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The Peruvian Exchange – Ebook

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Jack Barr is back. But so are his problems.

After barely escaping with his life in Jamaica, Jackson Barr, Jr. is suddenly thrown into the fray once again.

The Peruvian Exchange – Ebook

Jack Barr is back. But so are his problems.

After barely escaping with his life in Jamaica, Jackson Barr, Jr. is suddenly thrown into the fray once again.

Victor is still alive, and he's surfaced again. The Vínculo cartel is moving truckloads of weapons and drugs across Columbia into Peru, and the CIA thinks they have a chance to bring them down.

Jack is given a chance to take Victor down once again.

But as he quickly discovers: not everything is as it seems.

Don't miss this next installation in the all-new Jack Barr Thrillers series!

For fans of Ludlum, Patterson, Cussler, and Clancy, as well as lovers of any fast-paced action thrillers.

42 reviews for The Peruvian Exchange - Ebook

  1. James S.

    Jack Barr finds himself heading into the Peruvian jungle down in the Amazon to get eyes on a cartel leader. His job is simply to observe. When his plane gets shot down him and his other team member are left to fight nature and others in trying to get eyes on their target. But the jungle and the cartel themselves may have other plans… Who do you really trust when you’re thousands of miles away from home and you work for the CIA??? Pick up this great new book by Nick Thacker and find out!

  2. Carol

    I have literally read every book Nick Thacker has written and co-written. I have enjoyed all of them. This series is just as good as all the others. But I found myself getting distracted by the typos, and some grammatical errors. I’ve never felt the need to mention this before. As I was running through the jungle with Jack, I would trip and fall over a misspelling or wrong use of a word and he would leave me in the dust, shaking my head. Maybe one more read through for accuracy’s sake.

  3. CMcKay9

    Enjoyed the book. However, I was dismayed that every time a reference to the South American country of Colombia was made it was misspelled as Columbia. Was this intentional?

  4. Beckie

    Great action. Pacing is nonstop. Last few chapters will keep you up until you finish. I would recommend to anyone.

  5. DenverRealtor

    I absolutely love Nick Thacker’s fascinating stories, and I have read all of them. In Thacker’s latest Thriller series featuring Jack Barr, I was cringing on every page that was inundated with misspellings, duplicate words and phrases, and convoluted sentence constructions. Whoever is proofreading and editing this brilliant author’s works should be eradicated (KOS) from the necessary editing and proofreading profession. Horrible editing and proofing tortures and lessens the value of a well written story of intrigue by a creative author.

  6. Joe Schlagel

    Fun over the top ‘80s action movie of a story. I do not regret my time reading this at all. My biggest gripe is when Jack checks the magazines and puts a new magazine in his Taurus Raging Bull. It’s a revolver, they don’t have magazines.There, I’m done. Now read the book and have fun!

  7. BilliAm

    Great read, very interesting/exciting storyline. Found book to be a real fast paced page turner. Looking for characters new endeavors.

  8. Alisa Smith

    And I thought the first one was good. You outdid yourself on this one! Looking forward to reading the next book.

  9. Mary Nally

    The plot thickens quickly. Just when you think you know the gist of the story, well it changes.This new field agent felt the same as his directions was changed daily and at times hourly.The author knows how to grab your attention and enhance it. The characters came to life and you felt their pain and frustration.The ending was not what you think but, is it really?A great read and the author never disappoints.

  10. GMC

    Jack is in over his head. If you like action, combat, spooks, and a really well developed plot this is for you. Well done can’t wait for the next book.

  11. Sherry H

    Like Jason Bourne on steroids. I thought I could guess how it ended, but didn’t see that coming. And…that’s okay. I am all in for the next chapter.

  12. Kindle Customer

    Loved this book great characters story line. To me it was a page turner can’t wait until next book to see what jack & his new friends do next

  13. Rosalind

    Great book I’ve read both in the series to date. Can’t wait for the next. Book 1 Poor Jack great guy works for CIA at a desk. On a cruse holiday with his family he gets caught up in a plot by a Peruvian Cartel boss Victor..He saves lives and ends up being the hero but Victor gets away.He is encouraged to become a field agent and 8 months later, Victor is in line to become the big boss of the cartel. So Jack and Rudy are dropped into Peru to gain intelligence on Victors future plans for drug and gun running and if possible take him out.Nothing goes to plan, and Jack gets in all sorts of trouble, It’s a Hell of a Ride you will definitely enjoy it.

  14. B.J.

    I read the first book in the series Caribbean Affair and really enjoyed it, so I decided to get the second book in the series. I was glad when I finally got to the end. Most of the book was about all the fights and escapes that he got into. He must have had 9 lives or more. It was not believable. He bled so much from an injury there was no way he could have survived. I have read quite a few of Nick Thacker’s books and enjoyed them but didn’t enjoy this one.

  15. Rabid Reader

    Nick Thacker always comes through with a fabulous thriller but, with The Peruvian Exchange, he’s outdone himself. I first met CIA agent Jackson Barr Jr. In The Caribbean Affair and I was impressed with Jack’s intuitive problem solving.However, Jack has been thrown to the crocodiles this time and not given great odds for survival. Sent to Iquitos, Peru with a seasoned field agent as his partner, Jack’s job is to gather intelligence and information about a large drug cartel’s activities and to eliminate the second in command.Something goes very, very wrong with the op. He and his partner are shot down over the Amazon jungle. They survive to make it to Iquitos where his partner is killed. Jack is on the run, getting Intel from drug cartel members and mercenaries who tell him, rather than complete his mission and eliminate the second in command of the cartel, he is now to leave him alive.Reading the rest of The Peruvian Exchange is like watching an old Bruce Willis movie, you will be unable to put it down for any reason, even for that! The ending is mind-blowing and left me speechless. Definitely a highly recommended book.

  16. Cacher

    Read the book. It’s captivating, excellent character development, action , lots of plot twists. I hate that I had to add a “but” to a Nick Thacker review and only 4 stars(I couldn’t do it-I went back & changed it to 5 stars), after reading literally everything he ever published I could find. The “but” explanation takes me back in time to Steven King & “The Stand”-a truly awesome book & talented author. His success made him complacent-he substituted great concepts deeply explored for a white board, systematic “book writing system”. He could now crank out book after book and make millions! Except only rarely were they really good. My “but” is a cautionary warning to Nick, Kevin, Ernest & a few other really really talented authors: I understand that writing produces a “product”, and “systems” allow a more proficient model of producing that product. Except they remove that indescribable little piece of each of your works that keep us, your readers, fans & admirers 100% faithful to you. We buy every book, we read every email, some of us love being ARC readers and feel in a tiny way we help you do what you do. Please don’t grow into Amazon-we love you too much as our favorite mom & pop bookstore where we go every payday to spend our hard earned pennies. We count on you to let us forget that gas is $6.99 a gallon, Thanksgiving is costing double what we spent 2 years ago, that we have given Ukraine far more money than we spent on the entire Vietnam war & that our government wants us to be ok with murderers & rapists on the street and leave us without guns or police. We love to escape into the action, the fight, the miraculous odds that our protagonist beats. Please don’t take that away from us. Jack is good, but like “Terminator 11” or “Top Gun: Maverick goes to Mars”, you can overcomercialize (yes I made that up). Please continue to grow & improve, but don’t sell out on us-we love you & your work too much!

  17. RPJ

    If you’re bothered by bad writing, typos, grammatical errors, and zero evidence of proofreading, you might want to give this a pass, at least in the Kindle version. There’s plenty of adventure, but it’s a technical disaster.

  18. Mr G Maynard

    I could not put this down , thrills and action from start to finish. The ending was not what I expected. Recommend this to all thriller readers.

  19. David E.

    This book continues the ongoing saga of Jack Barr as he now becomes a CIA field agent. He is sent to The Amazon to spy on Victor who is expected to assume leadership of the cartel when the current leader dies from old age or a CIA-mandated (?) Assassination. Its six months since Jack saw Victor in the previous novel and he has undergone some heavy training. He and his training partner go on to track the new supply route but are shot down… Other people back in Washington suddenly change their plans and additional parties come into play. Are they working for or against Jack? Follow on as Jack’s MacGyver characteristics slow him to survive everything that is thrown at him….The ending has two twists, neither enormous surprises, but highly entertaining and makes the path of this tale extremely intriguing…..There’s action, suspense, intrigue, double crosses, cartels, mercanaries, backstabbing politicians (are there any other kind?), drugs, weapons, theft, death, amazing feats of human endurance (hey its fiction man) and a fun and entertaining storyline. Looking forward to what comes next.

  20. Kindle customer – Jeannie

    All I can say it’s Nick Thacker has done it again–better than the first in the series. A little unbelievable how much one man could survive, but does introduce a new character and possibility for more to come. It’s definitely a must-read with a surprise ending. Enjoy!

  21. Wally

    Looking forward to reading what happens to Jack next. Does he stay and work with Heaven or do they split up ?

  22. Teresa

    Wow , I enjoyed Jack Barr Thrillers Book 2 .. Mr Thacker is an exceptionally talented Author.. Do yourself a favor and check his books out !!

  23. Susan murray

    This was so good.Once again Jack is fighting for his life. Only this time he has 4 factions gunning for him. Victor and the Cartel, some zealots, mercenaries and Washington DC.I hope there will be a 3rd book to bring the backstabbers and traitors in Congress to justice.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Great book!

  25. Kindle Customer

    Very different, in plot though not the non-stop tension, follow up. Part action thriller, part conspiracy thriller, the plot and characters race along, making for a book that is very difficult to put down.

  26. Kindle Customer

    I really like both the “Jack Barr” books, however, I hate waiting to find out if and when the next book is due! There MUST be a next book!If I had realized this ending had a cliffhanger, I wouldn’t have purchased this book prior to knowingthat there was another one and when to expect it!Therefore the 4 stars.

  27. L. Smith

    I purchased this book through Chirp. I tried to listen and enjoy as it should have been a story I would enjoy, but the narration was about the worst I’ve ever listened to. It is monotone and unemotional and you can’t tell which character is talking. I stopped wasting my time on a bad audiobook at the 17% mark. The book says it is read by the author and he should have hired someone to read the book.

  28. K.D. from Southeast Arizona

    Books are great, but hate cliffhangers. I agree with several people about commercializing your work. Don’t do it. Worst mistake you could make. Good luck with future endeavors.

  29. Kindle Customer

    Author needs to research guns better. Lots of type on the Taurus Raging Judge. It is a REVOLVER and doesn’t take magazines. Also, the 454 Casull would be way too much to handle in the manner Jack does.Some think it is a minor point but Brad Thor made similar mistakes, listened and learned from us informed readers and became a top seller in the mass market.

  30. rollyone1958

    Very fast moving thriller it certainly made me think about how much truth there might be to how the government works

  31. Jerry Stephens

    I have read both books and I think they’re great. Just like Rudy said don’t trust anyone but yourself! Because you could end up Dead!

  32. C. Wilckens

    Very fast moving. Liked it better than the first. Kind of guessed the ending. Kind of makes you wonder about things…Will read more books by this Author

  33. BillThomas

    I read the first two books back to back. Can’t wait for the next. Lots of action but with unexpected twists and turns. A new hero has been created in Jack.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Grip your seats and hold on to fast paced adventure. Moves very fast and has you hooked in the end. Can it happen? I think so.

  35. Tricia

    This book certainly earned 5 stars! The author grabbed me from the first page and took me on a non-stop wild ride , leaving me with a nice ending – sort of. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next book in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

  36. Kindle Customer

    Page turner. No dull moments. Surprise ending.Jack is on his first assignment with his handler, Rudy, in the Amazon jungle. Rudy’s words “trust only yourself,” are the most important words ever taught. The things Jack does are almost unbelievable. His training was extreme and his years as an analyst help Jack to think on his feet as long as he remembers Ruby’s advice. Great story. Can’t wait for Book 3. Thank you!

  37. Betty

    Jack Barr goes from a desk jockey to an amazing field agent! This character goes from one horrible situation to the next, with me rooting for him all the way. Thanks for a spine tingling read!

  38. Jim

    It was a good read! A real page Turner, lots of action from beginning to end. I would recommend it to anyone.

  39. Tybee Di

    Much of it far fetched. I did like the puzzle solver and McGivering. 7 more words required to submit this.

  40. Jimmie47

    I’ve read quite a few books in the last 5 years or so, and they all claim “Twists and Turns,” but this book surly delivers on that and all other claims. A very intriguing story and your always thinking “how is going to get out of that”. The only disappointment I have is it seems this is the end of this series. 😅

  41. Jody Forrest

    I’m always disappointed when a great book ends with a cliffhanger. I’m sure it’s the authors way of trying to get more sales but it just irritates me.

  42. Fritz

    A much needed family vacation, to relax, and reconnect, becomes unforgettable for totally different reasons. A great plot, wonderful characters, and lots of action.

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