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The Amazon Code – Audio

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Deep within the Amazon rainforest, a secret lurks. A secret that could change the world.

…A secret worth killing for.

The Amazon Code – Audio

Deep within the Amazon rainforest, a secret lurks. A secret that could change the world.

…A secret worth killing for.

When her company discovers a remarkable hidden message in the dreaming brains of her subjects, Dr. Amanda Meron unknowingly invites disaster unto her company. The clues seem to be pointing her to one of the remote places on the planet:

The Amazon Rainforest.

When Harvey “Ben” Bennett gets a hint that the nefarious organization he’s been searching for has turned up in Brazil, he and his new girlfriend Juliette Richardson race to the jungle to discover what they’re after — and hopefully stop them.

From the myth of the lost city of El Dorado to emerging science technology, The Amazon Code has it all: action-packed adventure, an exotic setting, and characters you’ll fall in love with.

451 reviews for The Amazon Code - Audio

  1. Ron

    Book is fast paced and draws the reader into the scenery and the characters making the storytelling believable well worth reading

  2. Ernest Sappington

    This book was a very good read a lot of different things happening

  3. Sl8ersBabe

    Literary Gold!! Couldn’t put it down. Never disappointed with this writer!!

  4. Rascal by the Sea

    It was a fast read and I liked the character development.

  5. S. D. Welch

    It is an interesting book. The descriptions of the different places, espec. the Amazon, we so vivid my imagination would even change from dark to light as the people progresses along the Amazon and when arrived at the destination. I didn’t realize when I picked to read this but it is the next book after The Enigma Strain by Nick Thacker. This was a pleasant surprise. Next I’ll look for the third book.

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About Nick Thacker

About Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker is the USA Today Bestselling Author of action-adventure thrillers and mysteries, including the Harvey Bennett Thrillers series. Often mentioned as a cross between Clive Cussler and James Rollins, his stories are written in a fast-paced, punchy style.

He lives on a volcano in Hawaii with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

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