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The Jefferson Legacy – Ebook

(300 customer reviews)

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He was murdered for a secret — one he took to his grave.

200 years later, that secret is haunting him again.

The Jefferson Legacy – Ebook

He was murdered for a secret — one he took to his grave.

200 years later, that secret is haunting him again.

Meriwether Lewis was murdered. The organization behind it has been growing quietly in the shadows.

And only Harvey Bennett and the CSO can stop them.

Harvey “Ben” Bennett is back, and he’s not alone. His new team — the Civilian Special Operations — is putting the finishing touches on their new headquarters when they receive a call: There’s been a murder. And in its wake, a seemingly insignificant artifact has been stolen.

Ben and company make their way to Philadelphia to investigate the death and are greeted by a modern-day American Philosophical Society —and learn that they are protecting a deadly secret that reaches back through history to Founding Fathers themselves.

What was the secret that Meriwether Lewis died for?

And why are so many willing to kill for it today?

From the author that brought you the bestselling The Enigma Strain, comes The Jefferson Legacy, the latest installment of the edge-of-your-seat series, the Harvey Bennett Thrillers.

300 reviews for The Jefferson Legacy - Ebook

  1. jjcop

    I read the first 3 novels in the series back to back and thoroughly enjoyed them. Got this one and couldn’t believe it was the same author. The editing issues go way beyond random typos to grammar and storyline problems. I kept reading in the hopes it would get better, it didn’t. It got worse, the story arc which was already weak completely fizzled out at the end. I don’t know if he hired a new editor or skipped hiring an editor but whatever happened I hope this is an aberration and not a new trend. I thought I had discovered a new favorite author. I’ll try one more….keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Denise W. Pursifull

    Reader beware, you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve turned the final page. Even then you’ll be hungry for the next book! Harvey Bennett and his adventures just keep getting better and better!

  3. Gerri

    Liked the story but you need a better editor. Too many mistakes thus slowing down the reading.

  4. cheri

    Group dynamics changed in this story. Wondering how cabin remodel is going to work out. Storyline still very interning. I certainly will keep reading Nick Thacker’s books.

  5. gus

    The Harvey Bennett books are just plain fun. The plots move right along and the characters are like friends. May even be a little history involved.

  6. Gary Collier

    Nick Thacker did not initially make my preferred author’s list. To his credit he turned me immediately into a Harvey Bennet (Ben) fan with the first of the series. Ben comes across as a large oaf of a man with the grit and brawn to plow through enemy lines without aid of thought or machinery. But he is a big teddy bear full of strength and vulnerability that makes for an exciting read. His team brings out the best in him, which would otherwise go unnoticed. I was sadly disappointed that Thacker decided to kill off one of the true hero’s of the team in book 4. But such is life. The Bennett series has escalated Thacker’s writing to world class and I have already dived into book 5. Keep it up Nick!

  7. jwood

    Have enjoyed all of Nick Thacker’s books, especially the Harvey Bennett series.

  8. M

    I really liked the historical backstory. Pretty good read. There are a few typos.

  9. Ct. Pharmacist

    Well written and suspensful- Nick knows how to write a good read. Looking forward to reading the next in the series

  10. Kindle Customer

    This seem is entertaining. Nice blend of characterization and action. Plot and execution do make you wonder enough to anticipate the next book. Try the series. Do start with book one.

  11. Judith Gelinas

    Another exciting saga with characters that are now as familiar as family & as loved!

  12. Kindle Customer

    Plot is thin. Continuity of story is a little ragged but can be figured out. Lots of descriptions of the territory.😦

  13. Kindle Customer

    I am not a history buff and have no concept how much of this story has any truth. I found it interesting and compelling. The story line seemed choppy. Joshua’s death is addressed as after thought. I found several mistakes, spelling ,wrong words .

  14. Kindle Customer Nancy

    I enjoyed this story of treasure hunting and intrigue. The main characters were likeable. Anyone interested in American history recognizes the tale of the impressive journey of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the sad ending of Lewis. This book takes that true tale and weaves a fiction about what might have caused Lewis’ death. Without spoiling the ending, I will say that at least one character seems to react strangely to the ending battle results. This seems to either be overlooked by the author or he simply encourages the reader to imagine what causes the character to be so happy. Perhaps she still doesn’t know what happened. All in all, though, a very good page turner.

  15. Badass

    I am a huge fan of stories about the Founding Father’s secret history. In this book we are with Harvey Bennett and crew tracking down secret between Thomas Jefferson and Merriweather Lewis about an astounding discovery on his journey. The ending surprise you, guaranteed.I highly recommend this book

  16. kjkearns

    With the demise of Draconis Industries, Ben, Julie, & Reggie are now tracking down a very potent strain of scopolamine. At the epicenter of this adventure is a radical schism of a secret intellectual group originally founded by Benjamin Franklin, the American Philosophical Society. The machinations of this group can be likened to the Freemasons. This book kept me saying to myself, “Just one more chapter” all the way through it.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Loved the mix of history, thrill and action.

  18. William Keen

    A very interesting twist on history, a touch of romance, and some nasty villians; everything you need for a Good Read!It does need a good editting though. There are a lot of words missing which creates gaps that require re-reading to comprehend properly.

  19. Rookie Retiree

    I enjoy historical fiction and this was both. Although the historical references were few, there were enough to eek out the storyline

  20. Mary W.

    Good storyline. Bits of slow down followed by intense action.

  21. Manie Kilian

    Patriotism is much more than simply loving your country. It is mostly about the people, culture, freedom of thought, action and expression. And also about heritage.Thomas Jefferson is part of the heritage of America. As an individual he stood out amongst the presidents of America… a giant amongst those shaping the culture, the freedom of thought, action and expression for future generations in America. A man with many diverse interests, he is one of a very select few icons that captured the imagination of millions after him.Quite a pity then that political wise there seems to be factions trying to involve him in nefarious enterprises by spinning quite intricate conspiracy theories. Like his buying Louisiana with Spanish gold, a treasure trove still sought even today.In the hands of Nick Thacker (much like Clive Cuddler did) it becomes an engrossing action adventure that captivates and enthralled the mind from beginning to the end.The only reason I did not endow this book with five stars is because the ending came about so abruptly. I was ready to fight the good fight for another couple of chapters when the story ended. No cliffhanger, mind you. Though I suspect Harvey Bennett, Julie, Reggie and friends are not finished yet with contending with The Hawk. And that is what I am looking forward to! Enjoy!

  22. Kevin & Cindy

    I enjoyed the entire 5 book series I read. The Jefferson Legacy was well written with a good blend of fiction with fact.

  23. Robert Rozell

    As always, Ben, Julie, and Reggie are in the middle of trouble again. really good weekend read, well done and interesting.

  24. George W. Wilkinson

    I’ve read several on Nick’s books and have enjoyed them all and that’s why I keep buying them. Looking forward to the next one.

  25. kimberly

    The first two books were okay enough for me to continue the series, and I’m glad i did. This series is great for all ages and kept me entertained all the way through. It does however need some better proofreading and editing.

  26. Peggy K

    Ben, Julie and friends are off on another adventure. This book held me captive to the last chapter. A great read and a little history thrown in.

  27. R. M.

    I have read Nick Thacker’s books in this series up to this one, and they’re fairly well written, but it seems like the people on the bad side of these stories are always two steps ahead of the team, and Harvey Bennett is always getting beat up, shot, and smacked around to the point that he thinks he’s going to die. The good guys we’re rooting for in these books always seem to lose, and even when they win in the end, it’s only a partial win and it’s not particularly satisfying. A hollow victory is almost like no victory at all, and the supreme bad guy tends to get away totally unscathed. Furthermore, nobody on the good guy’s team seems to be suffering from PTSD or remorse or anything else in the end. This book is at best a three-star novel. I mean, I like the characters, but I don’t like the meat-grinding way this author treats his key people. I know that where there is no conflict there is no story, and I get that, but it amazes me that Harvey and his gal keep getting mixed up in situations that practically destroy them – over and over again. This book just made me tired and frustrated.

  28. David E.

    This is the 4th novel featuring Harvey Bennett and is a slight departure form the others in the sense that the backdrop is more historical than technological. There are still villians attempting to appropriate and/or misuse a scientific/technological ‘artefact’ but the technological aspect is not as prominent. This makes the experience ‘different’ from the previous three novels, but does not change the fact that it is still an enthralling read. Most of the story is set in Philadelphia, with a few excursions elsewhere in the United States. To make things interesting, the new ‘big bad’ has ties to one member of Ben’s ‘team’ from the previous novels.This change in focus did initially jar but you will soon get sucked into the story.

  29. Ed L

    as usual, another terrific nick thacker story. Quickly becoming one of my favorite authors

  30. Kathy Floyd

    I stay up later and later every night reading his books. They are always so exciting… and, I get so engrossed in them, I forget what time it is.

  31. Frankatolla

    This is a typical lost treasure thriller with historical background relating to Meriweather Lewis and the mission given to him by Thomas Jefferson. A decent plot with lots of action.

  32. Cool dude

    Julie and Ben are awesome characters and the whole crew are such brave and funny. You will want to stay for the whole ride. The stories are full of adventures and I found myself holding my breath more then once. Thank you for a worthwhile read. Keep writing Nick and we’ll keep reading!!:

  33. Kevin Champion

    plot was lame, main characters have turned into infantile idiots, with the self control of a two year old, good guys were constantly charging into ridiculous confrontations with overwhelming enemy, with only “plan” is to fly into a rage after being captured and disarmed in stupid confrontations where they are vastly outnumbered and out gunned by the bad guys.

  34. redmomma

    I love all four books in the series so far. All of the characters are all really likeable and make you want to be in there tight nit group. I am reading book five now and really hope number six is almost done. Thank you for such a great series.

  35. Kindle Customer

    Awesome thriller that keeps you guessing where it’s going. Good guys seem to stumble trying to get their act together but win out in the end.

  36. Jim

    I have read all four books in the Harvey Bennett Thrillers and enjoyed reading them all, but this one wes the least enjoyable of the group. It appeared that Thacker got his word count and stopped without finishing the book.

  37. Kindle Customer

    I love my Harvey Bennett thrillers!!! Edge of your seat reading into the late night hours!!!

  38. Clinton Sites

    Just to be honest, I picked this one up out of a selection and somehow managed to skip the intervening two adventures.This novel can be read stand alone and is still engaging. The characters are very well drawn, and have grown as a group (given I missed numbers two and three) and more three dimensional. There is enough back story given (in thought and personal interactions) to cause this to happen naturally in the storyline.The storyline itself has its basis in historical fact (which always makes for a great basis) which allows for a great conspiracy theory to be constructed.My only plaint would be the final few chapters where the whole shebazzle is wrapped up were not as strong compared to the preceding chapters.Final analysis – lotta bang for your reading pleasure!

  39. GaryB

    This is my second Harvey Bennett read, and I strongly recommend. The story builds quickly and with enough suspense and interesting twists to keep you guessing. I agree with some other reviewers, the ending was a little abrupt following a bang up of a climax, yet overall I still say thumbs up.

  40. ron wooten.

    Never could get into the flow of this story. Characters are totally unrealistic. On the one hand the bad guys are supposed to be ruthless and trained professionals but time after time they let the good guys go. Perhaps they are so afraid of Ben’s super powers. I kept waiting for the story to get realistic and better. Still waiting.

  41. Kindle Customer

    Interesting story but has a lot of grammatical errors and felt rushed.

  42. Maureen Dickerson

    Non-stop adventure, believable characters, interesting plot line including plot twists and turns. Ended with a cliff hanger. Perhaps should have held its release until next book was ready.

  43. Jane

    When I have reached Chapter 14 and still have no enthusiasm for the book it is time to take back to the library! I don’t know about the rest of the book nor did I want to find out. This has got to be the most boring book, there is positively nothing in the first 14 chapters to hold one’s interest!

  44. Amazon Customer

    This is book 4 of the Harvey Bennett series and this is the first one that I have read. The author does a great job with characters and events that have been introduced in previous books. This book reminds me of Clive Cussler books where an event in history is introduced and then switch to present day; however, the way that Thacker does it seems a little disjointed at times. This is one of the reasons it is getting 4 stars instead of 5. I know that this is called a thriller. I guess my definition of thriller is different than others as I do not classify this as a thriller..an action packed book, yes, but not a thriller. Ben’s group (the Civilian Special Operators) are called to solve a theft In Philadelphia at the American Philosophical Society’s headquarters. The group soon have to deal with bullets and all kinds of secrets…secrets that go back to Thomas Jefferson. Bottom line: Do I want to read other books in this series? I will read at least one more and then decide.

  45. Mike551

    Good story with just enough action to keep the pace going. Took a few chapters to get into the plot, which is no bad thing.

  46. Patrick Reece

    As always with Nick Thacker the story is great. Wasn’t my favourite ending but still a really good read with historical fiction

  47. GMA

    Great author, great series. Hard to put down.

  48. Tricia

    Interesting theory, believable story. Very well written.

  49. Kindle Customer

    I like the Harvey Bennett series but felt like, with a big build-up, it ended too abruptly.

  50. Jim P


  51. Rancher

    Interesting premise. Of course, having read the previous books in the series, I looked forward to the crew to solve the mystery! No spoilers, but the ending will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  52. Ray McCann

    Wasn’t totally taken by it. To me not up to par with the previous books.

  53. Robin Diebold

    I really liked this book. I loved the series and wasn’t ready for it to end. If you haven’t read the others you should. Ben can’t seem to go anywhere without people trying to kill him. I have to keep reading to the end to see if and how Ben and his group survives.

  54. Michael A Monarch

    As always, I enjoyed this latest endevour from the guys (and gal)getting into all kinds of trouble trying to solve a mystery andmaybe finding a little treasure on the side.The amazing Corps of Discovery has always fascinated me.It was akin to exploring another planet.To think there was more than the very factual, almost technicalwriting of Lewis is also intriguing. Always thought there was amore personal, philosofical journal on the side. I was hopingthere might be a map in that journal to the ‘Lost City of NativeAmerican Warrior Women’. The real treasure! Reggie would optto stay.Anyway, I left out a star because it didn’t have the exotic feel ofthe other books. Nothing against Philly, but not as mysteriousand dangerous as the Amazon or Antartica.Also, too much spent on the characters backgrounds andrelationships, even though I guess it’s necessary for the newbies.(read the other books folks, you will enjoy.)Looking forward to the next one.Happy brewing, brother!

  55. Mrs. C. Hayward

    I didn’t find this book as engaging as the first three, quite a lot of unnecessary ramblings written in a fast paced style. Then there are the typos which I found detracted from the flow because you needed to reread the sentence. Sorry but don’t you employ proofreaders for this?

  56. Richard Lang

    I read a lot. And a lot of thrillers. There are more than a few authors producing similar scenarios – a team of people that usually includes a former operative or special ops military man, a beautiful woman and a few others, goes up against unknown forces attempting to find a previously unknown aspect of some piece of history that, if revealed, could do damage/give someone super powers, or maybe just be the recipe to the ultimate wedding cake. This fits that scenario. I read it through. I remember reading it through, and I remember having to struggle to get a few points – but that may have been due to a transitory medical issue I was having. And, since I have way too many new ebooks accumulating daily, I’m not planning to reread this one just to revise my review. I liked it enough that I’ll buy the next one in the series, however poorly I can remember the details of this one. That ought to tell you something.

  57. Maryellene

    I was kept on edge waiting for the next twist. Since I’m somewhat of a conspiracy theorist the subject matter was right up my alley. You are one of my favorite authors. Please keep them coming!

  58. Penny

    As an avid follower of the Lewis and Clark expedition stories and a reader of Thacker’s previous books, I was really looking forward to The Jefferson Legacy. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. There were distracting typos, a dull physical setting and a plot that was at times confusing and not really exciting like the other books in this series. The book was more about the characters than the “legacy” and even that wasn’t such a big deal for me. I hate to do this but will have to give it a ho hum three stars. Hope the next one is better.

  59. Margaret Williams

    I really enjoyed this book. Loved the historical references and the way everything came together. Ben and his team all work great together and just when you think things are headed downhill, everything turns around.

  60. Rocklin D.

    Ben’s character hasn’t developed much & has become somewhat irritating.This book has so many errors it appears to not have been proofed.I did enjoy the story, but felt it may have been rushed a bit.Not quite as well developed as the others in the series.

  61. Deanwmn

    A great book, I really like Nick Thacker’s style, his books can be hard to put down! This not only entertained me thoroughly, it also taught me some history. I wasn’t aware Jefferson was that involved with the Lewis-Meriwether expedition and while this was partly fact – partly fiction, it was still informative. A really good adventure yarn! I think I’ve read every book in this series so far and am looking forward to the next one.

  62. Beni

    If you enjoyed the other Harvey Bennet novels, you will definitely enjoy this installment. As with the other Bennet Thrillers, if you can suspend your grasp on reality, this is a great read. I had trouble putting it down.

  63. Bobb7954

    Another winner by Nick Thacker….kept me on the edge of my seat as I read it in one overnite reading. A few minor typos here and there but nothing too distracting. I eagerly await the next book in the story

  64. Tim Grady

    I’ve been a fan of Nick’s writing for a while now but I haven’t read this series until now. The Jefferson Legacy was GREAT! I enjoyed it so much that I ended up purchasing the other 3 books in the series and I’m almost done with them. A great series overall.

  65. Roger Fauble

    Good Rollinsesque read, Thacker’s best to date! What appeared to be a one off with Thacker’s writing of The Enigma Strain was soon followed by The Amazon Code, then by The Ice Chasm. When I reviewed earlier Thacker books I commented that his writings were reminiscent of James Rollins. This book continues that thought! I’m a character reader, I get into the characters, their story, who/what they are. In this, the third Harvey Bennet book, the characters are well developed after 3 previous works. You can’t wait to turn the next page and learn more about them, and the story line even more so! The suspense builds both in the characters and the story. No spoiler’s here, though I will say I can’t wait to read his next book!

  66. Cacher

    Have really enjoyed the Harvey Bennett books-would love to see a movie series. This last one was so good I read it start to finish in one day….of course now I want more. This story line will be such a great segue into book #5. A great read…

  67. bonnie DALE keck

    Kindle Unlimited, although had The Enigma Strain and The Amazon Code didn’t have Ice Chasm so thru kindle unlimited to get the 3 pack Harvey Bennett Thrillers: Books 1-3 (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Box Set) .Even if hadn’t gotten ‘free’ with ku, well worth the time to read, and not my usual genre but enjoyed them. Also used ku to read Killer Thrillers: 3 Bestselling Novels which has the this one but also has The Golden Crystal and The Depths in that 3 set. Glimpse a New World short collection has one of his stories also.Meriwether Lewis was murdered because he knew a secret. …A deadly secret. Harvey Bennett is back. Ben and his new team are hard at work putting the finishing touches on their “Civilian Special Operations” headquarters, when they get a call: there’s been a murder, and a theft of a seemingly insignificant artifact. The team heads to Philadelphia to meet up with the modern-day American Philosophical Society, to talk about the robbery and see if they can offer help. …soon, bullets begin to fly. Apparently the APS has been keeping secrets that point all the way back to the nation’s Founding Fathers.Kindle Unlimited, Enigma Strain, Amazon Code, Ice Chasm, Jefferson Legacy

  68. Ann S., aka Daisyann, aka dazee

    A very interesting story, difficult to put down. The author has done a terrific job of grabbing the readers attention and holding it to the end. The good guys seem to be always losing, but you need to read the book , it is gripping a must read novel

  69. Nancy Lamanna

    I enjoyed this story as much as the first 3 Harvey Bennett books. It’s a story that has enough real history to be compelling. I also am very interested in the Lewis & Clark expedition and enjoyed that aspect.

  70. Kindle Customer

    Just keeps getting better. Worth the read. Keeps you engaged to the end. Can’t wait to see where the Team goes next.

  71. Diann Gibson

    Nick I really loved this book. Lewis and Clark have been a special interest to me for years, and you’ve put a very real spin on their story. Thank you for the research and history that went into this book. Keep up the great work.

  72. avid reader

    It was not quite up to par with your other books. Enjoyable but not my favorite

  73. itsme

    I really enjoyed this book. Loved the historical part and the action was good. I only gave it four stars because it has a lot …. in my opinion, typos. To me they distracted from the story. If these were corrected, I would give it five.

  74. R. Kurtzman

    Hits the mark again!!! Great series to have on hand when you need an “escape” from the 24/7 news cycle.

  75. Kindle Customer

    This is the first book in the series that I have read. I wasn’t sure if I would have trouble following the characters but the premise was enough to purchase the book and voice it a try. I have read many different theory’s about Meriweather’s death and this book definitely caught my interest. In the end the storyline overrode any problems I might have had with the history of the main character.

  76. Mike Tenenbaum

    The Harvey Bennet series continues to be worthy of your time. The Jefferson Legacy combines true historical elements woven into another thriller. The bad guys are REALLY nasty, and the good guys are hanging in there as best they can. Never really ahead of the game, the manage to obtain one major objective. There are twists and turns, some you will like and some you will not. That’s what makes people keep coming back to this series.

  77. GemCaprica

    This book was different than I thought it would be and for that I am pleased. I’m not into history much and was kind of disappointed to see his next Harvey Bennett Thriller was going to revolve around a historical event. But, I was happy at the way it was handled. It was well written into the book, and the book certainly didn’t lack for action. Which is what I expect from a thriller. Though, I don’t think this was his best Harvey Bennett Thriller, it was definitely worth the read. And, of course there are a few surprises thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed reading it and I expect a lot of people will, too.

  78. Janice Harris

    Fast paced and exciting. I read until 3 am trying to find a lull in the action to stop for the night. Character development and depth is wonderful

  79. EBF

    A great read! I enjoy the author’s style.

  80. CEC12

    I am enjoying the Harvey Bennett Series of books by Nick Thacher.

  81. T. Thie

    Characters need a little more fleshing out, I’d like to get to know them better. But it’s an easy read for the weekend and didn’t put me to sleep.👌🏻

  82. gdog

    I really enjoyed this book. I love the historical references and the action. I cannot wait to read the next book about this amazing team.

  83. njkennedy

    Fast shipping

  84. Kelly M.

    Harvey Bennett is such a loveable and believable guy…he’s a fascinating character. This story is filled with suspense, intrigue and worry. I did have a little trouble staying interested in this book, but I’m not sure if this was because of me or the storyline. Overall it was another creative piece of work by Nick Thacker.

  85. Sandi Wood

    This was an extremely enjoyable read!

  86. Kathleen WH

    Excellent book in a very good series. The author has refined his writing skills as the series developed. Having said that, I feel that part of being a writer is to allow one’s work to be edited, to be reviewed before publishing, and to accept the input.So, good book, sloppy in a few places.

  87. Gramps3421

    This adventure took a little while to get going – the fun starting in chapter 21 and then it took off. The plot for this story was really far fetched but fun to read. I have read all of Ben and Julie’s adventures and have found them to be very entertaining.

  88. jonathan kastoff

    It was interesting that an action thriller could be made out of the Lewis and Clark expedition, but Thacker managed to use it as the basis for his latest in the Harvey Bennett series. The action was fairly nonstop. You begin to care about the cha actors as you learn more of their backstory. I look forward to more books in this series.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Enjoyed reading this. Have read the other books in the series and although not necessary I think that if you are invested in the characters it makes it easier to forgive some of the editing(or lack of in places).Brave move to kill off a main character I look forward to seeing whether they are replaced or not. Well worth a read (and the previous books in the series).


    This was a little crazy to follow, but it was worth it. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting some adventure and being willing to be a little patient.

  91. thomas winsell

    ,ANother winner. Lot of action. It has been some time since I Read number three so it was a little slows going at first but picked up pretty quick.

  92. Slugpuppy3

    I really like these Harvey (Ben) Bennett books. The Jefferson Legacy was a great addition to the series. The story is packed with action, the plot is twisty, and the characters are full of life!

  93. Albino C.

    The author’s words flow more smoothly after each novel in this series . The character development and conversations are much better. I definitely will try out the author’s two other series.They are some unanswered questions and unaddressed situations that will have me looking forward to the next Harvey Bennett novel!

  94. Cape Haze Quilter

    Nick Thacker does it again. If you love the blending of history and mystery then this writer is for you.

  95. Gigiclearlake

    Hated that my body needed sleep with this page turner. Played this movie in my head the whole time and beyond, wanted to continue with the story and characters. Will definitely have to get caught up with these adventures.

  96. Woof

    A group of individuals with varying backgrounds and skills team up to right wrongs and stop the bad guys. I haven’t read the earlier books in this series, but this book stands alone okay. A bit repetitive in places and the big shootout at the end seemed like it just dropped off. Entertaining enough for me to purchase the earlier books.

  97. Kindle Customer

    I actually loved this book. I loved the characters and story line. I have ended up buying all 4 of the books now in the Harvey Bennett Series and can’t wait for the next one!! Kept me up nights and I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Nick Thacker

  98. Red48

    This was a great addition to Nick Thacker’s Harvey Bennett Series. Look out Dan Brown, Nick Thacker is right behind you. Lots of action and adventure. Each one just keeps getting better. Very difficult to put this one down. I loved it and can’t wait for the next one.

  99. Patti Miller

    I don’t know how Nick (Thacker) does it, but each book in this series is better than the one before!!!! I can’t wait for the next installment of this story!

  100. Suzanne

    Off to a very slow start though it got better. The book never really took off though and the author didn’t fully finish the story, opting to work the rest into the next adventure book. I had a hard time getting the ‘bad guys’ and why they were doing what they were doing and how they had the scientific resources to produce a drug for their employer. And the employer herself was an enigma, never fully developed and where did she get the money to hire the thugs.My biggest quibble is that the author spent too much time reinforcing the things that happened to the characters in the early books . Over and over. As someone that read two of the earlier books, I didn’t need any of that background. As a new reader, I would have only needed it once to understand, yet the characters and their relationships and previous experience were brought up constantly.I liked the Enigma Strain and Ice Chasm much more. This seemed less edited and not fully formed.

  101. Me

    Julia is kidnapped and Ben is going crazy. The person they are investigating is very good at disappearing right in front of your eyes. She has also hired some pretty nasty men. But, they are looking into our own President of the United States. Maybe he wasn’t who we thought he was. Read to find all there is to know about our forefathers Thomas Jefferson.

  102. ARbee

    The Team takes on a difficult and dangerous mission, with odds stacked against them at every turn. Can they survive the challenges?Well written and worthy of inclusion in the Harvey Bennett Thriller series.

  103. Colonel B

    Considering that no one really knows how Meriweather Lewis died, and that the APS really exists, the author had a good premise for this book. However, compared to the earlier books in this series this one started out very slowly. It didn’t really get interesting until I was in 40 or 50 chapters.

  104. AMommyX3

    I thoroughly enjoyed following the additional adventures of the characters I’ve come to love in the Harvey Bennett series. However, I read this on Kindle Unlimited and found the editing to be less than stellar. There were a number of grammatical errors (my pet peeve) and a serious plot error involving Roger Derrick, FBI. See locations concerning his revealing his association with APS 2117 and 2728.

  105. Kindle Customer

    this book is one that has different types of crimes and people who are put in very dangerous places.a team of good Gus.

  106. Kindle Customer

    😀 awesome thriller, I’m so glad I found Nick Thacker! What an amazing writer! Read the full series on Harvey Bennettt, you won’t be disappointed!

  107. M2ReviewTX

    A great story from Mr. Thacker, following his crew around from one place to another, getting out of one jam after another and winding up back in the states. Lots of action and new characters to spice up the crazy, scary situations. Would have given it 5 stars but for the lack of grammatical editing. Seriously!! Being an ‘indie’ doesn’t excuse the lack of correct sentences. Having to read some sentences over several times just to figure out what you’re trying to say definitely doesn’t add to the enjoyment of the book. Get yourself someone to read through your books before publishing! Contact me! I’ll do it for free one time just to show you what I mean. 😉

  108. Suzanne Grasser

    I have enjoyed all the Harvey Bennett books, but this one is disappointing. The premise is really interesting. Maybe it could have been better developed. The ending was anticlimactic, the two main characters weren’t even present for the big reveal! One of the secondary characters gets killed, it seemed to get short shrift in the plot. Most disconcerting was the number of mistakes, it jolted you right out of the story! MANY sentences with words missing, modifiers that don’t agree with the subject — stupid stuff that someone should have caught! Would love to see a revised edition.

  109. John

    This novel was ok, but not in the same class as the previous three novels in this series, which I provided five star ratings.

  110. Marie Markham

    Once again Nick Thacker delights. I love this type of book – it’s intelligent and fun as well as having an historical aspect which usually means we learn something. The plot was well thought out and driven very successfully by the characters, who I really was impressed with. In some books, the characters are flat and the plot is great. But Nick is a master at making both the characters and the plot interesting and you hate to have to put the book down or finish it…..Looking forward to my next Nick Thacker adventure!

  111. sherlocksbest

    This is the third book in the series I have read and they keep getting better. Fast paced and couldn’t put it down.

  112. Kindle Customer

    Very exciting adventure story! I really enjoyed the characters, they become more interesting the more you get to know them. The plot was well thought out.Kudos to Thacker for a job well done.

  113. Clark

    I picked up this book because I had read some previous books by Nick Thacker and liked them. This one was quite good as well, and should please anyone looking for a good thriller series. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

  114. Gwen B.

    Very engrossing story but I wanted closure and a definite end.

  115. MFP

    Fast, easy read. Kept your interest up.

  116. Jon Stephen

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the Harvey Bennett series 1-4 moving on to the 5th. The Paradise Key.

  117. N. A. Ramosh

    Very good story. I love everything that has to do with history. Why then 4 stars? I don’t like when one of the good guys die.

  118. Mrs Mac

    OK a bit disjointed and a bit far fetched

  119. Karen L.

    I could not put this book down, good thing I’m retired and can read into the we hours. Jefferson Legacy keeps you guessing throughout. Don’t want to give anything away and spoil it for others. Highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a story with substance

  120. jack saltman

    Absolute rubbish ! Story line incredible, characters unlikely and poorly written! Watching paint dry would be preferable.

  121. FraserD

    The film franchise Alien typifies this type of series for me. Alien was really good, Aliens was spectacular, and then the rest fell away badly. This is book 4 and all I can say is that Dan Brown has nothing to worry about. How you can write so many words yet not write anything meaningful or come to a conclusion, utterly defeats me. The book is full of…”You don’t mean…””Could it be…””What if…”… without actually filling in the rest of the sentences so you have no idea what is being suggested. On top of that, there are so many missing words and misspellings that it’s no wonder I give this only 2 stars. And yet there are another four books more in this series. I really don’t like being so negative, but I am really getting annoyed with the current fashion of spinning a (poor) story into multiple books instead of just writing the story as one good book that actually ends with a satisfactory conclusion.

  122. Old man

    An excellent adventure with cross country travel chasing the treasury and the bad guys who will live or who die.

  123. rsb in texas

    If you like character development, scene setting, and want to feel like you’re part of the action — and feel like you need to duck when the action starts — then this is a book for you. Oh yeah, also has a good, believable plot and characters you’ll care about. Spend some time with this quality story from a talented author.

  124. Long time reader

    Interesting story and characters. Part of a series,but easy enough to pick up and get into the story.At times the explanations about previous actions bog the story down but survivable.

  125. Robert T. Walsh

    Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis shared a secret important enough to kill for. This was true in the 1800s, and it holds true today. Join Harvey “Ben” Bennett and his team on another adventure as they explore a hidden history relating to the rapid expansion of the early United States while trying to outwit, outrun, and outgun others working on the same puzzle.The story is engaging and moves at a frenetic pace. The characters are well-developed and presented in a way that makes the reader feel like he knows them; you’ll love the good guys and despise the bad guys. There are some typos and a few minor inconsistencies with details, but if you can look past those and you like history mysteries, this book is for you.

  126. Guy Bernard

    The bad guys keep outnumbering the good guys. I’m sure glad I don’t qualify as one of the gang. It’d be a treat though to share in the results celebration.This is a GREAT series!

  127. Holly Poulson

    It was pretty good

  128. Cynthia Hardy

    Great story and terrific read! I loved the plot twists and turns. I would recommend this series to my friends and coworkers. I love the mix of history and science. Add in a bit of romance and you have A story to that’s challenges your mind and warms your heart. Thanks for the great read! Is there a book number five? I am going to check for one right now!

  129. PTM

    A good read. Thacker kept me guessing about the “legacy”. Interesting theory about Lewis & Clark. Worth my time to read.

  130. Linda’s Thoughts…….

    The book was a little too predictable, a little too far fetched and over the top as far as the characters, their intellect and abilities. It went exactly where I expected it to and it did it with super human strength…lol

  131. Glenda kitto

    Anything to do with a historical premise makes for a good read . Interweaving fictional and reality brings history alive. The series is a wee or the hill tale.

  132. Luvs2Read

    Okay, I got this as a free download. By the time I plowed through awllc the initial unnecessary garbled whatever by way of introduction, all I had was confusion. Was I supposed to download another book previous to this one, too? Would I start in total confusion by not doing so? Instead of trying to figure all of this out, I gave up and let confusion reign! Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for jigsaw puddles nor riddles . This was one of them! I ended up in total surrender. Maybe I missed out on a good book. Maybe I didn’t. I’ll never know. To me, this author just missed the mark at page one. Wherever page one was meant to be…

  133. John Shearer

    This story started out slowly, almost too slowly, once it came up to speed it seemed to have a really easy time keeping up the action,with a good plot this is a good read.

  134. Facilities Director

    I have always enjoyed reading Nick’s novels and this one is great! A little history, mystery and a foursome of individuals brought together as a helping hand for the Government

  135. Kindle Customer

    Story was ok, but too many side descriptions in the middle of action sections. They are about to do something within seconds and a character recalls a previous mission, meeting or event. Repetition “so you are really….” gosh everyone is surprised by the revelation even though they were told this several pages before. Throughout the book I could not work out why Julie and Ben were part of the team or why the team was basically two people with added baggage. Maybe it was just so that the author could have a “female kidnapped, hero must rescue” scene. I have not read any other Harvey Bennett thrillers and probably won’t since Harvey (Ben) is portrayed as a slightly lumbering and not very bright individual with nothing to indicate he should be the main character. National treasurer it is not!

  136. Kindle Customer

    The premise behind the book is interesting enough. Unfortunately, the writing is fit for a Saturday morning cartoon, and the author, like so many others, writes about firearms with little to no knowledge of the subject. The characters are straight out of a ‘how to’ book for beginning writers. A reasonably quick read that drags on and on…

  137. Price Performer

    I got many emails from Mr Thacker offering free books. This one allowed direct download from amazon to my Kindle.The Lewis and Clark theme appealed to me. I got 27% into it without a clue I got page after page of remodeling a cabin that had no significance and a detailed account of an uneventful airplane flight Might have been interesting had I never flown before. Still do not know what it is about.Might have been a better story if after a setup… the details were presented in flashback. I defiantly would have left out the excruciating details on remodeling the cabin. This tried my patience.

  138. slo guy

    Mildly interesting but writing style is stilted and unrealistic. Very slow start. Many place names seemingly included for the author’s tax writoff purposes and not the storyline. Would benefit from an objective editor’s input and further story craft analysis.

  139. Kindle Customer

    I enjoyed the book it had a good and believable plot and strong characters. I will look forward to reading more of fthI enjoyed reading this book . It had a good plot and strong characters. I will be reading more books by this author.

  140. marcia

    The storyline was jumbled and little action until near the end. The ending left much to be desired and many questions left in the wind.

  141. Amazon Customer

    Love stories that play off historical themes. A good crew that work together well. Treasures and maps with just enough historical knowledge

  142. MJC

    This is the first of the series that I read, so I expected to have some update to new readers regarding what had gone on before. However, it was all through the book And for an elite team of people, they sure got themselves captured and failed throughout the whole book. The main action was at the end of the book only I didn’t know it was the end. I thought finally somethings was happening, so go after the bad guys – only it was the end. So, sorry will not subject myself to this again.

  143. Kindle Customer

    A very good book leaving you in suspense and wanting more. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

  144. Kindle Customer

    Started a bit slow for me, but pulled me in the more I read. Great ending , left me wanting more.

  145. starjumper

    I have read several of the books with Harvey Bennett and Juliette, along with their friends, and this one is pure excitement. Love, danger, derringer do out the kazoo, exotic locales, and beautiful women.

  146. oregon

    I really enjoyed this book. I was bit confused at the beginning because there were 3 different things going but the author soon tied them together.

  147. Darnell Clevenger

    I got bored after about 50 pages and quit. Darnell Clevenger

  148. Arnold Knack

    I could not believe how incompetent the hero Ben was. Lost interest and could not finish the book.

  149. Kindle Customer

    Kind of slow reading. Wasn’t much interested in the character of Ben. Thought he was a bit of an idiot always putting his other team mates in jeopardy with his rash actions

  150. Kindle Customer

    Book started out rather confusing, but picked up momentum and kept me reading until two am to get to the climax. Good read.

  151. BillB

    This is a book that should have been cut in half. Wordy without reason. A forced unbelievable unfollowable plot. Not worth the time it took to read it.

  152. Kindle Customer

    Interesting plot. I had to really pay attention because I had trouble connecting the drug piece with the cave search piece. I found the two groups of men interesting.

  153. JimAsh

    Story seem to be flowing well when one of the characters made out to be evil one capture all the good team kidnapped one of the team and then just left all the others alive so stop Reading why bother to continue.

  154. Amazon Customer

    Pretty good but not fantastic.

  155. rainbow

    I am so surprised that the author writes an interesting story but can’t find a proofreader who can find all the errors. I have written to him suggesting the edits for book three which he kindly said he would fix ;however, in book four they get even worse! Seriously??? Fix this!!! He needs to not be in such a hurry to publish before the editing process is completed!

  156. Marjie

    I Enjoyed both the characters and the history. The number of typographical errors, grammatical errors and other editing errors were very distracting.

  157. Ken from Illinois

    Found myself struggling at times to keep reading as the action diminished and the dialogue was only average. All in all it was a good story with a decent amount of action.

  158. Kindle Customer

    Quite a bit of info is crammed into this fast paced story while painting colorful characters, some who are loveable and some who are not.

  159. Unknown

    I enjoyed this book. It has a lot of action and intrigue. As it unravels the mystery. Some surprising discoveries. Also tying in real historical people. I recommend this to anyone that likes action and adventure.


    I have read the other three books in the Harvey Bennett series and liked them. However, I don’t recall that there was an over abundance of time devoted to explaining and describing surroundings and events that were taking place. It seemed a bit disjointed to me, almost as though this was a draft and not the final version of the book. The bad guys seemed like caricatures rather than real people. There were a few things that didn’t get explained, and there were way too many typos and other grammatical mistakes. And it seemed that the group’s employer didn’t do a good job of researching for the mission he was sending them on, given the amount of danger they wound up in. I would think that someone who is on at least his 4th book by now would do a good job of proofreading his material, or at least having someone else do it for him.

  161. Georgia Clay

    I have come to expect a surprise ending, or at least, a wondering “What’s going to happen next?” And it fulfilled that expectation in spades. Luckily I am retired and can spend time indulging myself in reading.I recommend this book highly.

  162. Kindle Customer

    If you are are a fan of Ben Bennet and his friends you’ll enjoy this book. It was decent, but not great.

  163. Chloe Cuthbert

    This is the 4th book in the main Harvey Bennett series, there are also 2 prequels. Nick Thacker does a wonderful job meshing these very different characters into a cohesive group of friends and allies. In this installment, the newly formed team, by the elusive Mr E, is tasked with an investigative mission. Or so they think. Nothing is what it seems, and the team finds themselves split up and in danger.Recommended for fans of James Rollins, Kevin Tumlimson, or history in general.

  164. Audrey L Grant

    Would have been a four star but he kept going over the same info and back story over and over!

  165. Liz

    It was a really great story but some Revelations were made surprising everyone and then made again surprising everyone again. Overall though a really great book

  166. Jewel E. Colvin

    I do love these books. The characters are more life like, NOT superhuman. Although you know that the main characters survive at the end it’s the story that makes the read enjoyable. Traveling from Philadelphia to the mid west and back again only to end up a captive in a life or death situation makes for a GREAT read.

  167. C.M. Rutherford

    I always enjoy books that tie in history to the story. Harvey Bennett and his Civilian Special Operations team are sent to investigate a murder but end up getting pulled in to a plot that goes back to the days of the founder of our country. The story is interesting and original. I did have some issues with the fact that the main characters seemed to fumble about a lot during the story. The book refers to numerous prior operations, but they seem to get caught with their pants down a good bit throughout the book. The ending when they finally square off with their adversaries was also a little abrupt. Still the book is well worth a read based on the originality of the story.

  168. Tony Parsons

    10/11/1809, Lucius had his orders to carry out.Griner (proprietor) was selling whiskey to the Indians.Anchorage, AL. Mr. E. & Mrs. E. were the Civilian Special Operations (CSO) co. owners. Reggie, Joshua Jefferson (group leader), Gareth Red, & Harvey “Ben” Bennett (ex-park ranger) all worked & had a stake in CSO.Juliette “Julie” Richardson (Harvey’s fiancé) was kind of the chief cook/bottle washer.Their 1st mission is Information-gathering.Gloria Rutherford Braxton (widow) body was found dead in her home.The local police claim she O/D.Ms. Monique Delacroix had paid Ms. Braxton in cash for some mineral rights.Philadelphia, PA. American Philosophical Society (APS). A leather-bound Lewis & Clark Expedition journal had been stolen.Dr. Daris Johansson (Curator, APA president, U of Ohio; PhD, U of Texas; American history, MS; anthropology, MS; NA history) greeted the team.Darius finally fessed up that she was not the curator or even worked in this building.The missing journal had been told to her second hand.FBI SA Roger Derrick (grandson) just happened to show up.Darius was nowhere to be found.The Hawk, Captain Vicente Garza, Morrison (2nd commander, retired US Army Sergeant,sniper), Joseph Mikel, & several others worked for Ravenshadow security co.What were they up to?I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one.A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written dual timeline adventure book. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a large set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great adventure movie, or better yet a mini TV series. To be continued. There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars.Thank you for the free author; Turtleshell Press; EBookDaily; Amazon Digital Services LLC.; bookTony Parsons MSW (Washburn)

  169. jtass

    This is a thriller written in a similar style to Clive Cussler. There is a reference to actual historical events, in this case the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Lewis’ death under questionable circumstances; a group of rough and tough adventurers who are battling a secret organization bent on evil and of course, numerous battles, mad dashes to save the day and finally a bittersweet victory. The characters are all rather cardboard, the action nearly non stop and the situations involve a significant amount of suspension of belief. Still these stories are fun, and perfect companions for a leisurely afternoon at the beach.Even though this novel follows all the conventions of the genre, a genre that is known for cardboard characters and contrived situations, this one falls a bit short.This is the fourth in a continuing series that has a very pronounced overall story arc. References to the earlier adventures and bits of backstory need to be included to fill in the blanks, unfortunately this author has included this information numerous times from the points of view of almost every character. After the third or fourth repetition it began to feel like a school assignment that had been padded to each a required number of words.The author has included some references pop culture, either inadvertently or as an inside joke. The Philadelphia hotel were some of the action occurs is named ‘Rittenhouse’ – the name of the secret, evil organization in ‘Timeless’ a now canceled tv program, and one of the character refers to his grandmother as ‘Meemaw’, just as Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon) does. This may have been meant as a joke but it just showed a lacked of effort or imagination in my opinion.The biggest problem though was that the main threat being faced by the main characters, a ‘Shift’ was often referred to but never fully explained, and its’ success or failure was unresolved. Maybe it will be in the next book.

  170. mike splain

    Great non-stop action. I read the first three and now I’m into the next one. Great characters and non-stop adventure. I have missed sleep and work with this one!!!

  171. Nana

    Here is what I wish the writer had done in the first pages of his story. The jumping back and forth almost made me give up and delete this story. I usually try to give writers a chance, so I kept reading. The story does finally come together, so that you find yourself figuring out what in the heck the purpose of the story is. The best advice for readers is to keep reading until you understand what it is you are reading. A good mystery about a historical event with many surprises along the way.

  172. Anthony T. Boland

    Really beginning to enjoy Nick Thacker’s stories. This my third book by him and all have been good reads. Proof reading needs some work but characters are good.

  173. Amazon Customer

    Good story line. Kept me in the book reading pages, to see what comes next. Will recommend to all my reading friends, may be a change up for some but well worth their time.

  174. Colleen

    This is the fourth Harvey Bennett book I have read. I thought the stories would become more engrossing as the author developed his style, but instead, I kept wondering when this one would end. The Historical facts were really interesting and most of the action sequences were very well written, as they always are, but there are too many disjointed threads that could be better written. Further, I finally decided I might explode if I was told one more time of how reclusive Ben is, loves nature, and hates flying, just to name a few. This problem held true for the other characters as well. Once per book for character description is often enough unless there is a very good reason. Then, please say it a different way. I got the point. Also, early in the story the theft of a vial was mentioned. The characters did not use it as a clue. I found myself wondering why. Disconnected threads like this one detract from the story telling. I have book 5, but I am not sure if I will ever read it. I feel the author needs to refine his story telling style. I love the story topics and action sequences, but with loose threads and monotonous repeats, the story loses its appeal, at least for me.

  175. David Lane

    If enjoy rollercoasters you will enjoy this adventure. The protagonists, no matter how well trained, go constantly from partial success, to a new low – never to recover from. No end, just continuing rollercoaster.th

  176. Kindle Customer

    Lots of action, almost non stop. Ongoing cast of characters. I’ve really enjoyed this series even when much seems improbable.

  177. jetdiver

    Good story, keeps you riveted to its conclusion.Awaiting to get others in the series.

  178. Pitt713

    Loved the action and characters

  179. dave

    Enjoyed the flow of the story and the characters.

  180. Kindle Customer

    I probably would have understood the characters better if I had read the first book first. I was just too confused.

  181. Terri

    Almost didn’t finish as it just wore me out. Very tiresome book.

  182. Deborah B.

    I enjoyed this book in the series. Again the character building was great. The storyline was interesting and kept my attention. I was saddened at the end though. Looking forward to the next book.

  183. Benjamin Paulson

    This was a mess. The editor should be fired. From the grammar mistakes to the weird character shifts, just ugh. Horrible use of repetition to try and increase tension. Make up your mind who is good at what and stick with it. Half the book is spent with the main characters truuing to figure out if the FBI agent is a good guy or not and it was a non factor. He gave no reason not to believe he wasn’t on their side, yet they continues to half heartedly question it.

  184. Rick L

    There is lords of unlikely action and complicated subplots in this book, but overall the story dragged with unlikely turns and events. An ok read but not exceptional.

  185. Kindle Customer

    I couldn’t finish the book it is so bogged down with unnecessary filler. I gave it three stars because it had decent plot line.

  186. Clive Robinson

    Good read

  187. hal

    Good idea but story moved too slowly to hold interest

  188. Charl8

    Have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series. So …ops, don’t want to give anything away! Read this, you will enjoy it!

  189. yooper

    It was an ok story.

  190. Argusjimg

    It’s one and the same in regards to this genre. I avoid if possible.

  191. The Guardian

    Well, National Treasure this is not. I really enjoyed the first three Harvey Bennett books but this one started slow and never really picked up. Several things happen that leave you wondering what just occurred. Will the answers be revealed in future books? I guess we will have to see. I will continue to buy and read Nick’s Harvey Bennett adventures. Hopefully the team can regroup and come out on top next time.

  192. Anthony Lyons of Dodge City

    Very personal glimpse of Jefferson!

  193. FreeSpirit

    enjoyed very much, its an historical hunt for knowledge

  194. Keith L. Copeland

    True to life

  195. Kindle Customer

    Very good read.

  196. Kindle Customer

    I truly enjoyed the Harvey Bennett books. I have downloaded them all! Has been awesome since i had surgery and was down for a few weeks! Never boring or slow read. Read one and you’ll want them all!

  197. Carollee

    Story line was not good.o

  198. Charles Peterson

    It was predictable.

  199. Rose M. Ham

    Good mystery,

  200. NC2CA

    The book used history to create a fairly thin storyline. Interesting adventure aspect to the story. Not as tight and realistic as I like.

  201. DB Holder

    Good story! I enjoyed the expanded history of Lewis and Clark, with an intriguing Jefferson twist. I will now do some research to find where truth and fiction intersect. There is always truth in fiction. I was put off by so much explaining during action scenes. Redundant information at an inopportune time so only 4 stars.

  202. Larry wonderful book great story

    Good read

  203. hugh b

    A good read, part historical and part up to date thriller. Can be read on its own or as part of the series although the ending will leave you wanting the next book.

  204. Ken F.

    If you’re planning to read this series, I suggest that you read this book. You’ll get a good understanding of the characters. Unfortunately, someone on the team dies. There were plenty of twists and turns. Lots of scary moments. I wondered who might get written out of this series. I thought Julie could be a casualty.

  205. R

    Action with the team, but the bad guys are shotting, kidnapping so they seem to be winning throughout this book and it leaves you hanging at the end.

  206. Rosemary56

    Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett’s latest adventure, The Jefferson Legacy by Nick Thacker, starts in a rather disjointed way imho, with a convoluted series of flashbacks for MC ‘Reggie’ to his involvement with the new CEO Team’s current Nemesis, ‘The Hawk’, who’s been hired by a manaical woman in a deadly mission.The current holder of the famous former President’s name, Joshua, is part of the team and plays an integral part in finding the eponymous Legacy – and rescuing the entrapped Juliette (Julie) from the nefarious mercenary leader and his evil henchmen.Needless to say, the Team (sans one), emerge – admittedly bruised, battered and wounded in two cases – to look towards a healthier, happier future, as Ben and Julie plan their wedding and, no doubt, another danger and exciting mission ahead!

  207. Linda

    The beginning is slow, but once into the story it quickly became interesting. Lots of action and historical background about Ben Franklin and the Lewis and Clark e exploration. I enjoyed reading this book.

  208. Denzel

    We’ll written continuation of the series. Keeps you guessing and asking what if about American History.

  209. Kindle Customer

    I barely finished the book. I dislike stories where the heroes continuously do stupid things. Strongly recommend you pass on this one.


    Over the past 2 months I’ve read the first 6 of Thacker’s Harvey Bennet series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work!When do we get to see a TV series??!?!

  211. Kindle Customer

    Struggled through the book, hoping it would get better; it didn’t. Storyline confusing and boring. Characters fit fairly well into the plot. A waste of time!

  212. Aviar Savijon

    An astounding, epic of thrill filled pages of a masterpiece of complete brilliance. This could easily become a tv series or major motion picture franchise. It was so vividly written by Nick Thacker. I loved it!!!!!!!

  213. Skeeve

    This is a great continuation of the team’s story.Well worth reading and now I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

  214. Kindle Customer. Joy

    Mr.E and company are swept up in an historical discovery with dangerous people bent on possessing a secret weapon from the Spanish . But not a simple task as clues are only in the hands of a secret society bent on political advantages.

  215. Patricia Norberg

    Loved the characters–makes me want to read the whole series. Excited about having a new author with a different way of describing places, happenings. Give us more, Nick!

  216. Bill

    This was an entertaining and easy to read book.

  217. Kindle Customer David

    I should have quit reading this by halfway but I kept hoping the author would find his stride and show us that this team was worth writing a story about, but he couldn’t do it. Waste of time! You’ve been warned! One star is too high of a rating! A convoluted plot didn’t help along with a better timeline. People traveling at near warp speed didn’t make any sense either.

  218. Linda

    Ben, such a non-assuming park ranger in Yellowstone, once againfinds himself and his friends on a dangerous mission.will he Julie, Joshua and Reggie get through these dangerous forces unscathed? This is a fast moving story that will keep your interest to the end.


    This story teller grabs you and holds your attention. Character development flows smooth and natural. When I had to put the book down I could pick it back up and never lost a beat. I have another “favorite” author!

  220. kutzkai

    This is a great page turning read, I am sure you will love it.

  221. casullago

    Maybe it is because I am not American but I found the whole storyline dull and boring. Not helped by verbosity. I dragged myself to the end but only because I didn’t want to admit defeat. Definitely not one of his best

  222. Kindle Customer

    I’ve loved this whole series about Harvey Bennett! This wasn’t quite as exciting as the first three but it was still very good!

  223. Phil Dover

    Was a good story but too much useless filler which made me put it down often. The story ended rather abruptly after they had achieved their goal which left me wondering what the purpose of their find was all about.

  224. Mark kantonen

    Ben, Reggie, Julie and Joshua are supposed to do some simple surveillance around some stolen items and get pulled into a conspiracy, black ops and life threatening danger.

  225. DLS 1+

    Not a “thriller”. Moved to slow and not very realistic.

  226. Tried It

    This one was nowhere near as good as the previous ones. Also, in addition to the irritating and distracting minor errors in grammar and syntax here and there, a glaring culinary error detracted from the credibility. Jambalaya is not normally served or eaten in a bowl, mainly because it does not have broth.

  227. Mercie4u

    After they gathered together, to start training a new group of people to help right the wrongs they cannot tolerate, they are set of on a recon mission. It turns out to be soo much more than that. Julie, Ben, Reggie, and Joshua open a can of worms they are not prepared for. With interesting characters, that gel well together, it’s an almost instant adventure, just add a reader.

  228. Rastro

    It was a fun book, a little undeveloped but it was a quick read.Left you hanging at the end for some more answers

  229. F. J. Latham

    I tried several times to read and finish this book. But I just couldn’t. To me it was a mess, story line was everywhere. It jumped about and characters were confusing and confused. I couldn’t follow this story and it had no continuity. It left me feeling a mess and wondering what had I just read.

  230. Gary K

    It was free – they need to compensate me for time wasted. Good guys are pretty useless (beat up and outsmarted) until the very end of the book.

  231. Kindle Customer

    Bits of history. Lots of action. Breathless intrigue. Which are the good guys? You can’t put this one down. Settle down and enjoy!

  232. Robert Decker

    What I read to this point was interesting and I’ve read other good books by Thacker. Unfortunately, the link at the end of chapter 7 did not work / was unsupported on my iPad Kindle app so I have to guess at the rest. Bummer!

  233. findjules

    This guy just writes fun books! You can’t go wrong with any of his books.

  234. chuckfc

    The lost ‘treasure’ early in our history. Protected by presidents and a quasi-private philanthropic society through the ages is the backdrop of greed and power. Nicely interwoven facts and fiction.

  235. Richard

    The actual story, cast of characters and writing style did not engage me.I really could not care about any of the characters.

  236. Bob Pettapiece

    Mix history, romance, thugs & good folks together along with a grandmother who is a descendent of Sacajawea who can cook and you have a nice piece of historical fiction, this book.

  237. Christian Lady

    Just did not pique my interest enough. Could hardly finish.

  238. Tom

    Fun read. Love the character. Will read the whole series.

  239. Rocky

    Got to be one of the most incompetent team on a series. Too frustrating and unbelievable to be enjoyable reading

  240. Amazon Customer

    If you’ve read any of the series then you know harry…trouble seems to find then everywhere!

  241. Robert

    Good lnteresting storytelling

  242. Doris L. Kimbrell

    Hard to get into, hard to understand who is who and what the heck they are talking about!! Had to quit and not finish it.

  243. Kindle Customer

    Wonderful historical thriller with imaginative scenarios. The story is entertaining and fun, moving quickly. The characters are realistic and likable. I would have liked for the book to cover more of the next story as it seemed to end too soon. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book with its interesting twist on history.

  244. Geneva

    Never could get into the flow of this story. Characters are totally unrealistic. On the one hand the bad guys are supposed to be ruthless and trained professionals but time after time they let the good guys go. Perhaps they are so afraid of Ben’s super powers. I kept waiting for the story to get realistic and better. Still waiting.

  245. Richard Gabriel

    The author has written a fast action and suspenseful story about the actions of those who want and need power and control. These individuals will do anything to achieve their goals.

  246. Amazon Customer

    I really can’t believe I finished this book because nothing caught my interest to make it a page turner. I kept hoping the plot would start to make sense, but it’s hard to enjoy when I knew what would happen before I read it. The 5 leading characters were hopeless & needed some military type training (although some supposedly did have) if they were to be believable. In my opinion they were inept in everything they tried to do. They never planned ahead or had the right weapons & I’m sure wouldn’t know how to use them if they did. This could have been an exciting thrilling adventure, it wasn’t….I was truly disappointed & won’t read anything in the series before or after this book.

  247. Thawkins

    I love the Harvey Bennett series! Ben is very relatable to me and I appreciate the other characters, as well. I can’t wait to see where the stories go next!

  248. Penelope T.

    They I st couldn’t win. Plan after plan fell through. The enemy just out-thought them. Time and Time again. It was tough. They fought but this time they just couldn’t win. Two of them almost didn’t make a it. One died. Tragic book, good writing.

  249. jeff

    Held my interest throughout. Like reading books that have a connection to a past historic happening interwoven in the story line. On to another book in the series

  250. Joseph S McCartin

    Somewhat plausible story. Physical accounts hard to believe. Sporadic character development. Nice formatting and very pleasant size paragraphs and chapters.

  251. Joe

    I’ve read a number of Nick Thacker’s Harvey Bennett series and enjoyed them. This one is a bit of a disappointment in that the main protagonists keep getting beat up, shot, kidnapped and basically outwitted by the bad guys. Ben Bennett is portrayed as impulsive and reckless, not thinking things through and generally not a very sympathetic hero. Perhaps my reading these out of sequence is my problem.This will not keep me from reading more in the series, as I think Mr. Thacker is a good writer. Let’s see what happens in my next choice of his works.

  252. Kendra

    Kept me interested all the way through. Perfect character descriptions of a likable team!! I look forward to reading the next one on the series!!

  253. Bubba Mcchicken

    I enjoyed the story a fast pace and good characters and hard to put it down after I started to read it.

  254. KKep

    Harvey Bennett is a bear of a man who loves peace, quiet and the wilderness. But he is involved in mystery, intrigue, bad guys, guns and fights making for a fun read. The story line is believable, well written and the characters are lovable or hateable as the case may be. Fun read!

  255. bj

    I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The characters and storyline are well developed and easy to follow. A real page turner.

  256. little-debbie

    I was lucky enough to have gotten a free audio book code from the author. I am volunteering to leave this review. Fantastic book plenty of action and suspense. Great series.

  257. Ellen Oceanside

    Harvey is back in this one, artifacts are stolen and there has been a murder. Fast action especially when FBI is called in. Given audio also for my voluntary review and my honest opinion

  258. DRX7

    We are off on another adventure. This is a good one with a little confusion built in. Some of the story line was hard to keep up with. It needed more zest I guess in parts. All together though, a good one.

  259. Kindle Customer

    Harvey Bennett adventures are the greatest!

  260. TBScott

    The lack of progress throughout the middle portion of the story left me yawning and looking to see what was on television. I have liked the first 2 books but this one was too much work.

  261. John Cade

    Slow read.

  262. Richard Wells

    Good to relax as long as you can ignore the ability of the cast to destroy public monuments with no repercussions and no budget limitations.

  263. Steven Kellar

    Good cast of characters both good and bad. Good story with plenty of action. Well worth your time to read.

  264. Terri

    History and action right from the start. Five good guys are enlisted to find Jefferson’s treasure that few know about to keep it out of mercenaries hands. The mercenaries are headed by an evil and ruthless man hired by an equally ruthless woman.

  265. erenbod

    I enjoyed parts of this book and hated other parts. I enjoyed the history discussed and how it related to a secret society with a faction that wanted to essentially take over the country and Harvey and his team were trying to prevent that but, for a special team to investigate things that government agencies couldn’t, they acted stupidly charging in and getting themselves captured or helpless multiple time. Also, one of the team kills another while under the influence of a drug near the end of the book and apparently had no issues or guilty feelings over that. That and their lack of any kind of tactics or planning kind of kills the book for me.

  266. Sharona

    This is the first book I read of the series and because of all the looking back parts I was able to know pretty well everyone to where I could read the last book and know the story. Maybe. I did quite a bit of reading the first sentence of each paragraph and was able to see the story as it went. It did make me search out the history of the Louisiana Purchase. Between the price, sex talk, and drinking going on I probably won’t buy all the rest of the books.

  267. Hillel Kaminsky

    I didn’t care for this book as much as I did the others in the series, because nothing much happened. There were no twists or turns or surprises. The book wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great.

  268. Kelley Thomason

    I really like the Nick Thacker books and have been reading them in order. I found this one not as good as the other three. The start was slow, I had a really hard time getting into it. Then the ending was a disjointed let down. I love the cast of characters and enjoy their adventures. However, this one didn’t measure up to Mr. Thacker’s first ones. I give it four stars because the middle was interesting and I always learn about little known facts from history. Don’t pass this one up, just realize it may be a slow start.

  269. Handydan

    Insipid plot filled with trivial dialogue, and I could barely force myself to finish the read.I’m truly sorry, but this was a waste of time.

  270. Evalynne S. Clamage

    I thought I was downloading another Lincoln Child book, but I had accidentally bought the first book in this series. I read it, and was intrigued by the two main characters, even though the book was poorly written, unbelievable, and had lots of inconsistencies. I debated getting the second book that takes place in Antarctica, because I wanted to see how the evil organization was defeated. I found when looking through my Kindle library I share with my father that he had already purchased the next book in 2018. I decided to read it and not pay for the second one. The ‘good guys’ have no luck at all in this book. I don’t know why they were supposed to be an elite group that was formed to help the military and Federal government when they couldn’t do anything correctly. Every time you thought things were better – bam, someone had a gun in their back. The author also thought that it was a good idea, in case the reader didn’t read the first two books, to retell the stories, but he didn’t get them right. There were inconsistencies; didn’t the editor read the book? At two times in the book, the ‘good guys’ found out that the FBI agent was a member of a secret society – I guess it didn’t take the first time as the ‘good guys’ were not very intelligent. I didn’t care for the way the author kept switching the point-of-view from one character to the next – the continuity of the story was lost. The friction between the two main characters was tiring, and the fact that one of them was afraid to fly was stated over and over again. The ending was pulled out of a hat and fell flat on its face. I was hoping for a nice story with lovable characters, but I’m finished with these “thrillers.”

  271. Roger

    Appeared to be very well researched, great characters. Some times distance and travel time was a little difficult to get a handle on, but over all a great story.

  272. Larry K

    So much more could have been made into this story. Very disappointed. Saw no reason for Joshua Jefferson to be killed off. The whole Lewis and Clark expedition could have been used better in the story. And who cares that an FBI guy survives but Jefferson doesn’t? Book is not worth the read at all!

  273. Katielou

    An FBI agent, secret societies, a woman who disappears after pretending to be the curator of a so-called museum and our trusty Raveshadow security gang. Oh, and did I mention a missing journal! It appears we are dealing with secrets that go back to Thomas Jefferson. Blending a bit of history into this thriller makes for a great read.

  274. Betsy Ireland

    Love the characters and the evolving of them. Fun stuff. And the bits of history are interesting and appreciated. Good read.

  275. Toni V. Sweeney

    Thoroughly enjoyed The Enigma Strain and The Amazon Code which brought the “team” together.But…Although I had some morality issues with Ice Chasm, I plowed through and read The Jefferson Legacy, but I think I’ve reached my limit. There seemed to be too much description and not enough dialogue in spots, and a little too much confusion, with some of it seeming to be merely filler, but my main argument (as it was in Ice Chasm) is the killing-off of a main character, and not only murdering him but having one of the other team members do it under the influence of a hypo-suggestive drug. As if this isn’t bad enough, other than the mention of a funeral, again, as in Ice Chasm, there is no mention of any regret or remorse by the murderer, not any kind of psychological backfire for killing a friend in cold blood. They attend the funeral and then–Goodby, Charlie!–go on their merry way to do a TV interview and then begin planning Ben and Julie’s wedding.It just didn’t sit well, as well as not computing that there wouldn’t have been some reaction to this trauma, so I’m afraid Mr. Thacker may have lost a reader.Also, at the end, they say, the “bad guys” didn’t attempt to find the treasure because they actually didn’t need it. Then all that running around and shooting and the death of a team member et al was for nothing? There are several unanswered questions: Whose skull was in the box, looking as if it was “thrown into the chest with haste”; what did the words “Thine Captain” scrawled on it mean? That sounds as if it wouldn’t made a better story than what we had.So…I’m going to hold off for a while and get over my disappointment before I give The Paradise Key a try. Third time is the charm, you know. I may like it.I like adventure novels as well as thrillers, but there have to be rules of some kind, to keep readers happy and coming back for more, and I’m afraid this book just broke some of the cardinal one as far as I’m concerned. Being a writer myself, I hate giving bad review, and rarely do if I can help it, because I know how much hard work goes into writing a novel, but two disappointments in a row are just too many. Sorry.

  276. Pat

    This is the third book in this series I have read now. This one started out very strange & was confusing to me. Then it moved to modern-day with the same characters from the other 2 books. Then I was able to understand the story. This one has much more swearing than the others I’ve read. Also, there is more violence after the female character that I did not enjoy. I am realizing all of these have some kind of cliff-hanger at the end. I don’t like that aspect of the series. I am glad I did not have to pay for this one.

  277. Harley’s Mom

    Liked the history, rest fell short for me

  278. Dave Carr

    Another good read as usual for this series. The characters are always interesting another the introduction of Cornelia as a supporting character was a good call.

  279. Kindle Customer

    Good read

  280. I. Hass

    I recommend all 13 books in series. Good for all ages and genders

  281. Kimberly Sparks

    I really enjoyed this book and will continue to the next book in this series! I like the characters and their interactions with each other.

  282. G.R. Sutherland

    This was an OK story and the parts fit well together. However, I find it hard to believe the secret remained such a secret for over 200 years. In all that time, no one ever saw what Capt, Lewis saw? At any rate, it’s a story, not actual history, so I guess we will let that slide. What I will not let slide is a very obvious misstatement of actual, verifiable history. In Chapter 80, Mr. Thacker claims Thomas Jefferson was the second US president, when every half-attentive school child knows he was the THIRD president, following Washington as first and John Adams as second. The latter chapters were also rife with errors, mainly misspellings that a spell-checker would not recognize as wrong. Sloppy. Just sloppy. I contend that any author who lets such obvious garbage slip by holds his or her readers in disdain and contempt, figuring they will never catch the mistakes or give a care if they do. Wrong, Mr. Watson. It’s the details that matter.Anyway, read this at your own peril. I tried reading the Amazon something, the second book in this series and could not finish it. No, I would not finish it and waste my time. I have another of the series on my Kindle. I think I will shelve it on the “Something to read during a particularly fierce blizzard when I’ve read everything else” shelf.

  283. John Ames

    I really like the way characters are introduced. Slowly over pages or chapters more like you are really meeting them IRL.

  284. Tony Grant

    Repetitive in places and lacking in others such as the fight in gymnasium. Will not bother to read again or read the sequel.

  285. Mimi 7

    This fourth book in the Harvey Bennett series, was not as interesting as the former three; although it was action packed. The story line, especially at the end, seemed incomplete. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

  286. J. Bean

    I’m sorry. After struggling through the first 34 percent of tge book, I finally gave up reading it. I couldn’t develop any interest in completing the story

  287. Kindle Customer

    You’ll be hooked from the start of book 1. Don’t necessarily need to read in order, but it may pull the characters together for you

  288. Tammy Becker

    I could not get into this plot so never finished the book

  289. Gary

    the book just stumbles along, It does not pull the reader to go the extra chapter. This size book should take two days to read but it was so slow moving I took seven days.

  290. Wally

    Another Big Ben adventure that once again spans a wide territory engulfing Philadelphia and Montana looking for Thomas Jefferson’s treasure hidden by Lewis and Clark scouting mission.

  291. Ann S. Taylor


  292. Marc Goldstein

    Ok, didn’t love it

  293. Dennis Gould

    Not may flavor.

  294. Mary Lou

    The book was a little slow in the beginning but by half, the tension and adventure were a go. Nice job Nick.

  295. bookworm

    This was the first Harvey Bennett book I read in the series. I enjoyed the book enough that I’ve gone back and read the first three and will continue reading through the series. The characters are likable and realistic, and the plot is a good versus evil in the modern world. While the bad guys seem to stay ahead of the good guys, I admire the good guys commitment to doing the right thing and continuing the pursuit the bad guys despite the danger it puts them in. The bad guys do always seem to have the edge, but you have to remember the bad guys have been at this for a long time, have diversified, and seem to have unlimited resources. It seems the bad guys’ endgame is to take over the world, but is it?

  296. JBK53

    Good historical based thriller. However the ending left me with some questions that I wish Nick would have filled in before moving to the next book.

  297. Dave Denlinger

    Another awesome adventure from Nick. Filled with great action, history, and bad guys getting their assess kicked.

  298. JSW

    great series

  299. Susan

    Those who love history will enjoy this book, as it goes into some interesting and little known history. I must say the only negative is (and I’m in agreement with another reviewer on this) the protagonists are beat up and shot just too much. The excitement and action would survive with less damage to the good guys. The roughness did not stop me from enjoying these books, but I think I would enjoy them more with less injury – especially life-threatening injury.

  300. DDG22 Sailor

    Lots of action, great characters and a very fun read. Looking forward to reading more stories from the Harvey Bennett series.

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