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The Paradise Key – Audio

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Amusement parks are supposed to be about fun and entertainment…

…not death.

The Paradise Key – Audio

Amusement parks are supposed to be about fun and entertainment…

…not death.

A marine biology and science-themed park is scheduled to open later this year. But there seems to be something sinister going on beneath the surface.

OceanTech’s Paradisum is a cutting-edge operation, and they are hoping to capitalize on the growing trend of education-based vacation destinations. The park's CEO, Adrian Crawford, has spent his entire professional life working toward this goal, and he is excited to show it to the world.

Harvey Bennett and his team think they were sent to Paradisum to investigate the security protocols at the new park.

But what they find there terrifies them…

230 reviews for The Paradise Key - Audio

  1. Todd Wielgos

    What is great about Amazon is you can try new authors without a huge financial commitment. I read over 100 books a year and have been devouring Nick Thatcher’s books the last few weeks. The Harvey Bennett series was a great read. Working my way through the rest of Nick’s books. Unfortunately when I catch up, I’ll have to wait for his new works. Take a chance on Nick and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Peter L

    A real thriller. Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Only criticism is that the main characters, though supposedly well trained, seem inept at anticipating or combating The Hawk.

  3. JJ

    Ben and Julie are on their first vacation on a cruise ship. Reggie shows up with info from Mr. and Mrs. E. on Ocean Tech.Ben and Julie regretfully leave the cruise ship to go near the Bahamas to Ocean Tech, where Dr. Sarah Lindgrin is invited to join them. What they discover there is shockingly horrifying, but not nearly as horrifying as what The Hawk has in mind for them.Please read this book when you have plenty of time, because you won’t want to put it down. My only disappointment with this book was that it ended. I hope Nick releases the next in the Harvey Ben Bennett Thriller Series soon!!!

  4. nova

    I have read all five Harvey Bennett stories. This one, sadly, is probably the weakest of the set. The writing seemed hurried – new characters somewhat undeveloped and some scenes very overdeveloped. Harvey Bennett is an interesting character, as is the group he works with. Here’s hoping the next story is better crafted.

  5. Gwendolyn Henderson

    I’ve read the entire Harvey Bennett series back to back and the adventures are awesome. This particular installation was my least favorite and YEESH the typos!!! All of the prior books were impressive with their lack of typos but this one was filled with them. Trying out a new editor maybe?? I will continue to be a fan though.

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About Nick Thacker

About Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker is the USA Today Bestselling Author of action-adventure thrillers and mysteries, including the Harvey Bennett Thrillers series. Often mentioned as a cross between Clive Cussler and James Rollins, his stories are written in a fast-paced, punchy style.

He lives on a volcano in Hawaii with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

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