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The Paradise Key – Paperback

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Amusement parks are supposed to be about fun and entertainment…

…not death.

The Paradise Key – Paperback

Amusement parks are supposed to be about fun and entertainment…

…not death.

A marine biology and science-themed park is scheduled to open later this year. But there seems to be something sinister going on beneath the surface.

OceanTech’s Paradisum is a cutting-edge operation, and they are hoping to capitalize on the growing trend of education-based vacation destinations. The park's CEO, Adrian Crawford, has spent his entire professional life working toward this goal, and he is excited to show it to the world.

Harvey Bennett and his team think they were sent to Paradisum to investigate the security protocols at the new park.

But what they find there terrifies them…

232 reviews for The Paradise Key - Paperback

  1. Roger Fauble

    What appeared to be a one-off with Thacker’s writing of The Enigma Strain was soon followed by The Amazon Code, then by The Ice Chasm and finally The Jefferson Legacy. The problem with writing a successful book is amplified in a successful series, the reader’s expectations are that this book will be even better than the last, this one is not. When I reviewed earlier Thacker books I commented that his writings were reminiscent of James Rollins. This book isn’t! I’m a character reader, I get into the characters, their story, who/what they are. In this, the fifth Harvey Bennet book, the characters, so well developed after 4 previous works are lacking. Not that this isn’t a good book, that you can’t wait to turn the next page and learn more about them, but the story-line seems a little stale! No spoiler’s here, though I will say that with Thacker’s track record I can’t wait to read his next book and I’m sure it will be back to his established standards!

  2. Cacher

    Harvey “Ben” Bennet, his Fiancé Juliette, Gareth “Reggie” Red and the enigmatic Mr & Mrs “E” are once again called into service to investigate “OceanTech Paradisum”. A 5 Star Resort/Museum/Aquatic sunken shipwreck site and University Reserch Center. What research is actually being done there, and why is Ravenshadow, led by “The Hawk” in charge of Security? Ben and Julie are enjoying their first vacation aboard a cruise ship when Reggie shows up to brief them on developments off the coast of Florida, near the Bahamas. Dr. Sarah Lindgren, has been invited to join the team and adds one more perspective to their diverse investigative approach. But still, in the not too distant past is the memory of how fast things can go bad for the team, with devastating results. Another page turner gaurenteed to keep you up until the last page. Thanks for another excellent read Nick Thacker!

  3. Red48

    Nick Thacker has just added #5 in the Harvey Bennett Thriller Series. What a ride this one is. What I like best about these Thrillers is that each one is so completely different than the previous ones. You could read each as a stand alone but I would recommend that you start in the beginning so you can experience how each character evolves. This one got so exciting that I had to put the book down and walk away to slow my heart rate down. I thought for sure this was the end, but somehow Nick always pulls them out of the jams they are in and he does it in the most inspiring ways. Never seen it coming. Each Harvey Bennett Thriller just gets better. Job well done, Nick. Can’t wait for the next one.

  4. ShadyBrady

    … but too much verbiage in the shuttle scene and from there on to the end. Perhaps some of the explanation there could have been covered earlier or just eliminated. Many typos and missing words, so many that I gave up tracking them. I started with a pre-release version and was updated with a release version. The errors were not corrected.On a different vein, Harvey Bennett is a hard guy to like in my mind. Too many flaws for a “hero” in my opinion but it sure makes him human. As I said in the subject line, a really great story line but marred by the items mentioned in the first paragraph above.

  5. Albino C.

    Fans of Clive Cussler will like this book. I was first drawn to Nick Thacker’s books through an Amazon free book deal of one of his early novels. He develops characters that are believable, heroic, and human, i.e. they are flawed. I also enjoy the various settings for his stories. To me, Nick’s writing gets better in each of his novels. He presents many plot twists and turns. Just when I think I know what is going to happen, something else occurs. The Paradise Key is no different. Ben, Julie, and Reggie go to the Paradisium theme park. The science in this park is very interesting. The concept of the park is also intriguing. The way Nick describes the park’s amenities makes me want to go visit it.I definitely enjoyed reading this book!

  6. Rancher

    I stayed up all night reading this one! Mr. Thacker has done it again, mixing excellent characters with high adventure.

  7. slotmama46

    I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series, but especially appreciate how the characters continue to grow and develop. I stayed up most of the night reading this one!

  8. Gramps3421

    I have read the first 4 books of the Harvey Bennett series and found them interesting and fun to read. Book number four “The Jefferson Legacy” was slow to get into so I was hoping that “The Paradise Key” would not follow the sequence of book number 4. I was pleasantly surprised that the story took off right away. Ben, Julie and Reggie went on a caper that was kind of far fetched but hey this is the genera of this writer. The writer has picked up another new character in this adventure which should make another interesting in his next book.The Harvey Bennett series is well worth reading and this author should get more kudos for his interesting writing.

  9. Andrea Ward

    Dec 25, 2017 · editIt was amazingI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I love Ben and his friends. So I would probably love any adventure they go on. But this one is an especially heart pounding thriller. You know they are not walking into a good situation, but it is worse than I expected. And the science is not as horrific as I expected, but it is more inhumane as well. This book is another fabulous addition to the Harvey Bennett series. You can start here. There are several references to book 4, but you don’t have to read it first. There are brief mentions of books 1-3. You don’t have to read them and there is not so many references that a fan feels like they are back in any of those books. If you like thrillers and a bit of sci-fi, this novel is for you. While you are at it, go get the other 4 books in the series as well.

  10. jonathan kastoff

    Another Winner (I am a purist and only give out five star ratings to the rare excellent book. I also believe that Halls of fame are watered down to Halls of the Very Good). Nonstop action and a fast, enjoyable read. Look forward to future books in the series.

  11. Larry

    A great read from beginning to end! The main character has a keen sense of justice, and is willing to go to extremes to see that justice is done…even if that means breaking the law. That’s enough for me. I found myself cheering him on in his mission to rescue the world from a bad situation.

  12. GemCaprica

    I rarely give books 3 star ratings, but I feel that was being generous in this case.Out of all the Harvey Bennett Thrillers, I really disliked this one the most. The beginning started with Reggie crashing Ben and Julie’s vacation. Then the story seemed to focus on petty whining from the both of them about their relationship. It seemed like it took up the first half of the book, along with the both of them being mad at Reggie.It seems like no action takes place until the last part of the book. And I mean way towards the end. This book is classified as a thriller and not a mystery, which the book actually states, “Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a mystery here”.On an up note, the story was readable, enjoyable in a few spots, and it was a unique idea.I was given a free copy of this book for giving my honest opinion.

  13. Mark Aronson

    good fun book. kept me reading till the end

  14. Ewok49

    Well written. Twists and turns on every page. The characters were well developed and interesting. I look forward to reading the next book from this author.

  15. GmaReader

    Let me start by saying I really like the Harvey Bennett Thrillers but this one was not one of my favorites. I can ignore the typos in any book..no big deal but it just didn’t seem to live up to the authors past standards. I didn’t care for the ending at all. Seemed like it was one of those “have to wrap this up” endings. Lots of action and then Bang.. they’re home & all is well. Wont stop me from reading anything Nick Thacker writes but this one wasn’t one of his best.

  16. Jkaustin02

    Once again, Nick Thacker drags you kicking and screaming into the life of Harvey Bennett. Well, you really go willingly but once there, you’re not sure if you want to run like hell to get away or hang on for the ride. But by then you’re so invested in the story and characters, you can’t possibly imagine deserting them. I’m not going to give away what happens, just rest assured you’ll be up far into the night to find out. A smooth continuation of the previous books in the series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Do yourself a favor though and read them all.

  17. Denise Pursifull

    Fabulous! Could not put this or any of the other Harvey Bennett books down! Love them!

  18. Jean F.

    I have read all Harvey Bennett books. All are fabulously written. Great plots, exciting action, the reading flows like a movie in the brain. Great job! When is the next one due out?

  19. Carrie Fadler

    Fast action, great characters. I enjoyed reading The Paradise Key. The editors need to go back and fix the many word omissions, typos, and mistakes.

  20. RJD2001

    Fantastic series! If you are just finding Nick Thacker and Harvey Bennet you are in for a real treat, plus you have the ability to buy all 5 books and read them straight through instead of having to wait for each one to be released and waiting on tenderhooks for the next one to come out.

  21. Badass

    Notice to those who love action books by Clive Cussler or Alex Lukeman, this is your lucky day!! The very bright, talented and (not so) good looking young author, Nick Thacker is filling the big shoes of the aforementioned giants of the action genre. Harvey Bennett is our reluctant hero who must face the dangers of an artificial island crocodiles and an insane billionaire. I highly recommend it. I think you’ll get hooked on the series.

  22. MRW

    this review is much like the other 3 and less star reviews. I was hoping for much more character development – perhaps actually telling Red’s story instead of alluding to but never clarifying, some actual development between Julie & Ben, and a bit more on the elusive Mr & Mrs E. Also, it seemed like the Ravenshadow connection and serum from the 4th book may have been part of the story here, but that relationship also went untold. They each have so much potential. It’s like the walls of the house are up, but there is no decor or furnishings. The emotional depth between Julie and Ben almost got developed, but it stopped well short. The concepts for the adventures in the series are great and the action is well paced, but this book seemed to go backwards. The characters seemed to have lost all intelligence and the starting sequence just didn’t seem realistic. I can’t believe that they would have approached the situation the idiotic way that they did – ESPECIALLY after all the prep that had gone into the Antarctic adventure. This book felt under-developed and rushed in every way, especially it’s ending. Sad really, because I did enjoy the other books in the series and really did want to get to know the characters better. If editing errors annoy you, don’t even try this one. The typos are frequent. I felt teased – a little line or two that held promise of a deeper story, but those stories never got told. It feels more like the outline of a book that never got fleshed out.

  23. Margaret Williams

    Sometimes paradise isn’t exactly what it is supposed to be. Ben and the rest of CSO find that out when they are assigned the task of checking out OceanTech. They might even have a chance at getting a hold of the Hawk. But things aren’t what they appear to be. As always Nick Thacker brings the action to you and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

  24. Kevin

    Each book in the series is better than the one before. I am a huge Nick Thacker fan and always will be. This book was exciting, fun and thrilling. I love the science/medical twists in the stories. Awesome book.

  25. Greg hardman

    The 2nd in the series,just as good or better than the 1st,very action packed once you start you won’ t put it down.It continues with a great plot

  26. Larry Hendler

    I received a free copy of this book with the request that I write a review. I do not think Mr Thacker will be happy with return on his investment.I really enjoyed the original Harvey Bennett adventure. It had faults, but it had a wonderful page turning quality. I overlooked technical faults because the story was interesting, and there was promise in seeing the characters develop over time. I am very sorry to say, Mr. Thacker’s characters remain as undeveloped in book 5 as they were in book 1.I have had the pleasure of reading other series where the characters were truly mesmerizing. I can think of Jack Reacher and Gabriel Alon as two such examples. Harvey Bennett is more on the level of Donald Duck. Mr Thacker has missed the mark to the point where I believe that if he were to throw a rock, he would miss the ground.Out of basic ineptness, a team has been developed, the CSO consisting of Harvey Bennett, his girlfriend Julie, his boyfriend Reggie, and whoever else happens to be available on any given occasion. The group is funded by the multibillionaire husband and wife, the mysterious Mr and Mrs E I have no idea how they made their fortune, but I would guess it was the luck of multiple superball lottery wins, because they seem to have demonstrated a complete lack of brains in hiring the group they hired. There is no planning, no intelligence, no understanding of what they are getting into. The CSO team is stationed in Alaska, where marijuana is legal. The team should spend the rest of their days under the influence, because it might improve their cognitive skills.On a technical note for Mr. Thacker.1. Human respiration depends on oxygen (you got that right), but the lungs expel Carbon Dioxide, not Carbon Monoxide as you repeatedly wrote in this book.2. The typical offshore oil rig costs about $650 million to build. The Apple spaceship facility in Cupertino cost $1.1 billion to build. The facility described in the book is like several apple facilities built like oil rigs. An easy price tag for that will be around $10 billion. There arent that many investors and “angels” that would support that sort of investment without serious hands on control.Hire a high school student to do some fact checking for you.Bottom line, Mr. Thacker. This book should be an embarrassment to you. Spend more time developing the concept and less time rushing to print. The typos were horrific, which makes me wonder who your editors are.

  27. gjp

    I really enjoyed this book it’s a very fast-paced Thriller. Nick Thacker has another winner here, I love the premise of the book and the writing is top notch.I was originally given a copy of this book for a impartial review which has not affected my review in any fashion I ended up purchasing the book after I read it.

  28. ARbee

    Continuing the series with Ben and team, the Paradise Key contains the action and adventure found in the previous books. The setting and story line here are good, but not quite up to the level of depth and complexity set earlier in the series.Still, well worth reading from this accomplished author.

  29. Richard Lang

    I appear to have read 16% and then read other things. And I have little inclination to go back. I vaguely remember some of the previous books in this series, and while I’m not a big fan of constant recapping in serials, this time it might have helped. In addition, it’s been a while since I read any of them and so referring Harvey Bennett by another name actually threw me for a loop. If I had the earlier books freshly to hand, I might have liked this – but having only been able to make it part way through, the best I can do is give it 3 stars – and if that changes I will come back. But for now, that doesn’t appear likely. I’m not buying into some of the premises and setup and that makes forward progress tough.Like I said – maybe.

  30. Ann S., aka Daisyann, aka dazee

    This is a super terrific story. Fantastic detail, really holds your interest. As I read I kept marveling at the author’s ingenuity in thinking this all up. It is so realistic, difficult to believe it is fantasey. He takes Harvey down a treacherous road, filled with danger and intrigue. But will he survive???

  31. Mike Tenenbaum

    Harvey Bennett novels are all far fetched…but what the hey, that’s what makes for fun reads! It’s all in how the author paints the word pictures, developed the characters and sets up the scenarios for all. Nick Thacker does a wonderful job with this yarn. There are conclusions and non-conclusions that lead me to believe another adventure can’t be far behind. Hope I’m guessing right that we might have a new member of the team?? Stay tuned!

  32. PLyle

    I have read many of Nick Thacker’s books and love the characters of Harvey Bennett and his friends. There are parts of this book that are very well done but enough that is half-hearted that I end up frustrated. If you don’t mind typos and blind alleys in the writing, you can enjoy a lively story

  33. Wim Biemans

    This is the first book by Nick Thacker that I tried to read. I was attracted by the nice cover and the book description. Sounded a bit like something that Crichton or Preston & Child could have written. Adventure, cutting-edge science… Unfortunately, the story just dragged and dragged, with a whining main character and juvenile actions. I mean, the actions of the two main characters just didn’t make any sense and the story was going nowhere. When a bit more than half way through the book the spelling mistakes increased dramatically I realized that I couldn’t really focus on the story, but I also no longer cared what would happen; so I just quit. Life is too short and there are too many good books.

  34. Rocklin D.

    An interesting story idea with multiple interesting and compelling characters – except Harvey Bennet! I find him the weakest and most irritating character in each book. This was my last attempt to like this character!!!

  35. Cape Haze Quilter

    Action, adventure, science! What’s not to love abpout this latest Harvey “Ben” Bennett thriller. The book can be read independantly, without having read the prior books in the series.

  36. Jim Van Langen

    Good read. Thanks, Nick. Looking forward to the next one.

  37. Elizabeth Cappiello

    Love this author and all his books. This one in particular has my brain looking at things in a new way. Discovered today that starfish can rebuild new arms…. hmm…

  38. Penny Pava

    I received this book for free in return for a fair and objective review. Because I PROMISED a review I am going to leave this but I must qualify it with I am not in the best state of mind right now. I did not enjoy this one as much as I have all the other Nick Thacker novels. That is probably more due to me than to the authors talent. I intend to re-read this in a few weeks, and I will update my review at that time.

  39. John

    This book was only slightly better than book number four. Hapless characters getting into situations they were not even close to being able too handle. No believable.

  40. Lynn N.

    Thacker has written yet another book that I could not put down! The Harvey Bennett thrillers are an excellent series for the reader who loves adventure, suspense, and a touch of humor. I certainly hope there will be sixth book soon!

  41. Billy S.

    This series just keeps getting better and better. Be sure to get the whole set, you wil not be sorry.. I give this 5+ stars..

  42. Kindle Customer

    I waited until I read all 5 books to leave a review . And when I tell you I couldn’t put this series down……As soon as I finished one I went onto the next book, until I finished all 5. This runs the gamut from a gentle giant of a man who happens to be a forest ranger . The woman he falls for AND serious special forces guys. Not all is what it seems to be . Annnnnd the big guy Ben is smack dab in themiddle . Also , did I say there is one more book , the final one in the series ? Hey , I just did !,,,,,

  43. Jennifer Blacker

    Yet another great entry in the Harvey Bennett series. A roller coaster of a ride that leaves you wanting even more!

  44. Kelly Jackman

    Enjoyed the first book, but each one in this series gets better and better. Truly once you start reading you can’t put it down.

  45. Diana

    I liked it but felt it could have continued to tie up the loose ends of what happened afterwards with the captives. I would have enjoyed a few more chapters delving into it.

  46. Amazon Customer

    The author has a well set table. Interesting characters with backstory and likeability. The plot is intriguing with a revolutionary biotech solution that intrests everyone. Believable action galore. But…the conclusion is rushed, the valuable tech’s future uncertain, ethical strings hanging as I’m left to wonder about the test subjects’ futures. A proper conclusion and post script would go far in completing this story.

  47. Hammertime2102

    Good addition to the series. Interesting theory to the science/research the story is built around. The ending seems a little rushed but I get the sense it might simply to a continuation of the duel in the next book. It’s a good read.

  48. Cripplious

    It had a few words misspelled and also misding making the sentences clunky. Nice action too bad they keep going in unprepared and falling into easy to see traps.

  49. D. Banker

    The action is nonstop with surprises at every turn. I also like his format as it makes for a quick read.

  50. James C. Maher

    Thacker strikes again. I’m retired with plenty of tasks needing doing. But Nick’s book sidetracked me all day. His writing style is readable and full of action. Have to find the next volume soon.

  51. Sheepieluv

    This is a stunning thriller that leaves the reader almost breathless and feeling like one has jumped onto a spiraling rocket of an adventure.The momentum and bold acceleration of the plot continues as we enter a tropical paradise which may or may not be as heavenly as it appears. There are a few surprises here.Old friends Ben, Reggie and Julie return to wow us with their brilliant MacGyverisms and their heroic efforts. The gang again attempts the impossible, while taking the reader on a suspense-driven, page-by-page journey which generates growing terror of what the next minutes…..the next few pages…..might reveal.This wildly-original, ocean-centric tale is an unimaginable shock and awe thrill ride. The most fun lies in the science that is laced throughout and serves as a platform for the story.This is truely unputdownable and I loved every minute.More please!!!

  52. ronald and Barbara

    I’ve read all the preceding four and this one picks right up from the last book and doesn’t wait to get moving fast. I can’t wait for the next one which is due out soon. What new adventures await this group.

  53. G. Bates

    Always wanted a title like that. Now this is a well written thriller who ever did the spell check did a very good job. Nice not to guess what a author is trying to say.

  54. Bebec

    Always happy to find an author that has a series that I can’t wait to read and sorry when they end. Good job.

  55. Alan

    A good believable action thriller from an author I now follow. This is a series where a group of quasi civilians hunt down a mercenary leader and his security staff and do things our government can’t.

  56. Kindle Customer

    The beginning was a little slow but once the action started it was much more interesting..

  57. Gwendolyn Henderson

    I’ve read the entire Harvey Bennett series back to back and the adventures are awesome. This particular installation was my least favorite and YEESH the typos!!! All of the prior books were impressive with their lack of typos but this one was filled with them. Trying out a new editor maybe?? I will continue to be a fan though.

  58. nova

    I have read all five Harvey Bennett stories. This one, sadly, is probably the weakest of the set. The writing seemed hurried – new characters somewhat undeveloped and some scenes very overdeveloped. Harvey Bennett is an interesting character, as is the group he works with. Here’s hoping the next story is better crafted.

  59. JJ

    Ben and Julie are on their first vacation on a cruise ship. Reggie shows up with info from Mr. and Mrs. E. on Ocean Tech.Ben and Julie regretfully leave the cruise ship to go near the Bahamas to Ocean Tech, where Dr. Sarah Lindgrin is invited to join them. What they discover there is shockingly horrifying, but not nearly as horrifying as what The Hawk has in mind for them.Please read this book when you have plenty of time, because you won’t want to put it down. My only disappointment with this book was that it ended. I hope Nick releases the next in the Harvey Ben Bennett Thriller Series soon!!!

  60. Peter L

    A real thriller. Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Only criticism is that the main characters, though supposedly well trained, seem inept at anticipating or combating The Hawk.

  61. Todd Wielgos

    What is great about Amazon is you can try new authors without a huge financial commitment. I read over 100 books a year and have been devouring Nick Thatcher’s books the last few weeks. The Harvey Bennett series was a great read. Working my way through the rest of Nick’s books. Unfortunately when I catch up, I’ll have to wait for his new works. Take a chance on Nick and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  62. janette worthington

    Good story, moves along fast, I will read more of the socket

  63. Amazon Customer

    Fell in love with the characters, fast paced, all the story lines were in different places around the world- exciting read!

  64. veespree

    I liked the build up of the characters so that you became familiar with them . I’ve always enjoyed Clive Custler books and reading about the background of these made me want to read one of these. I read one and really enjoyed it. So I read this one and was happy with it too.

  65. Sue Ellen Brown

    Enjoyed the book very much, although numerous errors in the typeset threw me off a bit. The characters were interesting and the premise was engaging.

  66. Kindle Customer

    Just finished book five of the Harvey Bennett series. Once you start reading a Nick Thacker book you can’t stop.Great characters, locations and action; what more could you ask for. If you are looking for a new author give Nick Thackera read. Keep up the great writing.

  67. Amazon Customer

    All in all, an entertaining read.

  68. Bill

    I’ve read most of the Harvey Bennett series and enjoyed it for the most part but I think I’m about done. Between the constant bickering of the main 2 protagonists and the the excruciatingly long inner monologues of all of the protagonists along with soulful looks exchanged while holding their breath for like half an hour this book was a real slog to get through. On top of that this one stretched the bounds of credibility just a little too far. A multi billion dollar luxury entertainment/education island resort built on top of a piss-ant shipwreck? Probably not. Also the editing was pretty bad. Too many typos.

  69. Chloe Cuthbert

    Nick Thacker has done it again! In book 5 of the Harvey Bennett series, Ben and his fiance, Julie, are enjoying a much needed vacation. Until Reggie shows up with orders from Mr. E. Vincente Garza, The Hawk, and the rest of his crew are doing private security for a new science based park, floating in the middle of the Atlantic. There seems to be no better time or place to bring Garza to justice.This is a roller coaster ride of thrills, scientific phenomena, and more. Nothing less than what readers have come to expect from a Harvey Bennett thriller!

  70. Kindle Customer

    The story runs very much standard Nick Thacker. The characters did not seem to develop much depth . The plot run tire to thriller form. Overall this seemed to fly through my mind.

  71. By BB OF CROUSE n.c.

    I enjoyed this book .it kept you on the edge of your seat. As the old saying goes. I hope I NEVER meet any of those gator.Love the book.

  72. Kindle Customer

    Another winner, fun read.

  73. A Scary Man

    I liked the setting and the seeds of a good plot were here.Unfortunately the characters and the dialogue were not well written at all – we need to be shown the characters’ personalities and relationships in their interactions together rather than just told about them.One particularly bad scene was the underwater one where the protagonists were moments from death, which should have been a high tension, edge-of-one’s-seat situation but just went on and on describing what each character was thinking (actually, just the male characters. The females turned into damsels in distress at that point).It all seemed to end very quickly. The bad guy (who I thought had a lot of unrealised potential as a villain) had barely started to twirl his moustache before the tables were turned. The actual book ends at around 80% of the Kindle download, so that was disappointing too. I didn’t bother to look at the remaining 20% which I assume was just teasers for other books.Overall I was disappointed because I felt this book had the potential to go places that it never really went to.

  74. Love reading

    Enjoyed the book and it kept my interest

  75. GaryB

    An ambitious theme park / scientific venture form the basis of this suspenseful thrill ride. I am familiar with the characters from two previous books by this author. As was the case in the previous novels trouble soon abounds and the crafting of the plot is underway. I have once again thouroughly gotten into the reading and came back to it at every opportunity. I will get into another Harvey Bennett in the future.

  76. Jenn H

    Once again, Mr Thacker led me on a merry chase with a couple of heart stoppers thrown in near the end. Great style and inventive thinking. You’ve just gotta love big Ben.

  77. Luvtoread

    I like Nick Thacker’s books and this one did not disappoint! The story was very interesting and I thought is the combining of a theme park and what was actually secretly going on was very unique.

  78. Deborah Olson

    This was a wild ride. The subject seemed outrageous but it really isn’t considering how fast new medical breakthroughs are coming. The characters were very good

  79. Michael

    Good read, plenty of action

  80. Dave S

    It starts a little shallow, but it picks up speed fast. There were lots of intriguing scenes and characters, some developed, some underdeveloped. Then, it just ends. I felt like I just read an episode from a television series rather than a book series. Cut to commercial, see you next week. That’s not bad, just different. I know it’s a series, and I haven’t read any others in this series (yet).

  81. Patti

    This latest episode of Harvey Bennett’s life is the craziest yet. It’s as if he and Julie go from vacationing aboard a cruise ship to insane danger in sixty seconds. Just kidding. It takes them a day. Maybe. They, along with their team, get into the most extreme danger yet. This is a Harvey Bennett thriller you won’t want to miss.

  82. john abbate

    This is a thriller set in the ocean on a man made station. It is meant to be part educational center and part research facility. But the research is of a deadly kind where anyone who questions it is “replaced”. Ben, Julie and Reggie are sent in undercover by the clandestine organization they work for to search for a “most wanted” assassin. The plot is very imaginative and the action is non-stop. The characters are engaging. This is a good bet for the action adventure lover.

  83. Katrine E.

    I liked the suspense and violence of the plot. Had some real edge of your seat moments.

  84. niterlou

    This book is one you won’t want to put down. There were also some surprises in it at the end. It is full of action and adventure!

  85. Kindle Customer

    Enjoyed the characters and story line

  86. William Keen

    Colorful and fast paced. A unique setting for a dastardly deed.

  87. Newf Mom


  88. patient in NY

    At the end, the author asks for a review…so here it is. Good story line, good characters. It is a stand alone, which I really like. In the negative, there were many times that I thought to myself, ” yeah, I KNOW THAT! Stop repeating It. “. I get that it would mean less words.. but it would be a cleaner, better story. ( less for a reader to have to skip).I think the author wants the characters to be smart, thinking, and it shows. Then one does something with out consulting the others that affects them all. Seems out of character. Maybe there was a better way..? This story did not keep me enthralled as some do. But I enjoyed getting back to it. 3 , at most 3 1/2. Not quite a 4.

  89. J. Thompson

    A good escapist fiction. You need to suspend belief during some off the action but it is non-stop.

  90. Mrs. Diana G. Money

    The characters were unbelievable, so stupid they didn’t deserve to survive. I was cheering for the bad guys. The plot was obviously conceived by a 12 year old , it was so predictable. Why did I bother finishing it? Well I skipped a lot of the repetitive mundane dialogue and hit the ?highlights to the end. Mind you I was only read it as a background to knitting, which is about all it is good for. Sorry Nick Thacker. If you have a day job I suggest you stick with it.

  91. Russ Colorado

    The usual action and suspense. It is very good.

  92. doriejo

    Good action adventure story. Great locations to make the story and characters visible in your mind. Exciting all the way to the end

  93. Henry Boekhoff

    This trailer was a little surreal. It starts off as an innovative theme part but quickly escalated into a sinister operation. It has many twists and turns which will keep you reading. In these situations doing the unexpected is key.


    There’s a story (I honestly don’t know if its a good one) in here somewhere, but after reading about a third of the novel I give up looking for it. The main narrative comes in tiny chunks embedded between drawn-out filler. Some of it is a 21st century version of 19th century English novels, you know, 3 pages on the wallpaper and the dress fabric. We get the tone of the carpet, wall panelling and drapes and how they match, long descriptions of the theme park that read like a developer’s prospectus, meal details down to the sauces. Oh, and then a page back at the plot.The protagonists have a Trump-like metal focus. At one stage they are delivered a phone by a hunted man, bad guys on his heels. It takes until the next morning before they look at it, see some horrific pictures that raise all sorts of questions about where they are and what goes on there, but they don’t bother reading any of the phone’s text that day, as they have a dinner to go to…. The ridiculousness of the characters grows along with the superfluous filler.Pity. There might be a story in there if an editor could dig it out. He’d need waders.

  95. paula

    Too much unrealistic explaining by the bad guys and too many frivolous, unrelated conversations right in the middle of life or death situations made this seem like I was reading a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book.

  96. Dave Winslow

    Total waste of time. The book just never gets anywhere. Don’t waste your time

  97. Kindle Customer

    A neat little mystery written for the average teenager in the finest ‘Along Came Jones’ tradition. Light reading but fun

  98. MadelynnF

    I don’t know how Nick Thacker comes up with his plots but each Harvey Bennett book is distinctly original in plot, full of excitement, danger and the quirks of Ben, Reggie and Julie as they work together to solve the problem and stay alive. They learn almost immediately that this floating theme park is much more than it seems and none of it is good. Highly recommend this adventure along with all of the other Harvey Bennett adventures

  99. Linda Wilson

    A great thriller and action filled read. It will keep you on the edge with bated breath until the very end.

  100. N.Hall

    In The Paradise Key we find Ben Bennett and his fiance Julie on a rare ocean cruise vacation. Unfortunately it is interrupted as a mission comes up which requires their unique contributions. Action moves to a new ocean based resort, research, and education facility. There they have to uncover the true horrific nature of the research, stop it, and try to capture a former opponent and sworn enemy.The action is non-stop. I also realized I’ve missed a book in the sequence of Harvey (Ben) Bennett books and need to quickly get it read.

  101. John Smythe

    Action packed, great cast of characters, story line flows from book to book. All in all, very entertaining. Looking forward to the next book.

  102. Colonel B

    These are likable characters involved with interesting story lines. Even though they always manage to find their way out of trouble, it’s still a great read.

  103. Ken from Illinois

    Attention grabbing read with plenty of action. But sometimes things were a little too illogical.

  104. Headly

    Paradise Key gets you involved with the good and the very bad and twisted inner minds of the bad guys. Like most villains they must not read too much otherwise they would already know their devious of cannot hope to succeed. Really a great read

  105. Kindle Customer

    A little slow to start and figure out the relationship of the characters but it smoothly developed into a captivating story and a very interesting story.

  106. starjumper

    Harvey and Julie, along with their friend Reggie, seem to find more trouble than seems possible. The couples love for each other, along with their intelligence and strength together, seems to pull them through against insurmountable odds. This story pitches the team against a mad industrialist and a team of mercenaries intent on killing them all. Really thought provoking story.

  107. Terry Fisher

    Good enough that I slacked off on any work I needed to do in order to finish this book. Good story.

  108. Richard Vairo

    My first Harvey Bennett read, good story line and fast paced. I will be reading more of this writer’s work.

  109. Anne Wiser

    Very fast passed and riveting. Catches you and holds you from page one. BUT…under sea water, holding their breath, with their eyes wide open. Really? Give me a break. Plus I hate it when I know that I know and I’m right. I knew as soon as I read about the inner rings and the submarines that one would suddenly stop and “all ‘hell’ would break loose”. And it did.

  110. Okie

    This is one of the Author’s better stories in Harvey Bennet series. The plot line was believable, and the characters continue to get enriched. I would have enjoyed more action and more of an ending. It would have been nice to learn the full ramifications of the medicine that was being trialed; especially the side effects, and how the test subjects were treated afterwards.

  111. LynnetteLantosh

    Story was a great mystery great characters You almost felt that you were there ot was a easy read i e joyed it

  112. rsb in texas

    Nick Thacker does it again. A page-turner that shouldn’t be missed. An aptly devised and written story that stands on its own…even though it is part of a series. Do yourself a favor and spend time with Ben, Julie, Reggie and Mr. and Mrs. E. You won’t be disappointed.

  113. Rick Lacy

    Action and intrigue. A true thriller in the league of Clive Cussler. Evil geniuses. Malevolent adversaries. Beautiful, brainy women. What more do you need? Oh yeah, brave but self effacing heroes. Check. It’s got it all. Fun!

  114. NancyT2U

    But don’t let that stop you. The book has good bones but it needs to be fleshed out a little more. The ending was a little abrupt for my taste.

  115. Kindle Customer

    Loved the book.

  116. John Strupeck

    This is the 5th of the Bennett series and the best. While the explanations of the characters previous exploits slow down the pace a bit, this is probably necessary for new readers in the series. Can’t wait for the next book. Highly recommended.

  117. Kindle Customer

    I have read several in this series and again was not disappointed. Have found all books in this series to be very well written and exciting to the very end. Great book great characters very exciting

  118. Wayne D

    All the characters did was bicker and whine. I couldn’t take anymore. I quit at 50%.

  119. Marino Rivera

    The book was very entertaining. With the time

  120. Kindle Customer

    It was interesting.

  121. Kindle Customer

    I thought that this book was very boring. The storyline was not an attention grabber. The characters were not that I would want to follow as being hero material. This book was one that I almost didn’t finish.

  122. bj

    I enjoyed everything in this book. Good storyline, characters and plot.

  123. Amazon Customer

    The prologue grabbed me and I was ready to become involved in a good read. Unfortunately my ardor dissipated in the first chapter. Just couldn’t get into this book.

  124. dhills90

    confusing at times

  125. Julia A. Mosley

    Started very slow and I didn’t know what was happening but eventually got very exciting.

  126. V. Williams

    A well earned cruise turns into s Shanghaied working nightmare as Ben and Julia are intercepted by their coworker Reggie. Science goes awry in this Caribbean thriller. Fast page turner! CE Williams Free from Bookbub

  127. Pitt713

    If you like good mysteries with some twists that you weren’t expecting then this is for you

  128. Amazon Customer cal caudill

    did not like the ending

  129. Kindle Customer

    Pretty good read. I’ve read a couple of his other books with these characters and the quality of the writing is still excellent. However i don’t like the msin character Ben all that much. He’s written as a self obsessed person who never asks whether whst he plans os good or not. Just does it and expects his group goes with it. Oh well……..time to find another freebie to read.

  130. Michael S.

    It was an entertaining read which is most important in this genre of novel. Some of it became a little muddied as to intent of scenarios and/or subplots. The kind of novel that you can sit down, get involved in and while away a stormy afternoon.

  131. cj

    Moved right along

  132. DickieDS

    An entertaning read but too many grammer errors detract from the read. Lots of action but the solutions to the bad situations the principals get into really strain the imagination. I know Mr. Thacker can do better. Hopefully he’ll show us his best in the next novel. I really struggled to give 4 stars on this one,

  133. Skeeve

    I read this book first and enjoyed the writing style and the story moved well for me. I will now go back and read the other books to see how the team came about.

  134. Kindle Customer

    Thacker writes interesting stories that weave around while actually focusing on the end. It is hard to determine where he is going until you fall through. I like the twists.

  135. Ed

    Just finished The Paradise Key. Very good book only sorry that I started 5he series with book 5. None the less was very happy with the story line and on going action.

  136. JVB

    What a thrilling writing.I was on my edge of the seat.The characters you selected was right on.Such a great story of what was going on under water and your info of how your humans could regrow limbs.

  137. J. Durham

    This is the first book by Nick Thacker I attempted: It was a kindle daily deal. The description reminded me of Preston & Child and I thought it sounded promising. The story never really got traction; motive and plot didn’t develop. Character choices just didn’t make any sense and the story was going nowhere. I made it 12%/ 8 chapters before giving up- it seemed like the writer was trying to fill a word count with repetitive descriptions and half dialogues.

  138. Dr. Gary W Reid

    I read this book thinking it would be better than it actually was. The problem I had with this book was that I could see ahead of the authors narrative. I like being surprised. As this book was the second in a series, I will read another book to see if this trend continues. If it does, I will pan this author in the future.

  139. knnthander

    Keep up the good writing time to make a movie out of the books you write thanks for the free books

  140. Amazon Customer

    Another well done thriller that tracks a man named Ben and his fiancée through the ocean to a sea lab. Crazy things are happening there. Great read. Big D

  141. Kindle Customer


  142. MikiHope

    This book scared the heck out of me–the things that occur are vividly portrayed with words. What starts out as a vacation paradise (when it is finished) turns out to be a nightmare!! As much as I was shivering when reading this I simply could not stop until the end. And I actually had a couple of nightmares.Get ready for the ride of your life as the 4 main characters risk life and limb.In case you are wondering–I did enjoy this book-but it is not for the faint of heart!

  143. Kindle Customer

    Very interesting storyline. Good characters was well as good character building through the story. Interesting concepts of a plausible plit.

  144. steffy

    What an excellent book; an interesting, intense thriller that got better as I read. Couldn’t ask for more than what was delivered in this story. Though it is book 5, it is the only one I have read so far, and it was great as a stand-alone book, though I will definitely be reading the others. If they are near as good as this one, I will be reading them all one after another. Well done. Very well done. I loved it!

  145. Randy Miller

    Harvey and Juliet go on vacation only to have Reggie interrupt it to go chase a very bad guy. And Paradise isn’t really paradise. The action kept me turning pages all the way to the end.

  146. Rosario M. Barrera

    Harvey Bennett and his team are out to save the world. Reg is back, and a new member is added to the team. It’s all just a tiny bit creepy, as they search for clues on n a Jurassic Park type of setting. But I do love me a book with tons of action! Highly recommended.

  147. GrandPuppy

    I’ve always got a book in my hand, some with similar plots. Paradise Key has good vs evil but it’s written into a unique story which is well written and easy to read. I do wonder what happened to Garza aka The Hawk—I would have preferred just Hawk—but maybe he will appear in a future Harvey Bennett book. I really enjoyed reading this book and am ready to read the next book in the series.

  148. RogerB

    Love the detail Nick puts in his novels, never over done, or over the top. Another “can’t put it down” book. Damn it. I had things to do that did not get done! Thanks Nick!

  149. Mr. P

    Harvey Bennett and his crew get in over their heads this time, literally ! Harvey and his fiancé are on a vacation cruise when they are called in to find out whats going on at an offshore resort. They soon find something sinister is being perpetrated and they aim to end it. An old nemesis is also involved and they almost lose their lives. This is a non stop action adventure that will keep you glued to your sear from start to finish !

  150. Karen M.

    I just didn’t understand everything I knew about this disjointed attempt at a thriller. Lost me at the get-go. My reading time is precious to me so sorry I had to fast-forward to leave a review.

  151. Kristoffer

    The protagonists are a 3 person team of dysfunctional, self-doubting misfits who are supposed to bring down one of the most highly skilled and vicious mercenary organizations on the planet unarmed and unprepared, but spend most of their time doing battle with their inner demons. They consist of an agoraphobic former park ranger, his fiancé (a former CDC employee), and a former army sniper/survivalist. The author takes up such an inordinate and unnecessary amount of time on each character’s repetitive thought processes, self-doubts, and recriminations, that you just want to skip around to the action scenes. There is some great action but a lot of it is pretty improbable.

  152. Rastro

    Love Nicks books. Out there YES but what do you expect from a Texan that lives in Hawaii and drinks whiskey

  153. Richard Elliott

    I really enjoyed this book and his others in this series. I think you will also!

  154. Victor Diller

    When this book took off, I had a really hard time to put it down. The excitement and suspense blew me out of the water. The plot picked up very fast. My choice words are buy, buy, buy.

  155. Travelbug

    Loved the book!! Great thriller that really didn’t want to put down. It’s great that I can read multiple Harvey Bennet thrillers, so I already “know” the main characters right from the get-go (although it’s totally not necessary – each one can be a stand alone thriller). The only reason for 4 stars rather than 5? The editing. I’m a stickler for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Nick… consider getting an editor for your editor! 😂😱😂

  156. Kathy Michel

    This entire series of books is a great rad especially if you like thrillers. I look forward to the next one

  157. Suzybull

    This was very fast paced and the characters were well defined. A little humor would have added to the mix but a gripper none the less.

  158. Rosemary56

    Ben, (his fiancée Julie) and fellow CSO agent George Red, aka Reggie, have been sent by their mutual boss, (the mysterious, unseen – a là Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, Mr E) to liaise with Dr Sarah Lindgren, then investigate the Ravenshadow security set-up, on a nearby Bahamas floating holiday resort…with whose leader they have a vendetta. Who’s Joshua Jefferson?What does Dr Li give Julie and Ben?After many shenanigans, face-offs and discoveries that might have been a little less ‘out there’ in the details, Ben, Julie, Reggie, Dr Sarah and resort employee Susan reveal at the ostensibly perfect Paradiso, that’s not all it seems, of course, things come to an all-action conclusion that you won’t want to miss.Grab your copy of this, more Austin Powers than James Bond, adventure for a rip-roaring yarn, Nick Thacker’s The Paradise Key, that you’ll really enjoy!

  159. DawnM

    I enjoyed the first few chapters very much. But, once we started getting into the detailed descriptions of the Paradisum, I’m afraid I lost interest. You can only take so many pages describing something that doesn’t exist in painful detail before you start skipping pages, stopping only for the dialogue. Did I like the characters? For the most part yes. Did I care if they lived or died? Well, I knew they would probably all live, so no real tension there. If you are into this type of writing, and many people are, then the book could be enjoyable. For me, I was just glad to get to the end.

  160. Mamaghost

    This book was not my cup of tea but it had lots of action and descriptions of the place they were in. I think guys might really enjoy the action . I am just a little ole lady.

  161. John Mahan

    Interesting premise about a ‘theme park’ of the future where attendees can enjoy themselves, see scientific activities in progress and learn something in the process. Some aspects are a bit far fetched and it might be possible to get bogged down with critical attention to detail regarding, science, grammar or spelling, but if you can stay somewhat on the surface it can be an enjoyable read.

  162. usmc-mike

    This novel was OK. It seems to me that the Harvey Bennett of the past has morphed into a less interesting, somewhat stilted version of himself. I don’t know if I want to read the next book.

  163. Victoria

    I enjoy reading Nick Thacker’s books. He certainly writes a compelling adventure. However, I wish his endings weren’t so abrupt.

  164. Glassman91

    While still exciting and suspenseful, I found this story not quite as compelling as the first four books. Some of the narrative seemed to drag on at a point wheee action was waiting to happen.Still, I will definitely give the next book a chance.

  165. Chas. H

    I’m a big Harvey Bennett fan. He’s the reluctant hero who always ends up saving the day.I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Hawk again in future books and I hope Harvey and crew will be better prepared to meet him and dish out some well deserved payback.

  166. Kindle Customer

    There is a lot of breath-holding action in the story and the lab research is creepy. The Prelude and first chapters are confusing. I understand why Thacker wanted to build up suspense by not telling the reader what was going on. But it was just confusing. There was a lot of repetitive telling of back story and not enough solving of the conflict between Ben and Julie.

  167. I. Hass

    I recommend all 13 books in series. Good for all ages and genders

  168. vicki

    I have enjoyed all the book except the one with all the stuff about computers. I do not know much computer talk.

  169. Paul

    Great characters, great story lines make for a great novel or short story. I love stories that happen in or around the keys. It almost feels familiar after a few, as if I’d been there before

  170. Amber

    Man Nick Thacker has been hard at work with this book, I couldn’t put it down and the ending is a nail biter

  171. Anja Peerdeman

    I adore both Ben and Jules, they’re such awesome characters :)I’m always crossing my fingers they won’t get hurt.The Paradise Key is a great adventure with many nail biting moments.Definitely continuing this series !

  172. Dewey

    The entire series is great. Enjoyed the book and all the others in the very. Looking forward to the next book.

  173. John

    I have come across Nick’s books on several occasions and always find myself sucked in. Harvey is the good ole boy hero everyone needs but doesn’t know it. Take the opportunity and check him out, I bet you wind up reading more than one 😉

  174. Maria-Anne

    Having read the previous books in the series it was nice to hear more of Ben, Reggie & Julie ‘s adventures. An unusual storyline with lots of nail bitting moments. You can read this as a standalone because Nick Thacker does provide enough background information but I feel if reading the books in order you get more enjoyment.

  175. Rick Tara

    I enjoyed the speed of the action and also that I couldn’t predict the end.

  176. Amazing Grace

    Bringing back characters who are like old friends, this book is quite a ride. Action-check, adventure-check, great plot-check. What’s not to like?The only problem was that at some points I found myself more than a little confused but, all in all,WELL worth the time!

  177. Larryb

    This is the second Harvey Bennett book for me and I really enjoyed the twists and turns. I liked both the style and content.

  178. Carol Reeves

    Thrills abound when several people encounter an evil unprecedented in their lives. Nick Thacker completely absorbed my attention in this fast paced novel. I’m going back to find the stories previous to this one!

  179. Roger & Ellen

    The book takes a few chapters to get the theme of things. One would think to himself could this type of activity actually be happening in this world of ours and then one thinks oh China.

  180. marla fund

    Interesting concepts introduced. CSO, an out-of-the-box investigative organization, thinks things are not on the up and up at OceanTech. Marvelous characters and back story enhance the experience of being part of the crime story, all under the ocean in a specialized lab.

  181. JTech

    Harvey and his crew are in the thick of it again. In over their heads actually (literally). This is the third of this series I have read (1,4 & 5) and each has been action packed with enough character development to keep you engaged. You care about what happens to them. My only criticism has to do with some slightly sloppy editing / proofreading. There are some double words and a couple of places where it seems the author decided to add something at the last minute, but these are not enough to detract from an enjoyable read.

  182. J. Trainer

    Four members of a sort of civilian special forces group go after a group of baddies. That’s the whole story.All the characters are cliched and as flat as cartoons. There’s Ben, brilliant, big, muscular and incredibly good looking. There’s Reggie, brilliant, big, muscular, a master in armed and unarmed combat and incredibly good looking. There’s Julie, brilliant, fit and incredibly good looking. And the newcomer, some woman who made such an impression that I’ve immediately forgotten her name but she is, of course, even more brilliant and incredibly good looking. All the dialogue could have come straight from a 1970s TV series.I really wish Thacker would get a proofreader. The book is absolutely riddled with typos, poor English and grammatical errors.Not worth the hours it took to read.

  183. MsMerylB

    Fascinating read! Enjoyed the suspense. The scientific aspect to Paradisum was both fascinating and grotesque. Enough action to rev up your adrenaline.

  184. Sundance

    If yove read one the series youve read em all. Destination, badguy, gunfight then back to alaska.

  185. mike splain

    I’ve read all 4 of these now, and am looking forward to the 5th….again non-stop action and surprise at every corner,,,,I didn’t like the book being cut short with many chapters of another novel I was not interested in. What will the “Team ” do after #5???????

  186. Anna Priscilla

    This is a free book, the fifth in a series. I felt like I was watching a movie I had seen only from the middle. There was so much about the protagonists I didn’t know. The premise of the story was interesting, kinda. There was a lot of deus ex machina action. I found it difficult to “connect” with the characters.

  187. Ivan Moreno Jr.

    Interesting story line, but too far reaching.Too technical theory of the experiment.Maybe “a bridge too far”.Ending very abrupt; you did not wrap up the storyNot the best book of Nick.

  188. Kindle Customer

    I very much enjoyed this book. It caught and kept my attention from the get-go, and never let up. I will definitely be reading more from this author. Though not profound in content, for the genre of action/adventure, I gave it 5 stars due to how well it kept the action moving (and because I appreciated the author’s note at the end!)

  189. Patricia Bozarth

    From start to finish a grab your mind andKeep pushing the limits of drama. Super tale and drama. Looking. For the next chapter.

  190. Layne

    this is a long book, slow reading at times but overall, a good book to sit & read over several days

  191. Papa Jack

    Loved the characters and the story. Great fast paced book. Story line was very interesting and kept you glued to the pages.

  192. Todd L

    I like the concept and the characters, jus think the plot could be better. Do they really think they can arrive unnoticed and unarmed and achieve their mission? They are either very stupid or the plot is very weak. Again, I’m a fan of the characters and general story line and can accept coincidences and some stretch, but this was just too much of a stretch.

  193. robert burrous

    Paradise Key continues the Bennett series with action and suspense.

  194. hwhuyler

    Ben, Reggie, ad Julie later joined by Dr Sarah Lingen find themselves in a soon to be open for entertainment and education a park built in the Sea near the Bahamas.

  195. Mike

    Good read

  196. Rick L

    While this continues on previously developed characters and general theme from earlier stories, this one was far simpler and the characters less believable. Still a fun read, just less so than in the past.

  197. Jewel E. Colvin

    And now for book 5, Paradise Key.If you are new to Nick Thacker’s works I suggest you start from the beginning so you will understand the characters. This book starts at the ever expanding cabin being taken over by the mysterious benefactors of Harvey Bennett. Next they travel to Florida to be sent on to a mysterious private island/paradise/research facility and are hunted by a group dedicated to killing anyone who opposes them.For me this is the best Harvey Bennett book yet. Go grab this for yourself.

  198. chuckfc

    Good concept, hazy on details. Tough to accept place of story. Not up to Mr Thacker’s norm, in my opinion.

  199. Kindle Customer

    Nick Thacker has the knack of winding a plot around a few facts without getting too technical and throwing in great characters to carry it off. Sounds a bit crazy but I even like that the bad guy got away so they can go after him again.

  200. David L. Haun.

    The story is a cross between science fiction and mystery. It was shorter than I expected and solved more simply than I think it should have been. But it was a good read.

  201. Amazon Customer

    Written by someone fresh off a creative writing course. I bought it for £0.00, which seems to be a fair price.I gave up after chapter 12. A decision. If you’ve read the book you may understand this. If you haven’t, it isn’t worth it.

  202. Mark

    Having read a couple of Nick’s other books, i was not surprised that this was a great reed too.Loved the story and characters. I plan to read more of his books.Thank you Mr. thacker!

  203. TNDebby

    Another unique plot of adventure, action & suspense with a former park ranger, CDC investigator, & well trained military man, who stumble upon a hidden research lab on a man made luxury island.

  204. Ellen Oceanside

    Once again he has given us a good page turner of adventure, with characters from the previous books. An epic tale dealing with science and the ocean, that captures us to the end. Looking forward to the next one in this series.


    I read the whole book and found it somewhat interesting. At one point, however, I could not believe the stupidity of one of the characters where (after an arranged meeting with the bad guy), he and Harvey walk straight into what turned out to be a set-up, which Reggie of all people with his background blundered big time. I read the rest of the book, but couldn’t really get all that interested in it.

  206. David Cochran

    How can anyone who has written so many books have such poor command of the English language? Not just typos, but incorrect words, wrong verb usage, entire sentences that make no sense (“She could feel his arm, but it wasn’t hers.”). Factual errors (carbon dioxide builds up when you hold your breath, not carbon monoxide) abound.And for all you reviewers who said you couldn’t finish the book, you didn’t miss a thing. This book has a completely unsatisfactory non-ending designed to get you to read the next book. I would advise against it.

  207. Darrell

    Good read.


    Over the past 2 months I’ve read the first 6 of Thacker’s Harvey Bennet series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work!When do we get to see a TV series??!?!

  209. Trissy

    I’ve enjoyed all the previous books in the Harvey Bennett series, but if this had been the first that I’d read, I’m afraid I wouldn’t bother to buy any more. I found myself skipping huge chunks of tedious, descriptive stuff whilst trying to find where any sort of action began again. And when it did it was fatuous, and frustrating to read. Even though the book ended abruptly at 80%, I was glad it had! The jury is out on whether I decide to read the next one in the series.

  210. Kimberly Sparks

    I really enjoyed this book and will continue to the next book in this series! I love the characters and their interactions between each other and the storylines!

  211. Richard A. Jeter

    Well written easy to read

  212. Larry K

    Given Joshua’s death it seems bizarre that three CSO people can take on Raven-shadow a group of trained killers. A little too far fetched even for a story teller. The series would have at least been believable had Joshua Jefferson survived.

  213. Big Al

    Juvenile and stupid. Reasonable science but predictable plot. Waste of time. But of course I finished. Unfollowing this author.

  214. Kayak Jay

    Ben and Julie leave their vacation to to a mission to a new resort/laboratory. Quickly the suspense and danger hits. The writing is quick to read, and the issues make the story held. Some of the returning characters are augmented with several very exciting new action. The triple rings floating in the ocean have great ideas, and the unusual the different ways to move between the rings under the water is very interesting. This is a very different story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  215. mediamaven

    This is the most negative review I’ve ever written. Usually I believe that if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.I had to check the copyright date to see whether this was written in the 1980s. Nope, it’s recent. There’s no excuse for describing women the way they’re described in this book. Actually, it would have been offensive in the 1980s…Maybe the plot becomes interesting at some point, but I’ll never know because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I darn near threw my Kindle across the room. Seriously, stay away.

  216. Kindle Customer

    Nick Thacker writes exciting adventure/thrillers. He really does keep you on the edge of your seat. I just wish he would take a little more time winding them down.

  217. Lucky Penny

    Entertaining book that I couldn’t put down! The premise was very different and the resultant rescue of the main characteristics suspenseful.

  218. Diane B.

    I was staying up past my ‘normal’ bedtime to finish reading this book! It’s a fun adventure that would make a great movie! The story keeps you cheering for the ‘good guys’ while hoping they survive there run-ins w/the bad guys…crocodiles (yes, crocodiles). Definitely recommend for an entertaining read!

  219. Kindle Customersteve o

    I enjoyed the book. The plot was a little out there, but for the most part it worked. The characters were enjoyable like in the rest of the series.

  220. Susan

    The science/medical study theme of this book was quite interesting, but some of the research revealed was scary similar to Nazi experimentation. Certainly a subject to be aware of and try to avert any time it may be discovered, but I did find the subject depressing. All the usual excitement and physical damages inflicted, with completely unexpected twists kept me riveted throughout. Gotta say I don’t think I’ll be booking any Caribbean cruises in the near future.

  221. Amazon Customer Eliz

    Captivating series by Nick Thatcher. The next mission leads Ben, Julie and Red to where the Hawk and his team are the Security company for a medical research entertainment park. Along with the CSO team the author takes us to a theme park guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

  222. dr alan adams

    This thriller is exactly that. A thriller. I have been following the Harvey-Bennett series through all 5 books so far. I at feels like I’ve become friends with the characters. The love between Ben and Julie is a serious driving force behind them as they will do most anything for each other. They bicker between them until pressed “to the wall” then the love comes through as they attempt to save each other. The good guys are really good, the bad guys really bad. Be prepared for the unexpected around every corner.

  223. JimF

    I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fast paced thriller that pitted the good guys against the very bad ones. I will read more from this author.

  224. Kindle Customer

    This book is full of excitement, suspense and thrill with very little profanity. It was a great installment in this series.

  225. stephen c. Dukes

    The concept and setting were great. An manmade island for learning and a resort as well as scientific research. But a dark and terrifying research. Man always justifies the means used for the results of helping. I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of clear thought. The Hawk is head of security. They didn’t think the Hawk wouldn’t be aware they were coming. The action and escapes were great.

  226. Brenda L Tollett

    Not a bad read if you want something to occupy your time. I have read the first 5 books in this series so far and this review would apply to all of them. Decent writing (though too many typos and grammatical errors for my taste – indicates not careful editing/ proofreading), and keeps me occupied during quarantine. On a grading scale, I would rate these books a B-.

  227. JSW

    good series

  228. Jim S

    Harvey’s team is on another mission to prevent an evil person from profiting from the miseries of others. The non-stop action is continuous through there adventure in a fantasy sea world.

  229. Mimi 7

    An interesting concept, as are all of the Harvey Bennett stories. The characters are believable and the scenery is very descriptive. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Highly recommend!

  230. Priscilla C

    Exciting and an enjoyable read. Couldn’t put it down so now I need a nap.

  231. Anja Peerdeman

    I adore both Ben and Jules, they’re such awesome characters :)I’m always crossing my fingers they won’t get hurt.The Paradise Key is a great adventure with many nail biting moments.Definitely continuing this series !

  232. Anja Peerdeman

    I adore both Ben and Jules, they’re such awesome characters :)I’m always crossing my fingers they won’t get hurt.The Paradise Key is a great adventure with many nail biting moments.Definitely continuing this series !

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About Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker is the USA Today Bestselling Author of action-adventure thrillers and mysteries, including the Harvey Bennett Thrillers series. Often mentioned as a cross between Clive Cussler and James Rollins, his stories are written in a fast-paced, punchy style.

He lives on a volcano in Hawaii with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

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