The story line, plot, characters and the mindless killing where only the lead characters survive reads like a action movie with too much violence for my liking. I skipped through many parts of the book to get to the end. It’s inconclusive. There’s gonna b another part and I won’t b reading that anyway.

  10. rsb in texas

    I liked the characters right from the beginning… Well before they began their Quest in the Amazon. Wasn’t sure that I would like the story once they started looking for El Dorado, but I was wrong!This is the best Primus that I have ever seen for the City of Gold, and I found myself reading late into the night because I could not put the book down.

  11. Amazon Customer

    The story here is fine. Not great, but fine. But the actually writing is abysmal and amatuerish. It was struggle to get through it. I really wanted to put it down and never pick it up again, but I’m fanatical in my need to know how a book ends once I start it. I thought I remembered enjoying the first book in the series, but perhaps I misremembered, or perhaps Mr. Thacker simply forgot how to write in between installments. Either way, this was amongst the most poorly written novels it’s ever been my displeasure to read.

  12. drhardin

    Very entertaining read. Sorry that i started with book 2. That is a pet peeve of mine, to read books in order, and there were enough references back to the previous book to make me realize that i have missed out on something.

  13. randy g

    A terrific book! When the group was dealing with all the hazards and unseen dangers of the Amazon jungle, there were times I felt personally wary of what might happen next! The chapter would end and it difficult to put the story down for extended periods of time. If any drawbacks the finale was a little hard to follow at times, but finally the good guys won. I look forward to read more of the series.

  14. Captain A

    I have spent nearly 6 6 2 weeks reading this novel, but then again, I have been on a six week overseas trip. Once started I couldn’t give up on it. It wasn’t the page turner I had hoped but it was good enough to stick with it. Liked the characters and the plot was interesting. Glad there are folks like Nick Thacker who take the time to work their passion and create works for the rest of us to enjoy.

  15. George

    great new conspiracy theory. Interesting characters. Lots of action.

  16. Jeff Willis

    I’ll admit that I haven’t read the first Harvey Bennett book, so perhaps this is a case where I really needed to do that in order to truly appreciate this story. But I also think books (even in a series) need to stand on their own and if I don’t care about a character after more than a quarter of the book, something just isn’t clicking. In addition to never really getting emotionally invested in the characters, the action was repetitive with mercenaries randomly popping up and shooting at them over and over and over again. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this author so I’ll probably give his work another try, but this one really didn’t do it for me.

  17. Karen from Las Vegas

    This book was so hard to put down. The story was so believable, it could have really happened yesterday and made world headlines. It was so well written kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Very well written. I hope there will be a follow-up book. I loved each and every character.

  18. All-access Customer

    Fun read for the young reader..

  19. katy

    Great theme and read- has some unexpected twists- but would have been even better with more character development. Needs some minor editing, but written well enough to make me interested in other books written by Nick Thacker. I really liked learning more about The Amazon- excellent balance of detail and movement.

  20. spike1

    This book gets off to a very slow start but it picks up speed as it moves along. Pure fiction .

  21. N952JL

    Ok this book will it real page-turner they only rated at 3 because the author did not flush out any of the characters at all. It is a very fast Facebook and has a very original storyline or theme but like I said none of the characters are really fleshed-out and that kind of leaves you at the end of the book fair that it.

  22. Kindle Customer

    This was a well written story with great characters. It’s a book filled with lies, twists and traitors. Even some loyal that are thought to be enemies. There is so much excitement and intrigue. The author writes so well that you can picture all the scenes like they are happening right in front of you. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It’s better than any movie written of its kind. That’s the kind of author this is. On to find another of his books.

  23. GPB

    I liked the storyline. The idea of the common dream linking back to ancestors. I did not like that there were several turns in the story that were just too predictable. The tattoo. The sabotage. The snake killing an unneeded character.

  24. Kathie

    Good book. Started out about deciphering dreams and quickly ended up in the Amazon jungle and that was pretty much the end of the dream theory. They were being chased by a bunch of mercenaries trying to stay one step ahead of them. It kind of dragged at the ending but I was determined to finish it. Glad I did.

  25. Janna Leslyn Mitchell

    I definitely like the author’s writing style. The action and geographical descriptions are good however, the ‘ruminations’ of each character were too drawn out and repetitive in this story. Also some sentences in the beginning were missing a word…..editing issue?

  26. Deborah B.

    I enjoyed reading this book. It had some twists and turns that were unexpected. There were a few kind of gruesome things in the book but I am glad it didn’t linger on it too much. Good character development and character interactions in the book. I don’t think I would want to go on a trip to the Amazon though.

  27. Michael Miller

    Writing was passable but story was so implausible it was hard to get through. If you’ve ever seen a bad movie with characters in a jungle or on a river, this will be familiar to you. Bottom line, I didn’t read the first one in this series and after finishing I’m not even remotely interested in what happened before or after with these characters.

  28. Waynoworld

    This second book in the series was my introduction to Harvey Bennett and I was intrigued enough to go back and start at the beginning with “The Enigma Strain”. ‘Ben’ Bennett and Juliet Richardson are wonderfully developed characters and the plot lines (of both books) are logical and well thought out, yet have enough of a twist to keep the story from being predictable. If you wished Cussler’s “Dirk Pitt” was a bit more believable, you’ll enjoy “The Amazon Code” or the other books in this series.

  29. KKP

    I like most of the book. The story starts with a pretty good bang. In the middle of the book, the tale slows down. Also, there is a section in the book, after they cross the shallow river, in which the author starts explaining things too much in my opinion. The book becomes too wordy. Otherwise, it’s an interesting idea. I will read another of his books to see if I still feel that he unnecessarily explains too much. I would like to give this book a 3 1/2 stars, but since there are no halves, I’ll give three.

  30. Dan

    An easy read – page turner – Nick writes simply as he is telling the story to you personally – you can picture your self in the story.I recommend this book for those who are looking for a quick read adventure story – worth the price – worth the time to read – he will take you off into another world – the Amazon Jungles… A believable tale.

  31. Pam Bussey

    Plot was fine, but I found the story too drawn out and “clunky” in places, it did not flow as well as other stories by Nick Thacker. Also, I have read other books with very similar plots to this by other writers. I will read him again though.

  32. BM Perrin

    At its heart, The Amazon Code is action/adventure, with all the extreme feats and unlikely events that this genre implies. Set in the Amazon (obviously), it becomes a veritable catalog of the gruesome ways someone might die in that world – hostile natives, vicious creatures, unforgiving habitat. Then, add to that mix a shadowy and utterly ruthless organization committed to your demise and the stage is set for some hair-raising action.The potential reader should view this book’s listed genre with skepticism, in my opinion. On Amazon (the online store, not the region), the book is listed as Psychics, as well as Action & Adventure. I don’t get it. With the references to neuroscience, as well as the author’s synopsis mentioning “emerging science,” I was thinking technothriller. For example, the clues that drive our protagonist, Harvey “Ben” Bennett, to the Amazon come from fMRI-based videos of people dreaming, a capability that appears close at hand. But perhaps the author went with the psychic category because the link to science is weak with more hand-waving in crucial places (how did they get that map?) and niggling errors (e.g., the incorrect definition of fMRI) than one would hope.The second precautionary note for potential readers is that you may want to start with book 1 – always a good idea, but maybe more so for this series, because you are joining an on-going story. Ben is single-mindedly pursuing a ruthless organization he faced in book 1, even though he’s totally unsuited to the task. He’s a park ranger. The villains are part of a clandestine group unencumbered by ethics and at ease with the use of extreme violence. Hopefully, his obsession is explained in the first book, because the attempt to attribute it to his personality in this book just doesn’t work (“Ben was just being Ben — stubborn, boorish, and reclusive”). Lots of people share those traits, but none of them go to the Amazon based on a rumor, untrained and unprepared, hoping to form a rag-tag team with the right mix of skills to win the day. Ben, however, does. It’s good suspense, but a bit inexplicable even for action/adventure.The Amazon Code also has the somewhat unusual distinction of being loaded with action – chases, gun fights, grisly deaths – and yet, it feels slow. Part of the reason is that chapters are written from the perspective of different characters, so with each change in point of view, the reader gets another recounting of the hopelessness of their situation. Additionally, each character recounts events from their lives in general. The technique can greatly aid character development, but it’s overused and sometimes makes little sense. I was never sure, for example, how either Ben or Julie saw their relationship, beyond the fact that they thought it was something they couldn’t escape (“Hours of arguing and slamming doors had taught her that there was nothing that could force them apart, except, ironically, death”). Is that supposed to be romantic?So, for the reader who can suspend reality a bit and who doesn’t require crystalline characters, The Amazon Code can provide a decent rush of intense action…and a long list of ways to die in the Amazon.

  33. Kindle Customer

    I found this book to be very unbelievable. The plot was far fetched that didn’t make a lot of sense.

  34. Stephen Hocker

    If you want a good story, well-written with characters you can understand, and situations to get lost in, then avoid this book at all costs. I read a free copy, or half a free copy. Just as well, othrrwise I would have asked Mr Thacker for my money back. No plot, no characterisation – it could have been written with just one character who kept changing his/her name. I just gave up. What Mr Thacker needs is a good proof reader to remove the typos, a good editor to help out generally, and a good dictionary to use his vocabulary correctly. I must admit, I’ve not read anything else by this author, and shall give another book of his a try. If I can get it free.

  35. Clark

    I picked this book up through a free offer, and am glad I did. It has a fast paced story line that serves as a good stand alone novel, but obviously sets up further books in an adventure/thriller series. It was good enough to make me want to find the first book in the series as well as those that follow. All in all a well written book.

  36. Chris Hoesly

    This book seemed to jump right into the story and seemed to hook you in quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep you engaged. The character development is lacking and you just don’t care with each new character involved. Overall, it’s a fast and fun read but don’t plan to really “feel” for the character stories.

  37. Kindle Customer

    This is a good read however some of it is hard to follow and believe. Not too bad even though

  38. Marcus Christian

    Book was exciting in parts but disappointed in the revelation of the secret as well as the purpose and use of the secret.

  39. Avidreader

    This was a very exciting book. The book sucks you in and keeps going. I feel the characters could have been a little more developed. It felt like I did not know the main characters very well. The plot was interesting and the setting in the amazon jungle added tot it. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and will be looking for other books from this writer

  40. Wesley

    Good development of characters. Good theme. The only thing I did not like was that they seemed to have too many situations where they supposedly had no way out and talked or thought about that before doing something about it. I would have much rather had the situation presented and let me think it was impossible to escape then be surprised at their solution. I did enjoy the book though.

  41. Handydan

    I struggled to finish this one. The premise of the experiment had real possibilities but failed to materialize. Just a so-so read.

  42. Peter

    Thoroughly entertaining and a good developement of the Ben and Julie characters. Fast paced inclusive and keeps one moving forward with the characters. Light entertainment not meant to be a scientific treatise, but a very interesting concept about racial memory and the like.I enjoyed the descriptive Amazonian scenes and writing style is all you could want in this type of story. Loved it and will be looking for book #3.

  43. armymom

    I got this book free. I was between James Rolliins series and this I just pucked this up. I am really happy I did! I really liked this book. I have to say Reggie was my favorite character and do hope to see more of him in future books. There’s something deep in his story I would like to know. I am starting book one now so I get the history a little more clarified. And I may just read all 5 straight through. What I picked up for a distraction and time killer turned into a great read! So happy to have a new author to follow.

  44. Kindle Customer

    Dreams are an enigma. I enjoy those I can remember and share them th family. I NEVER gave them a thought. They just were. This book pulls together a Group of scientists Who Have stumbled across a way i which to access the mind and capture dreams. Only This also leads them to a Historic LEGEND of the LOST CITY OF GOLD – ELDORADO. You will experience THRILLING adventures in the AMAZON RAINFOREST ,both BEAUTIFUL AND HORRIBLE .A SUPERB cast of characters and a storyline that leaves wanting more. I RECOMMEND !

  45. Tony Parsons

    Dr. Amanda Meron (researcher), Dr. Henry Wu, Dr. Juan Ortega (Catholic, NARATech scientist), Dr. Johnson (scientist), Dr. Guavez (scientist), & Nichols (technician) were having a meeting about all the other tech companies.Brazil, Amazon Rainforest. BOOM! BOOM! The glass was shattering all around Harvey “Ben” Bennett & Reggie (history expert retired US Army sniper).Bernard Olivar (piolet, Reggie’s BMF) & Emelia Olivar (wife) lay dead. Rhett (piolet, law student) had been stabbed but was still alive.After things died down Dr. Meron, Paulinho, & Juliette “Julie” Richardson (Ben’s GF), were standing in the doorway.Father Archibald Quinones (Federal U of Amazonas PhD; religious history professor, Manaus) greeted Reggie, Ben, & Dr. Meron.She explained the dream subconscious project that was being researched.The wanted his help in finding the lost city of El Dorado.Captain Juan Esquivel Garcia, & Carlo (Brazilian) were hauling the bunch down the Amazon River.What was Rhett up to?Dr. Meron & Julie had been kidnapped.Joshua Jefferson was also looking to find/rescue them also.Reggie was yelling at Rhett (Joshua’s brother).Ben, Dr. Archibald “Archie” Quinones, Paulinho, & Carlo heard it all.Juliette “Julie” Richardson & Amanda had been taken by the mercenaries.The indigenous PPL watched them from the river bank.Joshua Jefferson, Alan, & Riggs had managed to let the 2 girls run off.What is the secret behind the gold of El Dorado?What is going on with Dr. Amanda Meron & Paulinho?What about Julie & Ben will they survive the jungles?I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one.A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written paranormal thriller book. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great paranormal thriller movie, animated cartoon, or better yet a mini TV series. It was just OK for me so I will rate it at 4/5 stars.Thank you for the free author; dailyfreebooks; Turtleshell Press; BookFunnel; Amazon Digital Services LLC.; bookTony Parsons MSW (Washburn)

  46. Ms. Optimistic

    I found this to be an excellent read! It is one of those books that pulled me in and almost made me forget about what was going on around me. I love a book that I just don’t want to put down! I would highly recommend reading Book 1 first. It is not a necessity as this book can definitely stand on its own. I read this book first, then went back to read the first one and it gave me a better understanding of some of the characters’ motives. Overall, I think this is a wonderful book and I can’t wait to start the next book!

  47. Kindle Customer

    The book is exciting, the characters are likeable. However, the editor let Thacker down by not fixing the introduction of the Jesuit priest. The explanation was weird…as if neither Thacker not his editor had ever heard of priests or Catholicism. This bothered me a lot. Otherwise, the book is very readable.

  48. Gordon

    Nick Thacker asked me to write a review, good or bad. So here it is.This is my third Thacker novel and it won’t be my last. Be prepared to dive in to a meaty thriller with lots of character development and wild adventure. This guy can tell a story!

  49. Amazon Customer

    It was alright.

  50. DOOFUS

    Haven’t read it yet

  51. Bob Rufus

    I like that the story is told without tons of vulgarity. I like that it was an adventure with good guys and bad guys. It’s was a bit far fetched but then it is fiction and I guess anything goes to make a fun story. I enjoyed reading the book and appreciate the style and class it was written with.

  52. ExIntel.

    A bit jumbled and non cohesive. Good elements of plot and I did want to finish it but I found myself skipping. A few glaring typos which I am just too picky to ignore.Frustrating jumps between viewpoints from one chapter to the next which do not always segue well.

  53. Marina Spirova

    I can’t say that Iiked the book a lot. The idea of the book is great, but while reading I have the feeling that all the characters are telling the same scene over and over again, it’s boring. To finish the book I had to skip through pages.

  54. ShadyBrady

    The story line made for a very interesting read but the “wordiness“ at times got in the way. I have mentioned in other reviews of the Nick Bennet series, he is a hard to like hero. Sometimes you want to slap some sense into him. Even so, the story was great.

  55. Kindle Customer

    Too long for too little. Got better the last quarter of the book.

  56. foxtrotoscar

    The action in this book is nearly constant, however, the crazy twists and turns in the story make it so unbelievable that it loses its impact. Impossible situations coupled with miraculous escapes loses the reader’s credulity very quickly. Given the complexity of the plot, it would have been helpful to have a map or two of the area of operations.

  57. Julie Jone

    Kind of a silly premise for a story line.

  58. rocalo

    Author keeps you interested enough that you don’t want to put it down! After all the build up of the story, the end was a bit of a disappointment, but nevertheless I would recommend for any one that love adventure and suspense!

  59. Kindle Customer

    Fun and fast read. Could not understand why characters were speaking Spanish in Brazil. Could it be lack of knowledge about South America. There is no country of Columbia. It’s Colombia. No credibility.

  60. Doug McGonegal

    Lots of action and plot twists. Interesting characters that make you root for their success. Very engaging story line, a well crafted adventure.

  61. Kindle CustomerJim

    I liked the book. Some moments were sloaa but over all a good book. I will keep read the series. I enjoy his books.

  62. Ellen Oceanside

    THE AMAZON CODEThe break through she knew she could do it. They were seeing into a person, and theIr dreams. Then the hidden message appears, and the adventure begins, covering the globe to the Amazon Rainforest. The suspense follows to the end.

  63. Spn

    Easy read . Decent plot .

  64. Julie

    Fantastic story. Very well written. It felt as if I was traveling with them. Certainly recommend this for a captivating read.

  65. Jendle

    The adventure starts early and doesn’t stop until the end. Worth reading.

  66. Carolyn

    Characters that are relatable, realistic, and interesting…….history, myth, action and science. I’m hooked! Do yourself a favor and read these books!

  67. norrie Zaret

    I like the fast pace, the characters and the unexpected twists. I enjoyed the author’s writing. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers, who enjoys information on indigenous cultures and a fast pace.

  68. ruralart

    The characters are interesting and the story line is also. Sadly, both are erratically and awkwardly developed. There are far too many places where one must suspend common sense as the story and the characters make leaps and twists that have weak to nonexistent foundations.That said, if you can get it for free it’s worth reading. The author weaves in history, mythology, and science in an adequate way. Not skillfully, but not horribly awkwardly either. I wouldn’t pay for it, myself. I will read the next one if I can get it free.

  69. Bill Langenbahn

    I thought that all of their predicament s and escapes were impossible to believe. The plot development kept me coming back for more. None of the major characters were surprise bad guys and that led to predicted ending.

  70. JaCompanion

    Kept my attention. A few too many coincidences and loose ends for my tastes, but intriguing enough to forgive them. I will read on with the series.

  71. Amazon Customer

    I thought the book looked interesting, the first few pages set up a scenario that could have been a good basis for a yarn, except for a small item that is significant to the rest of the book. However it soon got bogged down with unknown scary backers and conglomerates and just ran out of steam.

  72. Kindle Customer

    Nice light reading. I am tired of writing with my oversized fingers bla bla bla bla nla bla bla bla

  73. judith

    Long and repetitive. The book would have been a much better read if it had been half it’s length . Too many unanswered questions and the reader is left confused.

  74. findjules

    This was the first Book I read by Nick Thacker and I immediately read two more over the next week! These characters are fun and his twists capture the imagination. I’m kind of a book addict and read 2-3 books most weeks. I love finding a new author to capture my attention.

  75. Amazon Customer

    I enjoyed this book very much. I think the some of the new characters were a little rough around the edges and needed a little more work but overall I still enjoyed the book.

  76. Barry G Krane

    An exciting and thrill packed novel. Lengthy, but once into the story, couldn’t put the book down. Author has a terrific imagination and intellect.

  77. Natalie Wilkinson

    The story kept me hooked throughout. Interesting and imaginative explanation of the “lost city of gold.” And I enjoy reading about people struggling with the dangers and discomforts of the jungle from the safety and comfortable of my couch!

  78. Philip Clinton

    A lost civilization, a psychic link, a powerful enemy, what more could you ask for. As a fan of Rollins and Robinson I see a good thing here. Some places slow down but that’s no big deal. If I find a book slow, sloppy, without decent character development I pitch it. I finished this one and will look for its predecessor. Its worth your time.

  79. scott tucker

    Story started out great, hard to put down, but then i felt like the author ran out of material and felt the need to wrap it up.

  80. Simone Ross

    I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t read it fast enough. If you’re looking for a nail biting, fast paced page turner, then this is the book and series for you.

  81. BillB

    the story line had enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Some parts didn’t make sense like using an RPG or blowing up a boat when orders were to keep three people alive. only one possibly to editing errors. Being a voracious reader since I learned to read have noticed that the hardcopy books never had editing errors. I am looking forward to the next installment.

  82. PeteM

    Fast moving action. Interesting plot and characters. Hard to put it down.

  83. Kindle Customer

    Great characters in a complex plot. Left me wanting more. I will definitely read Nick Thacker again. I especially liked the scientific element of the book.

  84. James E. Greer

    Very good read.

  85. Ric Jo

    Action scenes a page turner,Should have had a grenade to blow up the piranhas,More of the telepathy part of story could have been interwoven in book to give more to Amanda character…Still a good read with good ending.

  86. Beaver Believer

    My husband read it but did not really care for it. Too many details he thought.

  87. henryhawk

    I liked nothing about this book. I couldn’t get interested at all.

  88. VK

    I enjoyed reading this book with well described characters which seem real-life, the setting is unusual and thus interesting, the narrative is good and keeps you turning pages. The ending is as it should be, not exactly expected, but does not leave you disappointed. This authors is very good at writing thrillers and I will follow and read his other books. The book is to be recommended as a quality pass time.

  89. Jane M. Stenberg

    Not a page turner for me. Never finished the book.

  90. John Mullineaux

    Such a promising start to this book. Unfortunately, the author couldn’t decide if this a thriller, sci-fi, or relationship book. He tried to do all 3 and about half way through, I lost interest in the characters.

  91. John J. LoBianco

    I did find the writing style easy to follow as was this far fetched plot. The story line was very imaginative, but really unbelievable. As the plot unfolds some of the main character decisions were startling. All in all did not mind taking this novel to the finish and commend this author about his originality and creativity.

  92. Dawn Greenfield Ireland

    This could have been a great book, but it was heavily overwritten, contained cliches, and needed character overhaul. I discovered missing quote marks, repeated information—so many problems.

  93. Advanced Educational Tutoring Center

    Ben and Julie team up in the 2nd book of Harvey Bennett Thrillers. The book begins with an interesting premise of visually capturing dreams. The pace quickly picks up as the action moves to the Amazon Basin – an unique, unknown story location. I felt I was right there but the story also bogged down with unclear description of action and in trying to understand the description of the area. The ending was a bit unbelievable and left unanswered questions. As others have stated, I felt this author has grown in his writing style from the first book in the series. I’ll read more of this series, and author!

  94. Bruce Roesner

    Well written but too many coincidences in the plot

  95. deecee

    Did not read far into the book. Unrealistic science fiction of this sort is not my kind of reading.

  96. Andy Vandervliet

    Too much unimportant information, lost interest.

  97. linda aniolkowski

    I enjoyed reading this story which takes you on a trip into the Amazon where people are searching for the famous Eldorado, but at times it was repetitive and you could jump a few pages.A shorter version would be just as good maybe even better.

  98. World B

    I found this to be an above average thriller that was made even more appealing by largely taking place in the Amazon jungle. Kudos to the author for his depiction of one of the most secretive settings on earth.

  99. S. Seiler

    The story and charcacters werent that well developed. I enjoyed the first book and looked forward to this one and it fell flat. No movement on any of the story lines except the shallow ones in this book, many of which were also not moved forward.

  100. ~anthony

    It wandered and bogged down “just a bit” in the last part of the Amazon Journey. Then never Arrived at the CRUX… leading to the NEXT Book… perhaps… Just What is The “Dragon” Group working on in Antarctica etc… but Still a Full 4 Stars~!!! A Good Read and a Zooming Ride for most of the Journey~!

  101. Dave

    Plenty of action, adventure, travel, violence & character inter-reactions. When I put it down I wasn’t always in a hurry to get back to it. I think the authors style with the main characters personal issues & problems detracted from the story. I’m not convinced I would get anymore of this authors books based on how this one was written.

  102. J Dowell

    This is the first book by Nick Thacker that I have read. It will not be the last. The story was intense and my heart was racing several times as the story unfolded. Recording dreams was not something I had ever thought about, so the idea was very intriguing. I enjoyed the relationship that grew between the characters and was sorry when the story ended.

  103. Peggy Walker

    I liked the way the author developed the story, it was both interesting & an invitation into the story’s journey as well. Well written and most of the time absolutely believable. Having been to Manaus, Brazil and on a canoe ride down the Amazon myself – I found the story accurate and mysterious at the same time.

  104. Sharkmom

    I decided to read this book because I generally enjoy the “thriller” genre and because it’s focused in the Amazon Jungle. Having spent a little time there, I think it should be a required life experience for everyone. It’s a place where you can realize your true significance in the universe – or the lack thereof. That being said, this book definitely took me back to the land of vegetation so thick that you can’t see the sun and predators that can make your hair stand on end.I also love the premise of this book, that your dreams can tell more about you than you have ever imagined. As a vivid dreamer, I wish I had access to the technology explored in the plot – or maybe I don’t.The characters in the book are well developed and highly believable, the good guys, the bad guys and those who unexpectedly switch sides. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I kept reading faster and faster to find out what was going to happen next. I loved the piece of the story about how your ancestry is more of a part of who you are than you might have considered. I have always felt a deep connection to the land of my personal history and was glad to know that it isn’t just me that feels this way.Although this is part of a series, you don’t feel lost because you don’t know the whole back story. I’ve had this happen with other series, so I just don’t read them. A good author can write a series of books with each one being a great read in and of itself.This was an engrossing story, very well told, that makes me want to read more from this author.

  105. mike

    not real creative

  106. DEA

    If you are a fan of historical/legend adventure, you will love Nick Thacker. This is the second in his Harvey Bennett series (although I don’t know why Julie doesn’t get just as much credit as Ben), and I thoroughly enjoyed the action, the detail in becoming immersed in the Amazon, and the character development. Great read!

  107. Colleen

    I enjoyed the premiss of this book, looking at mapping dreams so they can be seen and then turning that into a thriller which, for the most part, takes place in the Amazon Basin far from civilization. I really react badly to snakes so I almost stopped but was glad I kept reading. Ben and Julie are once again main characters because it turn out that the company behind the dream work is The Company which was first introduced in book one. I really enjoyed learning a bit about the Amazon. The author does his homework on the places and people of the areas he takes the reader. There was lots of suspense and action to the book. It is a well thought out story. I probably would have given the book a 4.5 if it had been available as I felt it was a better written book than the first of the series, which I liked very much, but it had a lot of not well connected threads. I wished I had made a map of the storylines. I only give a 5 to books I cannot put down. This one annoyed me at tines. Too much occasional, repetitive detail caused me to tire of the story and need a break every so often. I will be reading book 3. It was still lots of fun to read.


    The author captured my interest quickly with unexpected imagery of our dreamscapes and the following adventures into the unknown jungle. Fascinating, strong characters with great visuals. Thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, left me wanting more…

  109. Suzanne Cook

    This was such a good read. I had a hard time putting this book down until I finished it. So much adventure and suspense are found within the pages of The Amazon Code. This Author has amazing skill at describing places and actions that it pulls you into the story he is weaving. I can’t wait to read more of his books.

  110. Avid Reader K

    I ENJOYED this book because it had a little bit lot everything and a lot of action.If you enjoy just missing the bad guys by the seat of your pants,You will enjoy this adventure novel.There is some romance, some characters in awe of each other,Lots of bad guys with lots of weapons, lots of mystery, and an interesting plot.

  111. madrelobo

    Looks like I’ve found a new series. As a voracious reader, I expect to be grabbed within the first one or two chapters of a new book. Mr Thatcher managed it in one. I like being able to close my eyes and picture the characters (and locales) based on the author’s descriptions, and I could. It`s always enjoyable to read about a well known legend or folklore, and have it altered or rationally explained within the author`s story. Definitely looking foward to more.

  112. Jolmk

    This is not the usual type of book I read, but I found myself caught up in the adventure and couldn’t wait see what happened. I cant wait to read the next one.

  113. marilyn weimer

    I must write an honest review. The synopsis intrigued me, but the overall book was disappointing. I skipped through a large portion, but there are enough interesting plot points that kept me going. Ben and Julie were good characters as well as Reggie, but there were so many characters it was hard to differentiate between them. The overall idea was excellent, but the plot was overwritten; too many words and unnecessary details


    Intriguing beginning but quickly became a long boring chase through the amazon. I’m compulsive about finishing a book once started. Easy to read.

  115. Kindle Customer

    This book was ok not supper but good. The story line was ok but kinda got a bit slow and did not stay with on track.

  116. CA3551

    The ending was rushed.

  117. WeAreUs

    I started to read this but noticed that it referenced two characters from a previous book so I went and found that one from the author’s site and read it first. That one was better. This one, although it had good characters, seemed, after a while, a bit far-fetched. I mean really, six people in the Amazon jungle can escape killer mercenaries over and over again!!?? The ending sped up rather quickly so I had to re-read the last few chapters to figure out what happened. A few of the people of the “journey” never got developed enough once they started to get chased. I still don’t know why the “big bad company” was after the lady’s research!

  118. Kindle Customer

    Good read, keeps you interested, story is a little unbelievable but not overly so, would recommend to othersEnding was nice

  119. Bevan

    A totally unbelievable plot / indestructible and bulletproof (literally) ‘heroes’ / long and detailed descriptions of virtually every action / keeps wandering off into irrelevant side stories / impossible scenarios …. plus: the reader seems to be required to know about something that happened BEFORE this book?So – overall a real slog to read through…..don’t bother.

  120. The Sass Master

    I was impressed by this novel, my first introduction to the author, Nick Thacker. While _The Amazon Code_ is the second in a series, reading the first in the series is not entirely necessary to enjoy the fast-paced action! This novel was full of drama, intrigue, action, and even some romance, with a a bit of science thrown in. While I feel that the author did a good job developing the new characters and their relationships, I plan to go back and read the first novel, so I can get more of a background of the main, recurring characters. If you are interested in action thrillers by authors such as James Rollins and Clive Cussler, you should definitely check out this author–he’s well worth your time!

  121. Mary Enck

    The Amazon Code is a novel you can get lost in. Just like the characters who find themselves deep into the most unforgiving location to be found anywhere. I was, at times, shaking with an urgency to read faster to discover just what the author planned for his people. They surprised me at every turn and kept me feeling as if I had to be looking over my shoulder the entire time to be ready for the surprises that came in rapid-fire suspense.I really liked this novel and would gladly read more written by Nick Thacker.

  122. babe

    The only thing that you can also use it for a couple of days to get the most part of the day before sleep.

  123. Amazon Customer

    Hard to follow?

  124. buckeyebob

    The very first part of the book sets up the main characters. After that more people come into the picture. If you like action this is a book for you. The author is very good in his research and so it is also a learning experience. Mystery is also present. I enjoyed the book very much

  125. Kindle Customer

    Interesting premise and very different cast of characters. Not your idea of a Saturday morning tv serial adventure. The people involved are not ones you’d think of to be adventurers but they grow into the role. This was a fun romp and I recommend it to anyone with an itch to learn more about the Amazon and human nature at it’s best and worse. Enjoy!

  126. Kindle Reader 850

    Wish I could give NO STARS. It would require writing a book to explain all the poor qualities of the writing choices made in Amazon Code. The characters’ thoughts and actions are ludicrous and bizarre, and the story is full of jerky, abrupt transitions as well as fillers that are inappropriate and confusing. This has to be one of the most terrible books I’ve ever read, and I’ve been reading for over 50 years.

  127. Greg O

    This is the 2nd book I’ve read (read the first in the series as well) and this was ok but the first one was better.As in the first book, I feel that the characters are forever shifting and acting out of character as much as in. There is a lot of inconsistency that bothers me.With that said, I enjoyed the story line even if I feel it could have been delivered slightly better.But I’m NOT an author and he is… so what do I know. =)

  128. Steve Webb

    well executed, but the story line improbable to the level of nonsense.

  129. Kindle Customer

    Same as above

  130. Nanabanana

    Little slow starting, then picked up , and drew me in. Interesting twist on the legend of El Dorado. Second of three books in the series. Referenced previous conflict two of the main characters had with the opposition. Book one is next on my reading list.Enjoyed the book very much. Looking forward to the other books in the series

  131. R. E. Murphy

    I’m an avid audible listener but I couldn’t get through this audible book. The logic of what was suppose to be happening very often didn’t make sense.

  132. meandave

    Story is okay but somebody needs to proof read for the author.

  133. Lexy

    The writer spends too much effort describing emotions and thoughts in a manner that feels directed to young adults. I felt I was wasting my time reading a story full of holes and badly thought out.

  134. bonnie DALE keck

    Kindle Unlimited, although had The Enigma Strain and The Amazon Code didn’t have Ice Chasm so thru kindle unlimited to get the 3 pack Harvey Bennett Thrillers: Books 1-3 (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Box Set) .Even if hadn’t gotten ‘free’ with ku, well worth the time to read, and not my usual genre but enjoyed them. Also used ku to read Killer Thrillers: 3 Bestselling Novels which has the this one but also has The Golden Crystal and The Depths in that 3 set. Glimpse a New World short collection has one of his stories also.A COMPANY ON THE VERGE OF CHANGING NEUROSCIENCE FOREVER…AN ANCIENT SECRET, HIDDEN IN THE AMAZON…AN ENEMY WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND IT.When her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects, Dr. Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company. She enlists the help of some old friends to find out what the clues are pointing her toward, but they seem to be pointing her to one of the remote places on the planet.The Amazon Rainforest.When Harvey “Ben” Bennett gets a hint that the nefarious organization he’s been searching for has turned up in Brazil, he and his new girlfriend Juliette Richardson race to the jungle to discover what they’re after – and hopefully stop them.

  135. maggie dee

    Had to struggle to stay interested.

  136. Robert D. Taylor

    Light reading with some good action. Recommend it. Dum fiddle uhm fiddle a year. Oh yah. Yum yum fudge oh

  137. Max S. Cañez

    Relic was book 1 and I had rated it 4☆’s but Nick Thacker’s 2nd book in this series really has me hooked now. The Amazon Code has Bennet & his lady (both barely survived their adventure/misadventures in Yellowstone park in book 1), traveling to the Amazon jungle in further pursuit of the mysterious and very dangerous organization responsible for the death of so many of his friends. A very complex plot and characters that are all too believable (yes, I fear there ARE people like that out there). We learn more about Bennet and why he is the person that he is. I will be buying this next book, “The Ice Chasm” because these books can stand alone, but they are like a snowball rolling down a hill. It is gaining momentum; and I have to be there to see what happens when it gets there. If you like an excellent story with characters you care about. A story that has a deadly, amoral organization with an unknown (but sure as heck are evil and wicked) agenda and so covert that they are a law unto themselves. Then do yourself a favor and get this book, better yet, the series that Nick Thacker has written/created. You will not regret it. Nick has made it to my top 5 authors, no easy feat.

  138. William E.

    I bavre always enjoyed good adventure stories. This one is great. The beginning is intriguing and catches your attention. The characters are so different and yet make up an interesting team. The story develops with such unexpected twists and turns that the moment you feel a pause is coming, there is yet another surprise. Very imaginative. I could not wait to get to my commute to keep reading. And then I would continue reading back home. I heartily recommend it.

  139. Gregory Roach

    The start is a little disconnected. Maybe you need to read book 1 first. Once on to the main section, pace improves. Obvious ending leads to next book, so no closure. Plausible concept for story, so no problem there. Characters are developed a little weakly, but enough variety to keep your interest.

  140. Lori Hernandez

    The writing is good and the story has potential but the El Dorado theory is hard to take seriously.

  141. John M. Butler

    It read like a poor remake of Indiana Jones. The main character was weak at times and strong at others. Plausibility was nonexistent. Stuck with it hoping there would be some payoff; there wasn’t. May take another shot at one of Thacker’s books but it will be a while.

  142. Kindle Customer

    A good idea with a strong start that fizzles . A lot of filler that doesn’t add to the story. Predictable events and under developed characters.

  143. Mary Griffis

    I just finished reading the Amazon Code by Nick Thacker. It was well written and full of historical and current details about the Amazon Jungle and El Dorado. It was a good fast-paced read without the vulgarities so many writers resort to these days. There is a good love story and realistic human relationships between the characters. I look forward to reading more by this author.

  144. The Engineer

    I gave it a 3 because I finished the book. It was a slog. Started our very good and the finish was okay. But there was way to much forced story situations and unbelievable plot twists.

  145. StPete

    I simply could not finish reading this book. The author loses the essence of his characters. Plot lines lose directions. Characters come out whining (reflecting) about past life experiences prior to making a decision for particular action, not wanting to go forward but ultimately knowing they must. And this is repeated over and over and over throughout the story. That sequence really gets old and causes the story to just die. New event? Uh oh, have to have another reflection time before moving forward.Characters aren’t true to their type. Two science researchers, a park ranger, an ex-army sniper all of whom fail simple deductive reasoning that any plain person would apply given the developing situation. These deficiencies create a negative feedback loop for the reader that just keeps intensifying as more is read. Too many skill gaps, too many reflections, too many contradictory words combine to bury this story. It should stay lost in the Amazon rainforest!

  146. William S. Lis

    I read a number of books by this author and I felt that this was not one of his better work. I felt it started very slowly and without anything to hook me. If I don’t get interested right from the beginning, it feels like I have to drag my way through.

  147. Molly

    I love how well this book was researched… the story was even better because there were none of those moments where you are distracted by irregularities in the fiction from basic reality. Except for the ammo expended in the firefight– where did it all come from? Didn’t think about it during the “firefight scenes” but did when reviewing book afterwards. Possible? Yes. But they must have been REALLY REALLY strong. Nonetheless, Will read more by this author.

  148. Amazon Customer

    This could have been a very good book. The concept was unique, but the entire plot should have been fleshed out more. More background on the Company and hints as to their motive. Less repetitive internal dialogue concerning their person relationships, and the juvenile jungle scenes of being eaten by pirañas, etc., were just plain silly.

  149. JJ

    The beautiful, mysterious, seductive and deadly Amazon Rainforest is the setting for Nick Thacker’s second in his exciting Harvey “Ben” Bennett earthly sci fi trilogy. Ben’s new girlfriend, Julie, again joins him on his mission to find the evil terrorist organization that nearly destroyed the United States in the first book.All of Nick’s characters are believable. There are several new people, the most important of whom is Dr. Meron, who’s been recording dreams. Most of the dreamers see a gold man who isn’t important to the dream itself, except the relationship of the gold man to the people leads the group to the Amazon.The plot and subplots are action packed. The Enigma Strain was exciting and fast paced, but The Amazon Code is even more exciting. I found it nearly impossible to put the book down. As soon as I finish this review, I’m reading The Ice Chasm. I’m eager to follow Ben and Julie in the third book of the trilogy.I highly recommend The Amazon Code, but if you haven’t already read The Enigma Strain, you might want to read it first.

  150. Brian

    A company is just on the verge of perfecting something that was thought to be impossible — recording dreams. When they stumble across a hidden message in certain recordings. Not knowing where to turn next, she enlists the help of some of her close friends to figure out what these hidden messages are actually trying to tell her.The narration for The Amazon Code was done by Mike Vendetti, who has done numerous other Nick Thacker audiobooks. They work together for a reason and it shows. Vendetti is able to take Thackers words and make them jump off of the page. Sure, it’s not “full cast” ensemble recording or anything, but Vendetti really does help Thacker’s work go from good to great.I’m thrilled to see more from Harvey Bennett. I really liked him as a character in The Enigma Strain (which I LOVED by the way). And I’m glad to see him back in a slightly different take on a story.Thacker is one of my all-time favorite authors. Everything he comes out with has been well received by me, and with good reason. He knows how to write amazingly thought out fast-paced thrillers.Overall, The Amazon Code was incredibly enjoyable. The action was fast-paced, and the story flowed really well. It was definitely a roller coaster climbing towards the climax. The final pages/minutes of the book just flew by as I tried to figure out what was going to happen. I love a book that can do that without leaving me feeling unsatisfied.

  151. Melva Hinshaw

    It was a good novel, I would like to have seen a better ending.

  152. Annie Sargent

    Better than most of the freebies I got from Bookbub, but I didn’t get very much into it before I lost interest. This is an author who shows promise, needs more depth, but has the basic craft under control.

  153. JAMES H. CARR

    Nick Thacker noted that he was inspired to wrie this book by James Rollins’ “Amazonia”. I must say, as far as I am concerned, he hit a home run. This was a fast-paced, action-filled adventure that I could not put down. I had read the previous Harvey Bennett book and enjoyed it tremendously. This book was head and and shoulders above it. The plot and especially the setting were great. The characters were vividly portrayed and likable and there was nothing I found wanting.I anxiously await the next Harvey Bennett adventure!

  154. Kevin Tumlinson

    I admit it—I’m biased. But this is certainly Nick Thacker’s best work to date. This story has perfect pacing—a fine blend of action and thoughtful moments that reads like glass of scotch after hearty meal. I made the mistake of reading this book in the evenings, just prior to turning in, which meant I didn’t get much sleep.Thacker has managed to take a concept that would be comfortably set in a scifi universe and bring it into a contemporary world, with a twisted plot worthy of its influences and its ancestry. You can feel a definite pulse of James Rollins and Lee Child in this one, with the unique flavor that only a Thacker novel can bring. I’m impressed, and I want more.

  155. Kindle Customer

    I saw one review here which said this was terrible — I just couldn’t disagree more. Sure, it’s a little unbelievable, but that’s one thing that makes adventure stories such fun. Remember Indiana Jones? This is just as readable, with suspense, action, fantastic situations, and even a bit of budding romance. Wish we didn’t have to wait for the next book to find out how the bad guys are vanquished, but that’s one of the draws. You’ll like it.

  156. Dorothy J.

    I enjoyed the action and adventure. The spin on El Dorado is thought provoking and the characters come to life

  157. Joseph G. Liscouski

    This is a good story and falls in the growing class of “hidden civilizations / cultures in the Amazon”. What impressed me the most was that although this volume was part of series – and not the first element – it worked as a stand-alone piece. There were references to previous stories with the details explained but you never got the impression that you should have read the earlier stores before picking this up. The book did provide an interesting alternative to the typical El Dorado searches.The writing kept things moving without getting bogged down in unnecessary details, and it move forward at a good pace. I’m not sure if I’ll read more in the series, but I’m happy that I read this.

  158. Bibi

    Started off good but became a bit boring and long winded in the end.

  159. Darl E. Judd

    Comic book without pictures.

  160. KMJ

    This book never stopped. Interesting premise and quick read. Leaves a lot untold though. Interested in checking out others in the series.

  161. Daniel T

    This was a great book, very enjoyable drama, humor, love! I really enjoyed it. But I won’t be buying the next book in the series as it is too expensive, I can’t see paying $7 bucks for an ebook, I think it’s stupid to charge that much. You would sell more at half the price and make more money if you weren’t so greedy, sorry but, that’s how I feel!Dan

  162. Bob

    This is my first Thacker book and second in the Bennett series. I enjoyed the storyline and didn’t feel my not reading the first book negatively impacted the story. The author did a good job of summarizing events from the first book as necessary. Having said that, I had a hard time getting to know Harvey Bennett. I would have liked more character development for the main characters.

  163. Penny L

    I found the author’s writing style to be clumsy, and a bit contradictory. The author describes Ben as being “excited” by the thought that his girlfriend Jules may have become a victim during the attack at their hotel. To me, something to be excited about is something that is good, fascinating, something to look forward to. A similar case is when Reggie has to ” disable” his own security system rather than “turn it off. Some reactions from the , characters are a little over the top. Why does Amanda jump to the conclusion that someone is sabotaging her research the first time they see the gold man in the video? Also, Ben believes that someone is shot at the hotel during the attack. Who is this person? Was someone shot? If so, did they render aid, or leave the person to bleed out?

  164. Amazon Customer

    I stopped at 50% of the book. This story is just terrible. As if a lot of pointless action scenes can make this story come to life! Nope. The opening premise started out really good. Scientists see a golden man on a monitor that is scanning somebodies dream….ok…then what? How did that happen? I didn’t want to wait to find out til the end. Life is too short for silly, badly written novels.

  165. maryjane

    This was hard to put down & I enjoyed every minute of it! The conditions in the Amazon were frightening as well as beautiful. Ben showed his true strength & character & a little more insight into what made him tick was revealed. Reggie was one that seemed a bit egotistical & full of himself, but I came to adore him! Everyone has a past that has shaped their character. Well written !

  166. sb

    To be fair I only read approximately the first 20% before I quit reading. I don’t care for books that use language I found offensive. Up to that point I thought the story was intriguing.

  167. ms tartine

    I am an avid reader of the thriller genre. I see potential for this author, however he needs to do some research on his subject i.e. (swimming the Amazon River and only encountering a caiman and a snake). Asthma and hyperventilation? One is shortness of breath and the other is too much oxygen.. The main characters were not developed and the story line premise definitely needed fleshing out. I stuck with it, however.

  168. Kindle Customer

    This was a very good read, not something I can say about a lot of the Free book offerings out there.Nick Thacher had me from the beginning of the book. I couldn’t wait to read further. His characters were realistic and I was able to invest emotionally in them which enhances a book’s quality for me. I want a book that will keep me in my armchair and make me want to turn the page. This is one of those! I hadn’t read the first of the three books but I will go back now to read Book 1 and visit my old friends from this book. Way to go, Nick Thacker!!!

  169. Red48

    While this is the first thriller I’ve read by Nick Thacker, I have read a lot of Lee Childs and James Rollins. The Amazon Code is a fast-paced, page turner. I’ve read a lot of Nick’s Sci-Fi and they were great!! This thriller has them beat. It keeps you on your toes, as a group of scientists go through the Amazon searching for a lost city, while being chased by killers who are after the same thing. You will have a hard time putting it down. Nick really brings the Amazon to life. So much so that you will think you are really there. There are so many twists and turns that surprise you and only add to the excitement. Nick is definitely making a name for himself in this genre. I will be going back and reading The Golden Crystal, although it isn’t necessary to read to thoroughly enjoy The Amazon Code. I can’t wait for the next one. You won’t be disappointed if you like thrillers. The Amazon Code is definitely worth your time and money. Don’t miss it.

  170. Amazonian

    The premise of this novel is utter-nonsense. Mr. Thacker just wants an excuse for dragging a bunch of ‘adventurers’ into the Amazon.The scientific breakthrough and the employee connecting the dots and making that his life objective seems kinda ridiculous.But it does get a little interesting once the characters start walking through the jungle – for only a few pages. Then it starts to get more improbable and impossible and the plot just doesnt hold together. There are a couple of nice characters though and of course the ladies are super gorgeous – they have to be in novels like these :)All in all, it was time wasted. Lucky for me i’m a fast reader.

  171. lbs

    I thought the characters weren’t consistent and the ending fell flat. After everything that was said and done, I don’t think they could just hop on a plane and fly home.

  172. Sheepieluv

    Flying from one stunning impossible escape to the next, this story takes off like a jet plane on rocket fuel and just doesn’t slow down. Moving from one exciting adventure to the next terror-ridden nightmare, this cascade of thrills is one “out of the frying pan into the fire” journey. The tightly woven onslaught from a hidden bunker to the Brazilian jungles leaves you breathless as you join in the search for the golden one. Also enjoyed historical archaeological aspects. Intensely riveting…

  173. Colonel B

    Yet one more theory about the lost city of gold in the Amazon. The characters are interesting, and the storyline had a lot of action. It got a bit “far out” at times, but I still liked it.

  174. Brittinie Nowlin

    Hard to say I dint like the premise of the book. I really liked Ben in The Strain. In this book he was almost a secondary player. Ben’s hesitation to act was worthy of a teenager asked to mow the yard early Saturday morning. But, its set in the Amazon! Toss is legends and unknown tribes, right back to hurry up give me more. So that was my less than stellar star rating. I will be reading the next in the series. Maybe stubborn but I prefer optimistic on this occasion

  175. Kona Tony

    Decent story but a little slow and repetitive.

  176. biz5th

    I got about 75% of the way through this and just gave up. I realized I really didn’t care to find out how it ended, which is the kiss of death for a thriller. The plot was driven largely by coincidence and didn’t make a whole lot of sense (even suspending disbelief), the motivations of the characters were inscrutable or goofy, and our heroes mostly made incredibly stupid choices or non-choices.

  177. Kindle Customer

    An action story that was filled with all that a reader is looking for in an adventure story. Damsels in distress, surprise attacks, gun fights, conspiracy, murder and general mayhem. All of this takes place in the Amazon and there is also contact with an unreported tribe for good measure. All in all an excellent story that was well-written.I have rated this book four stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure stories.I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.

  178. James Gordon

    There was nothing special about this book. A few disposable characters and a very underwhelming conclusion. It was an easy read, but not a book I would reread.

  179. Kindle Customer

    Cliffhanger. That’s all needed to be said. All not knowingly buy one. Sorry excuse of an author. Do not buy.

  180. Galning

    I really don’t like abandoning a book and giving up on this one before the 12% mark feels bad – but the writing isn’t grabbing me and the plotline is jumbled. I’ll give an example – so **SPOILER ALERT**There’s a woman called Amanda who is super intelligent and incredibly beautiful (YAWN) and she runs a company that is trying to use electrodes to view people’s dreams. First of all there’s some nonsense about them recording onto VHS and Digital because digital isn’t safe. (1) it’s one or the other (as in if digital isn’t safe why are you recording in both) and (2) if you store the output in a vault or safe then how is a digital medium less safe then VHS? And this then doesn’t square up with, a few pages later, the results being “put online” for the investors to view.Then they are watching the dreams of a sleeping old man and they can see indistinct shapes – except for 1 person (won’t say more than that) who is crystal clear. There is then a mixed up paragraph where Dr Wu (one of her team) suggests they change from the “live feed to the recording” of the video. You CANNOT do that. The only way to see what’s already been recorded on tape is to stop recording and then rewind. Not sure how old the author is – but has he ever used a VHS?Then he has a conversation with Amanda where she says “how can he be staring at me?” (the body in the dream, showing on the screen). Errr, he’s not love, He’s looking towards the aspect of the “camera” (the focus of the person’s dream). I only mention this because this supposedly super intelligent woman asks questions that a 12 year old would probably be embarrassed by. And then seems to behave in a really flakey manner (accepted by Dr Wu) which doesn’t fit in with someone who is driven enough to start her own research business.Shortly afterwards we move to Juliette and Ben and Juliette goes into another room (to try on a bikini to model for Ben) and gets a phone call on the way. She comes out looking upset and says something about “going to Brazil”. And yet a few pages later they are on a plane and having a conversation along the lines of she never wanted to go to Brazil and it was all his idea and she wished she hadn’t mentioned the call. She didn’t mention the call. She walked out the room and said “we need to go to Brazil” and he responded “excuse me?”.I can’t carry on, I’m afraid, with this level of contradiction. It seems like every few pages the characters “forget” what they’ve already said. So, apologies to the author for bailing.

  181. Anat

    Some twists in the search for the Golden City in the Amazon forest. The heroes are led by a mysterious character that shows up in the dreams of test subjects in a research facility.They embark on a search while beeing haunted by a mysterious company that funded the research.

  182. Mario

    I expected great, found good instead. Good elements: a lost city in the Amazon jungle, a secret evil world-conquering organization, a man who intends to root out an destroy said organization with his love interest, and various characters in between. I found the explanations tedious. I wanted more action, but this may just have been a personal quirk. If you like stories similar to this, then get this book.

  183. Mark town

    Good story

  184. Cactus Jack

    Somewhat of a stretch of the imagination.

  185. febe

    It was hard to put down… I have spent a fair amount of time in the Amazon basin and found the descriptions of Manaus and beyond very well done. There was adventure, excitement, a little romance and perhaps a little to much gore for my taste. As I had not read the prior book, it was a little hard to understand the motivations of some of the characters, but the setting more than compensated for it. I will be looking for the next books in the series.

  186. secyatlaw

    International thriller – long trek through the Amazon rainforest, ancestral memories, mercenaries, Romance, shadowy covert non-governmental entities, unimaginable wealth and resources. Death and destruction. Unanswered questions, enough for at least two if not three more books!

  187. Kindle Customer

    Loved the story only wish I had read the first in the series before. While I generally do not care for books with a continuous theme, this was not an obvious ploy to get you to buy more in the series…..it could stand alone.

  188. KPorth

    I enjoyed this book with the adventure but did not really like the … well brutality? Not sure what word to use. I read it until the end (which does not always occur if I don’t like the book). I liked the premise best of all though – what should ElDorado really be?

  189. Joe Knapschaefer

    Not a great read but not a horrible read. I probably will not be reading the next book with the same characters.

  190. Whoopie, Kindle Customer

    Ben and Julie met in the first book in Yellowstone while trying to stop a deadly virus from being released. Now they are fighting their way through the beautiful and deadly Amazon rainforest, with a pack of ruthless mercenaries hot on their trail. Survival is going to take a miracle just to get in and out of the rainforest because of it’s indigenous dangers but being hunted by the mercenaries heightens the intensity greatly! Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!

  191. Plynn

    Interesting characters. Action. Surprises.

  192. Rick L

    Although I enjoyed the story, as I neared the end I found myself thinking this would never conclude as opposed to the usual wishing it wouldn’t. Not unenjoyable, but for me, too many last minute twists diminished my enjoyment.

  193. Kindle Customer

    Book two of the Harvey Bennett saga took our hero into the Amazon Rain Forest. The setting was very exotic, and of course there was action galore. Nick Thacker writes great action scenes. This book sets the scene for book three. All in all I’d have to say this is a decent series.

  194. Robbie Johnson

    The story concept is okay but told in a linear fashion that tends to drag on. There are too many grammar errors and plot holes. Each one shocks you out of the story world and you have to start again, trying to build the rhythm, only to be knocked down again by another plot hole or grammar error. Please do your readers a favor and hire an editor next time. Logical errors are scattered throughout, like the lead character having a penchant for fine whiskey, only to be drinking rum in the final scene, when whiskey would be easily obtainable. Some villains were tied up in one scene, only to be set free shortly afterward, then the lead character is musing over the possibility of the villains being released from their bonds at some future time. Several scenes are set in the middle of a rain forest, deep under the canopy, at night, yet the intrepid band of heroes somehow manage to see amazingly well. There are several other scenes where there is far too much narrative and too little character dialog. It’s difficult to enter the story world due to the lack of environmental observations and too many words used to state obvious things. Characters are referred to by an unsettling variety of names, right up to the end of the book, by which time, a first name is all that is really necessary. All up, it has the potential to be a great story but needs a fair bit of re-work,

  195. Robbie Johnson

    To a large extent, the story concept is okay but told in a linear fashion that tends to drag on. There are too many grammar errors and plot holes. Each one shocks you out of the story world and you have to start again, trying to build the rhythm, only to be knocked down again by another plot hole or grammar error. Please do your readers a favor and hire an editor next time. Logical errors are scattered throughout, like the lead character having a penchant for fine whiskey, only to be drinking rum in the final scene, when whiskey would be easily obtainable. Some villains were tied up in one scene, only to be set free shortly afterward, then the lead character is musing over the possibility of the villains being released from their bonds at some future time. Several scenes are set in the middle of a rain forest, deep under the canopy, at night, yet the intrepid band of heroes somehow manage to see amazingly well. There are several other scenes where there is far too much narrative and too little character dialog. It’s difficult to enter the story world due to the lack of environmental observations and too many words used to state obvious things. Characters are referred to by an unsettling variety of names, right up to the end of the book, by which time, a first name is all that is really necessary. All up, it has the potential to be a great story but needs a fair bit of re-work.

  196. Hutch Bel Air, MD

    Kept me entertained, not enthralled on a long flight. The writing is a bit juvenile. There were parts of the story that could never happen. Obviously, this is fiction, so without giving anything away, just know you will have to suspend reality..

  197. Kindle Customer

    Well written adventure novel. A continuing story, but could be read separately. Lots of action, and drama, but it didn’t lose itself in it, but rather kept it exciting. One of the best “Indie” authors I’ll read. Great job, Nick Thacker, I look forward to reading more of your books.

  198. David E.

    This book has an interesting premise that continues the tale of harvey bennett and the organization first mentioned n the Enigma Strain. I read this one first and so am now going back to read The Enigma Strain and hope to read the 3rd book too.. The Amazon code is a well-written story full of twists and turns culminating in a cat and mouse chase through the Amazon (which partly explains the name!). The story makes sense and the characters on the whole are believable. I’d recommend this book to other readers.

  199. Al Gregory

    Sounds like a very adventurous story. Should be a good page-turning reading.

  200. Lou Shawn

    High action, adventure in search of El Dorado but with a difference involving modern high tech, modern research and thinking. This is really a man’s book reminiscent of some older books by Sax Rohmer and Henry Rider Haggard (King Solomon’s Mind or Allan Quatermain). At times the action is quite far fetched but the author carries it off well and makes the unbelievable almost believable. As a mid 70’s female this is not my usual choice of genre but I enjoyed the story set in the deepest regions of the Amazon, especially as this very masculine story was told without resorting to vulgar, profane or obscene language. There was a side story romance between a committed man and woman who were obviously attracted to each other but behaved themselves throughout (circumstances and lack of privacy hindering anything else). Overall, an enjoyable read.

  201. Trisha

    I liked this book but it is always frustrating when there are more books in the series that answer the questionsyou have. It would be nice if each book stood alone even if the characters turned up in other novels.Having said that this was a good read and was full of action.

  202. Gashrink

    Nice continuation of the first story. Still major unsolved mysteries so if you want the answer you need to buy more books. However the story itself is another page turner very exciting with an intriguing premise (Who or what is the golden man in these people’s dreams?) Good adventure book.

  203. Paul B.

    I enjoyed this book quite a lot. It’s the first Nick Thacker novel I’ve read, not knowing that there was one in the series before Amazon Code. I’ve since downloaded all three, and will definitely go back and read the first in the series. The story was interesting with plenty of action. Check it out if you like action adventure thrillers.

  204. Linda LoPresti

    I expected a more complicated story line. Time spent chasing around in the jungle was too long. Misspelling of the word Colombia was distracting.

  205. Amazon Customer

    Takes you away from your reality four a few hours. Did not figure how they made it back with no problems after leaving big fight. Many next book will explain.

  206. Bill

    Good read.

  207. Hugh H.


  208. Bookworm Sandy

    This second book in the Harvey “Ben” Bennett series, like many sequels, lacks a bit in the beginning. The reader is not immediately thrown into the thick of things. But keep reading to find yourself on an exciting and dangerous journey into the darkest reaches of the Amazon. Ben and Julierre are still looking for the mysterious “Company” behind the terrorism in the first book and, through a contact of Julie’s, find themselves learning more as they race for their lives with new friends through the Amazon, looking for the mythical El Dorado. Behind them are enemies from the Company, eager to take what Ben and his group are looking for and leaving no one alive to tell the tale.After the somewhat slow start I mentioned, Ben and Julie (and the reader) are rewarded with more information and an unlikely ally, also determined to discover the Company’s ultimate goal. Not all questions are answered, but the stage has been expertly set for the next adventure. In all, a good read leaving me with expectations for an even better read in Book 3.

  209. Layne

    This is the second book I’ve read by Nick Thacker, the first “The Golden Crystal” . Both are well written, have so many twists & turns and stay believableAll characters are well developed & not so many that you have to go back & try to remember who is whoThe one thing that I really liked was even when I had to miss several days of nit being able to read the story stayed with me & easy to pick up where I left offPick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed

  210. TommyZee

    The book started out good, but I didn’t care for the ending.

  211. Kanga20

    Very fast paced but you don’t get a great feel for the Amazon setting because of it. Plot is slightly interesting if a bit out there. I enjoyed the characters.

  212. Hank Lajoie

    Several times during the reading of this book I was tempted to put it down. The story was just OK as it goes, yet at times it felt like it went too far. The trek through the Amazon region was just getting interesting when one incident after another detracted from the theme and gave me a little grief when trying to genuinely like at least one character. Usually, a reader can feel vested in at least one character so that their demise becomes a matter of concern. I found no such character in this story … none of them seemed to be developed to a point that I could care what might happen to them. I started to think about this review as a four star rating, then dropped it to a two, but when completed, figured it was worth a three. This review is strictly my response. I’m sure other readers may differ.

  213. karmyth

    I like adventures, and as such this book held an interesting premise.I do think that it needs better editing, there were a few instances where certain paragraphs were confusing or inconsistent with the previous ones, and character development is lacking – certain actions and thought processes seemed out of character and unexpected (they didn’t necessarily fit with the way characters are portrayed throughout the book).

  214. S. Clement

    My second book.Female researchers doing some very interesting neurological research projects that because of greed from their corporate investors are whisked away, along with a group of supporters, some much less likely or prepared than others, on harrowing adventures in unusual places.I am intrigued by the scientific concepts that lead to the adventures and would love to see a bit more development of that aspect.Plot is well developed. Characters we’ll defined, and according to types, believable.I have enjoyed both these first two books, but did not devour then quickly.Proofreading not 100%, but above average. I always feel I could do a better job with that.Anyway, a fun read.

  215. Sandra

    Slow read

  216. Suzanne L. Nelson

    After reading Thacker’s “The Enigma Strain,” I was hoping for an equally well written and suspenseful novel in “The Amazon Code.” I was disappointed. Grammatical errors and typos aside, (I am finding many Kindle editions replete with them) this foray into the Amazon with main characters Ben and Julie and their unlikely crew just didn’t deliver.I thought the characters were fairly interesting, with their strengths and weaknesses well developed, but some of their thoughts and actions during one crisis after another were just not believable. Who stops to ponder their childhood or steal a kiss with an army of mercenaries bearing down on them?Still, because Mr. Thacker’s first Harvey Bennett thriller was very good, I will continue to read the rest of this series and some of his other books as well. Every good author, especially of the indie sort, is entitled to an occasional snafu…I recommend you give this one a chance. 🐭

  217. aggietwins03

    It’s written from a mans point of view so there were a lot of “irrational female” digs, but the story was a good continuation of the first.

  218. Rodney Kindlund

    Good book

  219. DAM

    I read this one because I liked the first book in the series but I think if I’d read this one first I would have been done. I’m still not sure if I’ll read “The Ice Chasm”This was an ok story. I thought the pacing was rather uneven & the characters, except for Ben & Julie, were pretty flat. I found myself wanting to know more about the rest of the group. Also if you hadn’t read “The Enigma Strain” I think you’d be lost. All in all a decent story but, in my opinion, could have been so much better.

  220. Dustin T. Sharp

    Another fun Nick Thacker adventure.

  221. Jack p

    Poor science, a little less than exciting and a very disappointing climax and ending. I would imagine that the author had visited the Amazon before writing about it, but, you’d never know it from reading the book.

  222. Dee

    Was hopeful about this book, even though I didn’t read the first book in the series. I was wrong. While the story itself was OK, the writing was not good. Many passages were poorly written, causing me to wish that someone had edited the work. It was distracting enough that I had to keep rereading passages to figure out what the author was trying to say.

  223. Rick Decker

    Based on this book, he should take a lesson from Lee Child who gets more bang for his buck per word than anyone else. The jungle scenes poorly written. As someone else said silly. Maybe he was never in the Amazon or the jungle in general. Not realistic. Too much minutia – filler. A paragraph and a half on how someone walked onto a boat and down below. A decent, although more or less done already, plot and an unexciting read. I finished the book and feel it doesn’t deserve more than a 3. I won’t read him again as there are plenty writers who can put together a better story line.

  224. Mitchell Martin

    I thought these were free on my ipad and was mistaken and had to pay for this.

  225. KC

    The writing style isn’t to my taste. I think the story looks like it could be good but the prose seems stilted and a bit awkward, which I find difficult to read. After two chapters, I’m not that invested to try and push on.

  226. Nelson Meaker

    I can see me reading more of this series. Doesn’t end up where expected, several memorable scenes, plenty of actio

  227. JSW

    good series

  228. Llama Lover

    I really enjoyed this book. It was quite an adventure in the Amazon. I also enjoyed the relationships. To me, the character relationships are as important as the adventure. I’m looking forward to reading the entire series.

  229. Richard

    Once we got where the plot was going, it didn’t seem worth the effort of reading the pages and pages of getting there.

  230. HJB, South Africa.

    A somewhat entertaining fairytale. The first part of the story is quite “normal” but quickly spirals out of any plausibility. This is REAL fiction.

  231. MMTX

    I have always liked this author. But, this book left a lot to be desired. It was not one to grab you from the beginning nor was it one to keep you up at night. I have read much better books.

  232. stephen c. Dukes

    Golden men in recaptured dreams of certain individuals. Eldorado legends. The Dragon corporation. After this new information. Attacks from mercenaries. Into the Amazon jungle. Betrayal sabotage. Unexpected allies. Lots of adventure.

  233. Saundra Wright

    I’m not sure what I expected from this series. But the first three books, including this one have been great. I have enjoyed each totally new thriller with bits of plot overlap from one to the next. Each can easily be read as strong stand alone novels but I have really enjoyed the backstory and character development gained from reading in order.

  234. Somu C. S

    First part is good and later and end not interesting. Author is not sure of how to end. Plot could have been better.

  235. sonja


  236. JJ

    Completed the book in 2 days, very action packed and attention gripping

  237. Lynn A

    This is the second Harvey Bennet book and I find I do not like the main characters (Harvey and Julie).

  238. Kindle Customer

    This book was exciting the whole time making it a thrilling ride throughout. I appreciate that there was very little bad language in this book. I am it forward to the next in this series.

  239. chris nicholls

    The characters are slow to hook you but once they do you only want more more Harvey more Julie more Reggie and more Joshua the plot is decent and all around this is an enjoyable read

  240. Adam Bailey

    Solid 4.5 stars on this one. Enjoying this series a lot. I love the everyman hero aspect of Ben. Starting Book 3, The Ice Chasm, straight away.

  241. Atri Ishaya

    Decent story but lots of contrived events that don’t plot well, not much of a writer. I still liked the premise.

  242. Eric P. Gross

    Nick, thanks for giving me another series to read all night!! Already read Books 1 and 2 in the Harvey Bennett series and I’m hooked. Love the characters, back stories and how he’s opening up. Downloaded #3 and ready for the next adventure…Sincerely,Rick GrossBuena Park, CA

  243. Amazon Customer

    Read this because of the relationship of Ben and Julie from the first book in the series, The Enigma Strain. While I have no interest in hanging out in the Amazon, the story was compelling enough to capture my interest and keep me guessing on the plot line and the eventual outcome. It also stoked the desire to continue the series further. What exactly is the “Company” planning next and what is their end game? Onto the Ice Chasm, book 3.

  244. PAK

    This book is a real page turner. Full of nail biting action and plot twists that keep the reader guessing right up to the final few chapters. Well worth the reader’s time.

  245. Phyllis Purvis

    Their adventure in the jungle was scary. Every day was difficult, but they made it to their destination. They met the challenge and survived. I rated it a 5 ,because of this story.

  246. bookworm

    Follow a group of unlikely adventurers as they band together to find answers and stay alive. Battling the Amazon jungle they are barely staying alive as a group of mercenaries pursue them. Will they survive? Will they get the answers they’re after? This is a book you’ll enjoy reading to find out!

  247. Johnny Moore

    The author should get technical advice from a real pilot. All-in-all, it was an action-packed thriller that I enjoyed. I plan on reading the rest of the series.From Johnny Moore, author; I Must Fly! and Family Centennial.

  248. LUONG TO

    I am going to recommend this one to my friends. Really enjoyed it.Need to have more book like this.

  249. blackhawkdoni

    Characters come and go through out this action packed thrill a minute trip. It was difficult to place it on the table for a little supplication.

  250. Jennifer Macinnes

    The characters are strong and well developed. The story has twists and turns leading to an exciting and unexpected ending.

  251. Wayne Kelley

    Loved this story. Well written and very interesting. Highly recommend reading it. You will enjoy the plot, characters and the ending.

  252. Paul B. George

    The beginning was. Slow but you moved in and made it a real thriller. I will recommend it to you friends as a good read.

  253. Thomas Anonymous

    Good story, lacks intensity. Make us believe. Make us take the steps through the jungle. It would make a good movie, too.

  254. Thomas Kenny

    An easy read that moves along quickly.

  255. Kindle Customer

    Very interesting dream study which starts out this adventure. A trip through the Amazon to try to find the focal point that shows up in some of the participants dreams. Why is it there? Why don’t they remember it in the dream scenario? Why are terrorists following them? Who hired them ? And what do they want with dream research? Great job. Thank you.

  256. Alan Otis

    Has been a terrific series to date. Getting ready to read #3 now. They are action packed, easy reads. I have found this series hard to put down. Keep them coming Nick.

  257. John

    Couldn’t have cared less if all of the characters got killed off.No foundation telling the reader why the bad guys were really so bad.I had no empathy for the main characters.I think you should stick to recording, not writing books.

  258. Sharon K. Aaland

    I enjoyed the book for the most part, but the end left me hanging too much. I would have like just a bit more.

  259. Puppy Mama

    I enjoyed this story, but some parts were a little bit of a stretch of reality. The author sets up the fact that the Amazon rain forest is a very difficult and dangerous place, but these completely inexperienced people managed to hike through it without much trouble. I also thought it was crazy that they were repeatedly attacked by the bad guys (with explosives) even though the bad guys needed them to reach their destination?? Why not just follow them? Why keep trying to blow them up? But as I said, I enjoyed the story.

  260. dr alan adams

    This 2nd book in the series is an (up all night) page turner. As the hero’s go into the jungle seeking the lost city of El Dorado they encounter drama and adventure at every turn. If you enjoy adventure stories, you’ll surely like this one.

  261. Dan mendoza

    You will not to want to put down this book once you start reading this.

  262. Tricia

    This is an anything is possible book. It was interesting and moved right along. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend.

  263. Kindle Customer

    Excitement from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the series. I liked the way the characters were portrayed in the different scenarios. The trek through the Amazon jungle was particularly exciting.Note: The proof readers could have done better; i.e. extra words which caused me to re-read several sentences in order to understand the meaning.

  264. Don

    OK, but not my best read.

  265. Peter Gallant

    Rather convoluted protest mostly on the rainforest. A weird discovery in some dreams causes two sort of lovers to embark on a strange journey to an unknown destination in Brazil. Somehow they managed to pick up useful people to tag along amidst murder, mayhem and harsh conditions. Readable if not un put downable.

  266. R. Smith

    I have never written a book review, so I’m not 100% sure what needs to be said. So for now, I’ll simply say I really enjoyed this read. At times it seemed a bit hard to keep up with the action why’s and wherefore’s, but still worth your time to read if you like this genre of books.

  267. Harold Rooke

    Mr Thacker has done it again. The Harvey Bennett series is excellent and fun to read. I enjoy books that use the same protagonist. Ben and his group lead you on an interesting trail through the Amazon filled with action and suspense. You will enjoy his books.

  268. Kindle Customer

    It has a slow start but keep reading, you won’t be disappointed! The characters suddenly exploded into full blown adventure and became interesting.

  269. Jeffrey Kuhn

    You just can’t get too far ahead of the story line, as its twists and turns are completely unexpected – well worth the time to read…

  270. Janet Romanchyk

    Right mix of action and adventure

  271. Phil

    It kept my curiosity for the entire book! It reads well and it is well written. You could almost imagine the well described environments that the characters are involved in.

  272. Mondobelly

    This was the second book in this series that I have read. I enjoyed the characters and the premise of the story. I got a little lost near the climax, but the author was able to bring the story to a believable conclusion.

  273. nutrinancy

    I gave up 30 percent in. Dialog and story line was unbelievable. I hate giving up, but lifed is too short for books I don’t enjoy

  274. Crafty Lady

    This is a good book that I greatly enjoyed. There were lots of adventuresome times involving natives, soldiers and animals! The story seemed to twist and bad guys became good guys so you never knew who was trustworthy. I will recommend.

  275. Edward J. Stanley

    Great storyline and character development. The story evolved nicely with the right amount of twists and turns.Can’t wait for the next one.

  276. Michael

    Lots of surprises with each chapter. A bit slow at times with the lovey dovey stuff thrown in for the women readers I suppose. A bit of Amazonian lore and adventure. Was able to put it down early on. Cussler books are action page one and never stop. This author is getting there.Have his book the Ice Chasm next. Hopefully it’s a bit quicker and livelier.

  277. Rabid Reader

    Nick Thacker was inspired by James Rollins Amazonia, had in fact met him. It’s safe to say that Rollins now has some great competition. Continuing to seek out the mystery of the golden man appearing in certain of her dream study subjects, Dr. Amanda Meron and company travel deep into the Amazon. What is revealed to the group is far beyond what was expected and leads to further complications in their search to identify the motives of Draconis Industries. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

  278. Groundhog

    Starts out as an intriguing sci-fi adventure, but gets bogged down in fairly common fights and battles. Characters are a little better than average. I might read the first in the series sometime based on glimpses in this sequel.

  279. Tall Girl Georgia

    Love Ben and Julie and their new friends. Enjoyed the new setting in the Amazon for their continued search for answers.

  280. Rev Dr Ron Hestand

    A page turner, or the closest one can get on a Kendle! A must read,then the rest of the series as well

  281. DenverRealtor

    Amazing details of the Amazon Rain Forest and the dangers that lurk there.

  282. RES Colo

    This book had some interesting characters and a good plot line. It kept me awake on a few nights.

  283. Dr. Sandra K. Faust

    This book is one I didn’t put down till I finished it. It’s exceptional. The cast of characters are well developed as is the plot. I’m on to the next one in this series. I highly recommend you read it

  284. DDG22 Sailor

    Nice story, lots of action and likeable characters. Looking forward to reading the next adventure in this pretty unique story.

  285. Amazon Customer

    Well written, grabs your attention and keeps till the last. Looking forward to more from this author. Most enjoyable read

  286. Kindle Customer

    I have enjoyed reading the first two Harvey Bennett thrillers. They are interesting, informative, adventurous, and suitable for all ages.

  287. CheshireCat

    Plenty of cliff hanging moments.Plot of experimental dream reading machine, of a little ancestry DNA research leading to the Lost City of Eldorado. Which, of course, leads to a trip down to most remote part of the Amazon looking for, of course, Eldorado. Hmmm.Of course they are being chased by experienced well funded mercenaries from the Shadowy corporate Dragon entity from day one.Of course the exploratory team is without experience in jungle survival, a extremely hostile environment that has eaten many experienced Western exploration teams for the last two or three centuries and with no backup rescue in sight if things go wrong. Hmmm.There were none of the egregious editing and proof reading errors that made the 1st book of the series such a slog to get through.Characters still stiff. Having some difficulty liking our hero and his main squeeze. Reluctantly, I like angst ridden Ben. Julie not so much. Also a bit of female hysteria peeking through Julie character. She had “estrogen” moments. Wow. Like Reggie isn’t a walking advertisement for testerone. Oh well, this is a modern adventure thriller.Lots of blood and guts. I mean really a lot. Lots of human collateral damage. From the laboratory at the beginning and to the jungle at the end.And yet I kept on reading. I found his take on the lost city of Eldorado interesting. I spent time a while back, reading up on how Conan Doyle came up with his book on the Lost City. And the fascination that has followed this idea in books and movies ever since. And even documentaries.Read at your own peril.

  288. Tony

    This is a sequel to the first book and carries on with the same storyline. This story is full of action and suspense throughout the book.

  289. Dakota 7

    This book has a lot of action, then action on top of action. There are a lot of interesting and different story lines in the book. The author has more development in the characters, than the first book. There is a better flow of story and characters that match up better. Ben seems to have his act together better, but still has a ways to go. The book has some interesting parts that make the blend better. The book is worth reading.

  290. Bernard Jan

    You can’t miss it with Amazon. Put a good story in the Amazon Rainforest and you have my attention. Add to it a nefarious organization with a secret agenda to change the world, lots of action and wild, murderous rituals of indigenous tribes, and you are all set for a thrilling adventure!I have received a review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.Bernard Jan

  291. Gary

    The characters were believable. The story line was also on point. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. Highly recommended.

  292. Amazing Grace

    If you want action-adventure with a little romance, this is a great book to find it. A little (?) unlikely that this would ever happen the way it does, but still a great summer read set in the Amazon rain forest. Worth the time!

  293. Charlie

    Enjoyed that everything that could seemingly go wrong in the Amazon, did go wrong. Well done.

  294. Peaceful Chick

    This is the third book of Nick Thacker’s that I have read. His term for this type of book is an ‘Airport book’. I agree with him. His books start with action and end with action. In between is some blood, legend, humor, love, hate, mystery, action, action, and action! Nick is one of my new favorite authors. He referenced James Rollins and his books as inspiration. I also love all of Rollin’s books as well. Good job Nick! On my bookshelf you are right there next to books by James Rollins. I am giddy with anticipation for your next in the series.

  295. Rosario M. Barrera

    Drasche is up to no good. Again. This time in the jungles of the Amazon, so Ben Bennett and his fiancée go looking for them. In between, there’s all you can think of, from piranhas to, well, everything under the sun. Another page turning thriller, Ben’s adventures keep getting better and better. A must read if you’re a fan.

  296. Pat

    This is a very unusual, unreal story but I enjoyed it. There is lots of action, many questions to answer, a lost city to find & a man covered in GOLD? How does he fit into this plot? Well, he does! This is the first book I’ve read by this author. Unfortunately, it has some swear words in it.

  297. Kindle Customer

    Thacker appears to be just trying for a certain number of pages.I will not be reading any other books by Thacker!!TGMATTHIES

  298. Chris

    Wow, implausible people doing implausible things in implausible situations. And absolutely unbelievable ” science “. I forced myself to finish it, much to my dismay. But I guess Clive Cusslwr sells millions of books, so I guess there’s a market for this stuff, what do I know…

  299. Marcel Roy

    COVID was proif that yheir scrnario woul not work

  300. Anja Peerdeman

    Intriguing and exciting new chapter in Harvey Bennet’s adventurous life !I really enjoy Thacker’s writing style, as well as his character development.Ben and his love-interest Julie are magnificent characters, and I was also a fan of the character named Reggie :)Reading this book is a magnificent way to spend your time. I sure had fun !

  301. Michael E. Flanagan

    I’m now two novels into this series and I’m really beginning to enjoy Nick’s work. The characters are all seemingly genuine and the storylines continue to be compelling and engrossing. I like the author and the books so far.

  302. Bobby G

    This book reminds me of a dream in which I can’t get away from whatever is chasing me, just staying enough ahead yet not able to put distance between me and “it.” By that, I mean the action in this book keeps you on edge wishing for closure, but then not ever reaching that finality. The climax of the book fits more of reality than what you might think. It is full of adventure, scenery, love interests and plot. It does move you to want to continue the series to find the answers you seek as well as the characters. Great read!!

  303. Dawn Peterson

    A great plot using history and mythology, with a fantastic twist. This is a great read from beginning to end.

  304. I. Hass

    I recommend all 13 books in series. Good for all ages and genders

  305. MSP NYC

    The plot is inane. There is little to no character development. And the last 200 pages were tortuous to get through.

  306. caking715

    I enjoyed this book very much. It kept me interested to the end. No foul language and no sex scenes to distract from the story line

  307. J Wolford

    I stumbled led on this series through book bub and am now a Nick Thacker fan. If you are looking for a book with suspense and well developed characters as well as fast paced action you have found it. Get the series you won’t regret it!

  308. ReadyReader

    I was enthralled with the reason for the group to trek thru the rainforest. That part of the world has always been a mystery to most of us. So it was interesting to go along for the ride just for the fun of it. Good book

  309. Kindle Customer

    The story was fast paced and full of adventure, with a touch of history/science. I enjoyed the characters, though a bit shallow to really stay with me. Had interesting plot twists. I would have given five stars but for lack of depth. Still a good fun read.

  310. Kiddoc

    I have enjoyed the first two Harvey Bennett stories greatly, with the El Dorado legend underlying this one making it very interesting. I do find myself drawn in and wanting to know more about the Dragon companies’ machinations. Looking forward to reading others in the series!

  311. Cynthia Litton Fanning

    Loved the tension, and the danger in the book. Thanks to the author for sharing the intricacies of every character featured. I wonder were the strength and loyalty will take me.

  312. Old IT Pro

    I ve a bok that takes you on an adventure that includes suspense, romance, hstory, danger, and all the action with multiple excitng cliffhangers and surprises. This book has it and and is a great read!!!

  313. Jobu2u

    Read book one and just finished two. Both books will keep your interest in Harry Bennett and his search to find a secret organization. I am sticking with the series and going to buy book three. Good work Nick Thacker.

  314. Frank D

    This is not the type of book I usually read, so it was a nice break to read something totally different. I hope you also like it.

  315. NeeRu

    Fast paced storyline that draws you in and doesn’t let go until the end. Unique and interesting way of explaining El Dorado, city of gold and its conception. Characters you can get behind, and root for or against. Definitely should read this book.

  316. Kindle Customer

    I was gifted a copy if this book. While it is not a genre I normally read, I found this book to be excellent. The fast paced action, characters, and plot take you on a roller coaster ride filled with thrills, and heart stopping moments. It is a page turner. I couldn’t put it down until I read the last sentence. I highly recommend this book.

  317. Fortenbra

    A great storyline, interesting characters and enough action to keep you reading. This series is highly recommended and enjoyable enough to make you want to read them all.

  318. Susan

    This book started with exciting action and incredible locations from the gate. Many times I was holding my breath and reading as fast as I could. Surprises and new depths to the characters kept the book exciting! Definitely a great follow up to book 1, The Enigma Strain.

  319. Mr.Bill

    The second book in the series continued the search for the nefarious group responsible for the chaos and destruction at Yellowstone. The trek into the Amazon to research the indigenous people in search of a mystical ‘golden man ‘ quickly becomes a life and death struggle against nature and mercenaries. A very enjoyable read.

  320. JF White

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Amazon Cod! Its one of the best adventure thrillers I’ve read in quite a while; it keeps you anxiously turning pages to see what happens next. If you enjoy reading action-packed thrillers that keeps you guessing then grab your copy today and let the adrenaline packed adventure begin!

  321. Earl

    Exciting! Non stop action. Plot twists and a surprising answer to an old mystery. A good read I warmly recommend.

  322. Amazon Customer 333

    The book started out slow, but quickly picked up pace. Causing a read to not want to put it down. Well written. That keeps the reader involved.

  323. Kim Snyder| Overall Beauty Minerals

    This is the second book in the series. After reading book one, I was very interested in reading more about Ben and Julie. I started reading this book and just looked up to see 3 hours had gone by! How the story is crafted sucks you in! How the story of the gold city in the Amazon is found in a dream? More insight to the company behind the it all and what they are willing to do towards they end goal, whether that might be. Wow!

  324. cagey

    This was an interesting story that I had no idea where it would go. It was long but the writer kept me engaged. Some good twists and believable characters.

  325. FLpat

    This is the first Thacker book that I have read it won’t be my last it kept me fascinated from page 1 through many twists and turns and I can’t wait to see what Ben gets up to next

  326. Kindle Customer

    A clever puzzle that leads to adventure, betrayal, humor, and a little romance. While the bad guys motivation is vague their intentions are not.

  327. Colleen

    I enjoyed..was able to put aside any questions and just enjoyed the plot and scenery the writer conjured up.Totally recommend and especially to my 19 yr old granddaughter Madison…she’s studying the mind in college…

  328. Amazon Customer

    At first I wasn’t for sure where this was going with the Golden Man in dreams but it sucks you away and send you up the Amazon in a deep forest survival situation. Good read. Big D

  329. Kindle Customer Carla

    This is the second book in the Harvey Bennet series, and I enjoyed both of them. Could not put ten down. The plot is spell binding and unusual. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

  330. Carl E. Ahlm

    “The Amazon Code” has nothing to do with ordering from Amazon; rather, it is part of an action/ thriller series by Nick Thacker: Harvey Bennett Series. As you might surmise, the story is set in the Amazon with all the apprehension and mystery of the unknown. For deep within the Amazon rainforest, a secret lurks. A secret that could change the world. Our main characters are park ranger, Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett and his girlfriend, Julie, who are with the party searching for the answer to this secret. From the myth of the lost city of El Dorado to emerging science technology, the path is a rough one filled with all the life and death pitfalls one would expect ~ vicious creatures, hostile natives, and an unforgiving habitat that is the Amazon.The plot begins with an intriguing start in which a research program discovers the presence of a mysterious golden man appearing in the dreams of a number of different subjects. Dr. Amanda Meron is working on a way to visualize dreams. Her research company NARATech, located in Maraha, Brazil, is funded by Dragon Industries Corp – known to Ben as ‘The Company.” Ben and his girlfriend Julie, previously a research scientist, abandon their plans for a longed awaited holiday together. Instead, Ben faced his fear of flying and they’re in Brazil. Continuing from Ben’s adventures in the first book “The Enigma Strain,” this is a fast paced that will grip the imagination of the reader. One of my complains of the first book was that I wished I had learned a little more about many of the characters. Thacker answered that shortcoming nicely with greater character development here. “The Amazon Code” is a little more plot driven than character driven. Regardless, it is a good thriller, and I am looking forward to reading the next story in the Harvey Bennett Series.

  331. marcia

    The action never stopped. At first I thought I wouldn’t like the plot because of the location.Harvey Bennett(Ben) and Julie take off on adventure that keeps them meeting née dangers every step. Are the ones they meet along the way, for or against them? The action takes off and keeps going!

  332. DH2

    Pros: Lots of action, a bit of romance, and compelling characters.Cons: A bit to graphic blood department.

  333. Book Fanatic

    This was a great action adventure story. It includes a lot of shooting, mystery and intrigue. It was fun to read.

  334. steve zalewski

    Good read. Moves right along and does a good job tying all the characters together. Would definitely consider other if his books

  335. Kelley Thomason

    This is the second book I have read by Nick Thacker and these are my kind of books. The plots are always interesting with fast moving twists and turns. You can tell he has researched each of the locations he includes in his stories. I was especially interested in his detail about the Amazon River and rainforest. This book also made me reflect on all the things we don’t know about our brains and their capabilities. Get this book, you’ll enjoy it.

  336. Larry K

    This book allows ones mind to imagine what it would be like to travel through the Amazon in search for treasure. The unexpected events along the way leaves you with an image of each character and how they confronted the impediments they faced. On to their next adventure!

  337. Kitt Katt

    Like the author I am a big James Rollins fan which is is what attracted me to this. For those of you who like the thriller genre this is a fun read. The plot was not as intricate as James Rollins but the same feel. great travel book. Keeps your interest and you want to see where it goes next. I will define fly read more in this series.

  338. Casual Read

    Too many twists and turns that eventually lead to violent conclusions. Also, referring to the two women as ‘girls’ was off putting. Both are professionals in their fields. Yes, the true scientist was a basket case so I wished she would get her act together.

  339. D. Blaney

    Likeable & true characters. The Amazon setting and history were a nice change. I will definitely read more from this author

  340. Marilyn LaFiura

    The Amazon Code was action-packed and fast moving with an assortment of characters. The theory of having a beacon of a bloodline seemed far fetched but I enjoyed how the author kept the characters going through the story with just t he right amount of a love storyline in it. I look forward to reading more by this author.

  341. Kindle Customer

    I really liked the first of the series and wasn’t disappointed with the second one. Can’t wait to read the next.

  342. AC45332456

    Interesting book. Lot of characters so you have to keep track of who is who. The group dynamics are a little strange. I would have expected a bit more discussion before everybody in the group agrees to do something. That is the only thing I found odd. Otherwise a very good story that you want to finish as soon as possible.

  343. Katherine Shalosky

    Great for a quick pleasure read. The story line and setting were interesting. Didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.

  344. LAM

    I was leery of book 2, as book 1 wasn’t great, BUT… This was really good. Lots of action, with the addition of some psychic tribal evolutionary mind-pathing, into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.Ben and Julie are called in to aide a woman, Amanda, whose research into recording dreams in Brazil is suddenly upended and her work stolen by the The Company who nearly killed them in the 1st book. Together, Ben, Julie, Amanda, her friend Paulinho, his friend, Reggie, and an unlikely addition of a Jesuit Priest, Archie, are on the trail of finding a lost Amazon tribe – all while being hunted by mercenaries of Drache Global.This strange band of adventurers is in hot water throughout the story. Never knowing if they can trust each other wears on them. Tensions run high, especially when members begin dying off, and then things explode when several of their group are kidnapped.While containing lots of action, the story pauses here and there to explain how dream mapping is done, what the lost city of Eldorado actually is, what the dangers of the Amazon are, etc… as whole this is informational and entertaining. There are a few editing errors in this one, but not as many as the 1st, and not enough to pull you from the storyline.

  345. donna d adams

    I love a good thriller and I actually had to lay this down a few times so I could catch my breath. I loved the characters and the plot and the whole idea of dream mapping. I would love to be smarter and study the brain, but I am a realist. And old. No more school for me. So I will just keep reading thrillers and follow Mr Thacker.

  346. Kindle Customer

    A few twists and turns you don’t expect. A well written novel in the Tone of James Rollins novels but uniquely his own .

  347. William J. Higgins,III

    Yes, Nick Thacker knows action, thrills, adventure, suspense and mystery…a five star read!This would be my first experience with a Nick novel and I’m sure there will be more on my shelf in the future.When you combine high-level secretive psychic research with cold-blooded mercenaries, fear-provoking tribal warriors, life-threatening caimans, anacondas and piranhas in an extremely remote and perilous section of the Amazon…there will be buzz and excitement on every page.Nick delivers kick. Well done.

  348. Elizabeth Deming

    Fast-paced thriller that places us directly in the action! “Ben Bennett” comes into his own as a more mature character who seeks not only revenge but revelation. The reader experiences the true horrors and beauty of the Amazon, as one follows Ben on his journey to find the truth about his enemies and himself.

  349. G.R. Sutherland

    Sorry, but half way through, I was so bored with this story, it ached to my core and I could not go on.

  350. Rich Lowery

    2nd book of the series. Good continuation of the main two characters. Good story line with some unexpected twists. However, I think there needs to be more side characters that “pop into” the story from time to time and book to book. The author is hanging a lot of plot on only 2 people (eg, Dirk Pitt and his research friend Perlmutter). Also, if you’re going to have two characters romantically involved, then you need to give some story time to that relationship– I’m not saying sex, necessarily, but some sort of loving interludes. I mean, I’m a guy, but even I can see the main male character is taking his lady-friend for granted. Not cool for these days, especially if she’s got advanced education and training that could also be used more in the plot lines. She should be more than a simple plot tool– make her a full person. Just a thought…. These are fun and interesting action/intrigue books. Quick, but decent and enticing stories to take along on trips or for a quiet unwinding weekend.

  351. Kindle Customer

    This book was definitely up there with James Rollins fast paced non stop action. The story line of a mythical lost city we have all read about is great getting there. But the twist to it was wonderfully thought out and really makes you think that other tales we’ve heard about for years could also be different than we think.

  352. Rob D

    Kind of got lost when in jungle found city. Bit of a let down. Decent read though. Maybe other books better.

  353. virtual quilter

    I really enjoyed this book. It was not perfect but it held my interest. Not always believable but then it is fiction. I would have liked more info on recording dreams.

  354. Bruce White

    Nick: Delighted you dared Kevin Tomlinson to continue exploring the thriller genre! While the locales of his Coehlo Medallion and your Amazon Code differ, I enjoyed following the protagonists’ search for gold. Both novels are fun reads with characters we can identify with and suspend disbelief while awaiting the plot turns.Keep up the good work you two!

  355. R

    Mystery with dangerous action through the jungle for the search for the city of gold.

  356. Kindle Customer

    This is a very good story filled with adventures and interesting characters. However much of the dialogue between the characters seemed unlikely and unrealistic.

  357. Bnswolin

    Well written kept my interest

  358. Darnell Clevenger

    Good read but needs work on transition. Darnell Clevenger, author of Love in the Time of License

  359. dragginA

    Thank you Nick, for creating such great and interesting characters that came more alive, as the story went on. This was a tough one to put down. As I like to read myself to sleep there were a few times the book practically hit me in the face as I nodded off. Thanks again and keep them coming!

  360. Loren P

    Nick Thacker never fails to deliver and the Amazon Code is no exception. Having survived The Enigma Strain, Ben and Julie find themselves once again confronting Drache Global. Ben and Julie find themselves thrust into a race to reach El Dorado and discover the truth behind the legends. The action never stops as Thacker gives us a firsthand view of the natural dangers that await those trekking through the Amazon – not to mention a team of mercenaries trying to eliminate them and secure the prize for Drache Global. I highly recommend starting with The Enigma Strain as your gateway into Ben and Julie’s continuing battle with the forces of Drache Global.

  361. Cheryl M.

    This book was interesting. A little too much science in the beginning that slowed the pace. However, it picked up quite nicely. I kept hoping the gold was a cure for this damn virus.

  362. Kindle Customer. Joy

    Ben,Julie, Dr.Menho and friends are trying to solve the mystery surrounding the research on dreams. Why are they suddenly being in danger. Who is stealing their information? Why are they being threatened by mercenaries in the Amazon Rainforest? Plan to read it all in one setting! It’s amazing

  363. DaveB.

    I liked this book but I did not love it. It had a good premise – a group of scientists and others seeking answers to mysterious dreams in, of all places, the Amazon jungle. Dr. Amanda Meron is doing research on dreams and some of her subjects tell of a strange golden man who appears in their dreams with a mysterious message. The quest takes her and Harvey Bennett and Company to Brazil in search of answers. Added to the mix are a group of armed vigilantes seeking to stop Bennett and his group, a treacherous trip deep into the Amazon jungle with all manner of terrors and finally an encounter with a native tribe hinting of the legendary Lost City of El Dorado.All of these elements should have made for a first-class thriller but I thought it was flat in many places. Not that it was a bad story – it just didn’t keep me listening late into the night.

  364. Anonymous

    The action scenes in this book were fast and full of tension, but the storyline fell flat at the end.

  365. Dale

    Fun read. Lots of action and adventure

  366. Crow

    I really like the characters in this book. The writing made me feel like I was there and part of the team.

  367. Dane Diemer

    It was a good read. The author keeps the audience engaged. Definitely a thriller. Harvey Bennett is am awesome character, and his relationship to the other characters are well described by the author. I’m excited to continue reading this series.

  368. Pasi Korkea-aho

    A very interesting story. I greatly enjoyed reading this action adventure thriller.

  369. Eileen R. Janoco

    Good adventure tale. The aspects of mind study were well done. The author kept me coming back as it held my interest. The characters were well developed and a bit of romance added to the story

  370. linda salonen

    I thought it a good story .I don’t read this kind of books but I’m on my way to the third one. I hope that tells you something.

  371. Beth

    Enjoyed reading about a part of the world that is still so “foreign” to all but a few. And a great story!!

  372. madhatter

    Exciting adventure that keeps one glued to the page

  373. Retired Steve

    A good read. Nick Thacker has done a great job blending action & suspense … with even a little romance thrown in. The untamed ; unknown Amazon makes for quite the venue for this story. I recommend it.

  374. RotorDaddy

    Good book. A little different than I normally read. It is very enjoyable and a good continuation of the series. The story line is good and the characters well rounded out. Definitely a recommended book for 14 and up.

  375. Kindle Customer

    The Amazon Code was a fun read with a fast-paced feeling, despite the comp?Edith of the plot. While this book easily stands alone, Ben & Julie are even deeper characters of you had read the first book in the seried, “The Enigma Strain” . One thing I felt was missing was insights into Valère’s take at the end of the book. His character is important to the series, and his mindset at the end should have been at least worth mentioning.

  376. larry lever

    fast read

  377. Michael Hamilton

    Much like all the zombie books out there you typically think of a book based in the Amazon has something that will be draw and utilize verbiage and scenery that has been seen in hundreds of books.Such is not the case here I will not spoil anything but this is a definite purchase

  378. Brent Weidman

    Full of action and mystery. It was a book I could lay down and come back to. Character development could have been stronger but relationships between characters were well developed. I would have appreciated a stronger ending with resolution.

  379. Nancy

    The story itself is fascinating, and intriguing enough to keep me reading. The main character is a wonderful blend of morals and flaws, which makes him realistic and to me enduring.I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if it had had stronger editing. There were many places where logical questions the characters would have asked in that situation were not asked leading to holes. Also, the introspection of the characters at times could have been more concise, considering that they were in a life and death struggle at those times. I would have expected them to be too busy for that.The settings were described well when introduced, but lacked a realistic immersion as the story developed perhaps because the writer has not been there? This was most noted in the rain forest setting. One would have expected much more conflict from plants, insects and animals as the group travels this biome, but this reviewer has never been there, so…..Overall a solid 4 stars for originality, character development, and intrigue. I have no doubt the writer will tighten up the minor flow issues, especially if he gets a firm experienced editor.

  380. Bob Van Epps

    I had a little trouble getting into this book. It was a little slow and cumbersome early on. About half way through things picked up dramatically. By the end, it had become a book that I could not put down.

  381. jponiato

    The Amazon Code is a good tale with a few interesting twists. It caught my interest very quickly.

  382. Michael L

    It’s a passable action-thriller with a promising hook, but the pacing is sometimes slow and some characters are under developed or underutilized. For instance, there is one character who was almost setup to be a kind of aging Indiana Jones who actually ended up contributing almost nothing to the adventure.In the end, it was a somewhat disappointing sequel to the entertaining The Enigma Strain, but there was just enough intrigue and plot interest to keep me going until the end of the book.

  383. Jerry Samuel Miles Jr.

    Was okay book that reminded me of other books i have red. Not very original but okay

  384. Mary Lou

    I kept waiting for the book to get more exciting and even read it to the end. It just didn’t get there for me.

  385. Randy Miller

    Good read with lots of action. Characters need better development but it is progressing. An interesting follow up to the first Harvey Bennett book. Looki g forward to the next book.

  386. Zanner

    I read it to its finish but it dragged on about normal things as if writing for non adults. The story was interesting but the simplistic and repetitive writing about why the characters make decisions was not very good,

  387. RWWEB

    Good plot and interesting characters. This is the. first Nick Thacker book I have read. I will enjoy reading some others of his books. 💥

  388. AnnGuiles

    I liked his descriptions of scenery ,set up of plot the story setting the senario. The plot gets overwhelmed with action. One loses the plot thread. I like his characters and p!an to know them better. He has a lot of potential and it is fun watching home develop his craft!

  389. Mojo

    This was my first Harvey Bennett Thriller. I may try another yet. I found this story a bit middling really. I loved the idea at the centre of the mystery and the first few chapters but found that it didn’t develop as well as I’d hoped over the course of the book. The action was pretty fast paced which was good. The twists weren’t as good as I’d expected though and I found myself struggling to accept the motivation in a few places … so it felt a bit unlikely. Anyway, it was a decent read and is a decent action story.

  390. PJ

    The adventures and conspiracies continue, but this time there are piranhas and big snakes!

  391. WHVastine

    Not quite as “techy” as Mr. Rollins, yet I do sense the themes as similar. There is quite a bit of nuance in the characters, one moment being aggressive, the next being docile…not sure I can relate. The dichotomy in the characters is confusing at best, and is very deflating of a “strong” character. The ending seems “rushed” like it’s time to just end, not play out the various personal elements of the survivors. I enjoyed the story, just feel like somethings are missing.

  392. James Bainbridge

    Selected this story more because it was available. Enjoyed it enough I will obtain the first in the series. Very good example of the airport books; fast paced, intriguing story line, almost believable characters.

  393. Jay hoffman

    Good story, well written and entertaining.

  394. Anita

    I didn’t give this 5 stars, only because of some editing issues and the fact that I like to reserve the top rating for the ultimate best books. But, this book was a great read. Fast- paced, intelligent, imaginative, action- packed. You won’t go wrong with this one.

  395. Mihail Mate

    Great book! Very hard to put it down…

  396. Barbara Olszewski

    I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure/thriller even though I did not read his first book in the series. I just got the first book now and am looking forward to reading that as well. Thanks Nick for a great read. Barb from Wisconsin

  397. Mom & Dad

    Interesting story with an intriguing twist. I always enjoy adventures set in the Amazon and this book adds to my desire to someday visit that wild exciting region. Combat scenes a bit contrived, but overall well worth reading.

  398. Kimberly Sparks

    I really enjoyed this book and will continue to the next book in this series! I really like the characters and their interactions.

  399. Slaw

    This book was definitely full of action and kept my attention. The characters went from one disaster to another with barely a moment to stop and rest. Some plot devices and situations were hard to believe but the fast pace made it easier to keep going along for the ride. This book is part of a series of adventures but I really liked the fact that it was a complete story on its own. No cliff hanger ending, which I am grateful for.

  400. James Judge

    It was an interesting book although the reason for going into the Amazon was somewhat lost in the book

  401. Pete Vaughn

    Second book in the series was great! Lots of action, great locales. Enjoyed the book very much. Going to read something else next then dive into book three.

  402. Debbie

    This was an interesting adventure in the rainforest that described the many layers of the topography very well. Even though I have never been, I felt like I was there. The different natives and mercenaries the lead characters encountered were dangerous and hectic.

  403. RT

    The characters became folks to care about, even though it wax fiction. The book never really had a slow part and kept making me want o continue to the next chapter. Well worth it.

  404. Gobi Sands

    When this book got started I was not sure where it was going or what I thought about it, but it still held my interest. Once it got going I could hardly put it down because I still did not know where it was leading. That certainly kept my interest and I could not put it down until the end. Very different twists and turns.

  405. Danq

    I thought the story was good, but a little bit stretched out. It took me longer than usual to read. I have read other adventure stories like this, but this didn’t go at the same break neck speed. I will read another and can recommend this book. As you read, just remember it is not a biography nor a true life adventure. It is entertainment. You’ll do well and enjoy it.

  406. john

    Kept ymy interest all the way through

  407. Avast

    An ok read.

  408. Laurie

    Right from the start, this book Add you and the run. Really great story with well developed characters. I love the adventure in the Amazon bringing a story there made it fascinating and interesting. I would definitely recommend this book

  409. Trish (Patricia) Smith

    I loved this book. This fast-paced mystery filled with suspense and action keeps you wanting more. The author did an incredible job with impressive characters, unique locations, and a mixture of action.

  410. Kindle Customer

    Thacker combines all of the elements of a great novel…..science, adventure, danger, love, and characters that are believable and evolving! So very happy to have “discovered” a new author (for me) to follow!

  411. Mr. Powerkat

    Nice read maybe a few too many “rabbit trails” but a nice read.

  412. RitaBear

    I was wondering how Ben and Julie were going to get from Denali National Park in Alaska to the Amazon. Well, now I know. It was a long, hard trip but was certainly worth the ride. I enjoyed the trip myself and “The Amazon Code”. Lots of tingling and thrilling. And let’s not forget the Anaconda.

  413. Dee Fabry

    If you want a good summer escape techno thriller, Thacker’s Harvey Bennett trilogy does it. Follow the adventures of Ben and Julie as they manage to survive the jungles of the Amazon trying to track down the nefarious Dragon organization in The Amazon Code. Is it all plausible? No. But it is a good action yarn with unlikely heroes.

  414. JBK53

    Th is the second book in the series it is fun and entertaining. The main characters are enjoyable to follow and the evil corporation is easy to hate. I am looking forward to book three.

  415. Jvz

    Gave four stars because I finished the book through a lot of fast page turning.. the plot ….actually video recording dreams Interesting but four ordinary civilians and one ex army sniper surviving the Amazon jungle while being hunted by mercenaries not too believable.

  416. sbonner

    It’s not often that you find a book good enough to call in sick to work because you can’t put it down!Thanks Nick!

  417. G.Hunt

    I could not put this book down. It captured me right from the beginning and just got better. I read one reviewer who called it a cliff hanger and I must strongly disagree. Yes, thankfully there are a series of stories about some of these great characters you can choose to read but not one of this author’s books I’ve read has left me unsatisfied at the end. Whatever the meat of the story is has an ending and you don’t close the book feeling like you still don’t know what happened. I DID close the book hoping thete were more books about these people and was so relieved to find there are. But again, this exciting book closes up nicely so you can choose to read more if you want. I do. You can not go wrong adding this book to your library. I can already tell this is another of Nick Thacker’s books I’ll enjoy rereafing in the future. I highly,recommend this book AND this author! 5+*’s :DHIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 😀

  418. STUART C.

    Intriguing plot intertwined with good character development. Hard to put down.

  419. Murray Schulman

    Good read for the adventure/thriller fan. Fast moving with plenty of twists and personal insights into the characters. Well worth reading.

  420. happywme

    I liked this book a lot. The kind you don’t want to put down.

  421. brianjusa

    Looking forward to what Ben and Julie get into next. Thacker brings the jungle alive in this thriller to bring Ben ever closer to finding the dragon company who killed his mother, and builds some unlikely friendships along the way.

  422. Kathy Brush

    I enjoyed the plot twists. They kept me interested and guessing about the mysterious El Dorado. The conclusion was satisfying and the characters were real

  423. Mr. P

    Man oh Man was this fun ! Harvey Bennett and his girlfriend end up the Amazon rain forest along with a scientist, ex soldier and a religious man trying to find El Dorado. Mapping a human dream begins this quest which soon becomes deadly. Awesome cast of characters, non stop action/mystery/intrigue and a killer story line makes this book almost impossible to put down !

  424. Kathryn Fletcher

    It had its moments but became too far out in the unbelievable column

  425. Joseph Ferguson

    A scientific experiment on dreams, leads a group of scientists and adventurers into an exciting and action filled journey into the heart of the Amazon Jungle.A unique blend of science, conspiracies, and adventure that will keep readers turning pages.

  426. SueCL

    Love Ben and Julie. Not your average couple but so likable and you have to root for them. The story is so interesting and unique. I just couldn’t wait to find out what happened. Great escape fiction!

  427. Hopern

    I enjoyed The first book “Enigma Strain” much more than this book. It just fell flat for me. I lost interest about 1/2 way through but pushed through to the end. Why did they even go into the jungle? Fruitless effort. The doctor was too wimpy, the sniper was too unreal, the whole thing just didn’t flow very well. Too much reflection in the heat of the moment when rapid action is required.

  428. Shelly in Sunny San Diego🌞

    Excellent story full of action, suspense, and intrigue. A real page turner! The Amazon jungle facts were fun, who knew predators could be so fascinating (disturbingly deadly)? This story moves along quickly. I read it in one sitting because I could not put it down, so much happens. Love the non-stop action.This is part of a series, so there are more thrills ahead!

  429. Red Velvet

    Ben and Julie give up their relaxing vacation to try to increase their understanding of their nemesis. The jungle in the Amazon is a dangerous place without trained killers trying to get rid of you.

  430. Ray Tappan

    I thoroughly enjoyed this well written,and exciting novel. Fans of the genre will definitely want to read this original story

  431. Oliver

    Good characters and story line, kept me interested to the very end. I don’t know much about the Amazon geography & ecology but events were believable. I would recommend it.

  432. Griff

    Not my kind of author – couldn’t get into it returned for refund

  433. Ken F

    This is the lowest I’ll rate a book I finished. Between animal attacks and ritual sacrifices, this was not the sort of thriller I’d hoped to spend my insomnia-ridden nights on. Overall the writing was pretty dull even when laden with detail. Needless to say I won’t be continuing the series.

  434. Mark farmer

    Not my type of reading I found it hard to get started. But I finished it took some time understand what was happening and why.

  435. ribin

    Interesting read. Got a little convuluted.


    Over the past 2 months I’ve read the first 6 of Thacker’s Harvey Bennet series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work!

  437. Ron

    Book is fast paced and draws the reader into the scenery and the characters making the storytelling believable well worth reading

  438. Ernest Sappington

    This book was a very good read a lot of different things happening

  439. Sl8ersBabe

    Literary Gold!! Couldn’t put it down. Never disappointed with this writer!!

  440. Rascal by the Sea

    It was a fast read and I liked the character development.

  441. S. D. Welch

    It is an interesting book. The descriptions of the different places, espec. the Amazon, we so vivid my imagination would even change from dark to light as the people progresses along the Amazon and when arrived at the destination. I didn’t realize when I picked to read this but it is the next book after The Enigma Strain by Nick Thacker. This was a pleasant surprise. Next I’ll look for the third book.

  442. Kindle CustomerWayne Peters

    This second book in the series was even better than the first book.It was fast paced and nerve racking. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend this series of adventure stories too anyone who enjoys this type of story. It was beautifully written. My hat is off to you. Fantastic, beautifully written,and well worth the time it took to read. Keep up the excellent work!

  443. Margaret Meyer

    I enjoyed this book. It was a short read, but kept me coming back.

  444. Ole Olson

    The premise was a stretch. The characters were good.

  445. Hillel Kaminsky

    This is the second book in a series featuring Ben and Julie (The first was The Enigma Strain) and although I didn’t plan to read this, it was available for free so I decided to give it a chance. Like the first, this is a good (but not great) book and I’m glad I read it.Dr. Amanda Meron built a machine that can record dreams and make them visible to outside observers with impressive clarity. The machine is a big success, but she is very surprised when several volunteers from the same family have a golden man appearing in their dream.The mystery leads to the Amazon rainforest and the mythical city of El Dorado, but there are some shady people, from the same evil corporation as the previous book, who have designs on the technology and its related secrets and they will stop at nothing to get it.As in the first book, the characters were likable and believable and the bad guys were suitably evil. There were a lot of twists and turns in the story, which I liked, but however, I didn’t care much for the ending.

  446. Thomas La Roche

    I have not read a strictly action adventure book in quite some time. However, this safari had a bit of Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark in it. The Characters were all well developed and three dimensional in nature. The plot was skillfully woven. It was truly an adventure book, with many lose calls. Well worth reading!

  447. Kindle Customer

    I really liked this book. Couldn’t stop reading. Let you find out a few things about the Amazon. Written really well. Not boring.

  448. Don

    This story takes place in the mysterious Amazon jungle. It’s fascinating to think of a place so remote and dangerous that primitive people without much in the way of tools and only what they can hunt or gather manage to exist. Not utopia but a primitive beauty that can support all kinds of life. I enjoyed it and think you will too.

  449. Kindle Customer

    The only thing that’s predictable in this story is that Ben will experience a seemingly unending series of thrilling twists and turns as he and Julie and other well rounded characters push on to discover El Dorado.

  450. Book Junkie

    No spoilers in my reviews:Nick thacker does an excellent job of creating a very edge of your seat thriller set in times and places that span centuries. Yet, the thread of humanity remains the same. He develops excellent characters, moves the plot brilliantly, has some excellent twists and basically just tells a really good story. I recommend it to pretty much anyone

  451. Brian Lonie

    This is a captivating read. The characters are well developed and interesting. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this collection. Historical references have drawn me in. I have recommended this book to my wife, so that I have someone to talk about it with.

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About Nick Thacker

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