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The Ice Chasm – Ebook

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A door in the ice is discovered in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica.

And it just opened…

The Ice Chasm – Ebook

A door in the ice is discovered in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica.

And it just opened…

Hidden beneath a sheet of ice, Draconis Industries has been working on a powerful new technology.

Harvey Bennett and his new team are sent in to shut them down, but what they find inside is far more sinister than they could have imagined.

Worst of all, an army of Chinese soldiers — hoping to get their hands on the tech — are at their heels.

The Ice Chasm is the third installment of the fast-paced sci-fi thriller that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat. It is a nonstop, action-packed technothriller about artificial intelligence, the unending push toward scientific discovery, corporate conspiracies, and the human condition.

Enjoy it as a standalone novel, or as a continuation of the series! If you like James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Clive Cussler then you will love the whole Harvey Bennett Thrillers Series.

303 reviews for The Ice Chasm - Ebook

  1. Ian McGrath

    A frightening possibility if technology ever makes this possible. Hope we still have good guys in real life to take out the bad guys.

  2. Mike Breeze

    I’ve now read all 3 of the Harvey Bennett series books by Mr Thacker. I think this one was the best of the 3. While I think that the good guys did get some ‘coincidently good breaks’, I always thought that they were about to die but then, they found a way to prevail. Good read. Now I’ll have to check out some books by the author’s buddy Mr Tumlinson.

  3. Ilse E.

    Great premise and lots of action. Would have given it 5 stars, if editing had been better. Quite a few grammatical errors and occasional ambiguity as to which character was meant. Would make a great movie.

  4. A Twisted Bi**ches Author

    I have the book 4 stars because it has a great plot and exceptional characters with well thought background for each. A great techno thriller with some surprising twists. Also the professional jargon was kept simple enough for anyone to understand instead if getting lost in definitions and such.The only issues I had were that In some small areas my interests slowed due to long chapters without any action due to the over description of the struggles the characters were going through AND my biggest concern was that while it’s a great read with a great plot; it was a bit cliché. So may authors opt for everyday citizens that become embroiled in conspiracy type situations and then become mysteriously funded carte blanche by some benefactor or another. Also against all odds, all of the main characters always seem to make it out.Understandably, most of the books that have plots similar to these cannot be accomplished without the aforementioned circumstances but I would just like for once to see the average person accomplish this without the use of millions of dollars at their disposal and for some of the main characters to not always make it out happy and healthy. I’m not saying if they have to be killed off but they need to come out with some other kinds of the losses besides a few scrapes and burns.

  5. Steven Kellar

    Ben, Julie, Reggie and Joshua have been selected to go to Antartica. The company they have been looking for has an installation there and they have been tasked with finding out what is going on. The book is one of non-stop action that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

  6. EBER


  7. Rick

    This book, as well as the two others in the series, we’re freebies with my bookbub account. I would have purchased them if that were the case. These three stories were exciting and fast paced. The storyline was clear and consistently interesting. The locations of the stories were well described and very detailed. I recommend this trilogy to those who like action, adventure, humor and intelligence. Nick Thacker really did a great job and I look forward to reading more of his books.

  8. Sandra Varone

    What an amazing adventure! It grabbed me from the very beginning. Some of the things that happened were almost unbelievable but I was determined to get to the end to find out what was going to happen. I did enjoy the book.

  9. Sharon

    If you liked the other Harvey Bennet books, you’ll like this one. My rating is based on this book being true to the series and entertaining, not on it’s being great literature. If you’re unwilling to suspend a whole lot of disbelief, then you won’t enjoy this story, because it is definitely science Fiction with a capital F. I had fun reading it, and it advanced the overall story of Bennet and the other continuing characters.

  10. Al D.

    A real page turner. I like the characters, the curious science driving the plot and the plot twists. I read the first and now the third in the series and look forward to reading #2!

  11. Bob McCulley

    For anyone who thinks the secret to a great thriller is non-stop action, The Ice Chasm should be at the top of their to-do list! Right out of the gate, the action begins and the mystery builds. The Ice Chasm is a great read for adventure lovers of all ages.The pros and cons: On the “pro” side, the plot moves along from the vantage point of several of the main characters…keeping the reader involved and interested. On the “con” side, if you like lots of sleep every night, you might find it difficult to wake up in the mornings…it’s hard to stop turning the pages….

  12. Jss

    I looked forward to picking up here I left off each time. I have too much going on to read books in one sitting but this series again makes you want to return. Plenty of action and well developed characters. Thank you.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Grab a cup of java, a slice of pizza and a fuzzy fleece wrap (you will be spending a whale of a time in Antarctica, after all). All the other ingredients to enjoy this good read.

  14. KarenWby

    The adrenalin never stops flowing. I happened on this, the third in the series, first. Now I am going to have to read the first two, starting today! My heart is still pounding from the on-stop, near-death episodes. I was more than a bit confused by the technological stuff, but you wrote clearly enough, Nick, that not only was I able to follow the action, I think I probably became a tech geek while reading Ice Chasm. Tremendously creative, exciting, and an unusual facet of the Thriller genre. Thanks for great storytelling!

  15. Fuzisnoman

    In the form of Clive Cussler, this novel is well organized, complex, and transitions smoothly between characters and events. This is evidently hard to do for new authors, but Nick Thacker achieves the high goal. The main characters, Ben and Julie, are sucked into adventure and intrigue. They must find what Julie’s murdered professor was working on. This leads them to break into a huge computer complex built secretly under the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Simultaneously fighting a deadly Antarctic storm, a hundred miniature deadly drones, a crack-team of mercenary guards, and a company of Chinese soldiers, they (and the reader) discover what they are they are looking for and then disable the evil plot.

  16. janita monteiro

    I liked it very much. Hoping to read all the titles of the series. Well worth reading.

  17. Karen K

    Worth your time. Very entertaining and suspense filled.

  18. Cassaundra Caldwell

    The Harvey Bennett series continues to keep me turning pages, losing time, and dreading the end of the book. I love getting caught up in the adventurous lives of these characters. They’re the good guys, seeking justice for the bad guys in exotic locales with amazing technology. Highly recommended for the readers of adventure and thrills.

  19. Victoria Palmer

    An action packed read with a mind blowingly chilling plot and well defined characters I came to know like old friends, especialy Ben snf Joshua, my favorites. I loved it.

  20. V. Mcwhorter

    This book sounded interesting and different than I usually read. I’m glad I purchased. Moved along.quickly and kept my interest all the way thru. Action packed. Enjoyed this book thoroughly

  21. Poppy

    I found the of behind any believability. Surviving to the outcome completely impossible. And a human powered computer ridiculous.

  22. Judith A. Cronen

    Nick did a great job with the characters. They are all very believable. The storyline was very interesting and kept me coming back to see what was going to happen. Keep up the good work Nick.

  23. Jon Fullmer

    Good book with lots of action and great characters. The end of the book did however not keep up with the excitement throughout the rest of the book. Sort of a fissile ending.

  24. Wayne A. Wesson

    Very good and suspensful.

  25. Dan Kirsch

    A fun escape, good team bonding, action and a touch of science fiction. This is the first Ben book I’ve read and now I need to go find and read the others. This was the perfect escape read with enough action to keep things moving and some suspense too.


    Easy reading, moves fast, great plot, got to know who behind it all and what is it all? Found Amazon Code just as good, need to read more by this author, 1st of goodreads I want to follow

  27. Yohanna Jones

    I read thrillers in spurts: Have had the first two books of the series for some time. And have been so pleased with the build of the stories and the development of the characters. I read the first two , then read and (listened to ) Ice Chasm simultaneously . I needed some real engrossing material. Nick Thacker delivers.

  28. Sara Jane Yates

    O raves about it so much my boyfriend decided he had to read it and at present is deeply submerged in it. Anxious to read more of this unique writing. That ks so much for a great read.

  29. Curtis L

    Great read. This book kept me glued to the book until finished. If you like science fiction with a large dose of truth, check this one out. It makes bio computers and their potential quite scarey.

  30. Ryan Christensen

    Interesting story line. Writing below average. Too many cliche parts.

  31. Sadysue

    I read Amazon and Yellowstone (#1 & #2 of the series) and totally enjoyed both. This 3rd book is really awful and really boring. I had to force myself to continue reading. I got half way through the book but just had to quit. Big disappointment and waste of time.

  32. Regdor

    I have read 3 books in the Harvey Bennet series and really liked them all. Thacker produces action packed and suspenseful yarns that are a little sci-fiy. Good plot and character development in all three. I really found myself worrying about the heros and hating the villains. Great job!

  33. Richard J Milito

    Another great adventure with Ben and Julie. This is number 3 and it’s as good or better than the first two books in this series. Traveling to another remote part of the earth to confront the evil Draconis Industries. Great action and pace with a few surprises along the way. Hoping for a number 4.

  34. Mark N.

    I don’t usually write reviews but I really liked this read. Plenty of action and the ice and being in Antarctica was a great touch. I wish I read his other two books before this one but I was not completely lost.

  35. Brian

    interesting plot

  36. osmonde

    Wooden writing and characters; didn’t grab me

  37. RetSMS

    Not so much

  38. Bob

    This was the best of the Harvey Bennett series. The action and pace was good. However, I needed to suspend reality too many times. If Nick could make some of scenes more realistic, I could stay with the plot. A big example of this is heating ducts. The cold air supply and the heated air can not be the same duct. Someone would have to exit the hot air duct and then enter the cold air duct. Otherwise, I am looking forward to reading what happens to the group with their new assignments. Keep up the good work Nick.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Very realistic – I was deployed to McMurdo for several seasons and usually laugh at descriptions by other writers about the place. Nick gets it right. His story is a page turner, I could not put it down. Thanks for a great read!

  40. Karen Herbert

    Quite a different twist to the plot, hi tech and bio science combined. I enjoyed it enough to read more from this author. Only downside was some strange additional or missing words, which nearly always cropped up at the tensest moments, making them all at once anti-climactic. This seems to be increasingly common in novels. Whatever happened to editors? I deducted a star because this is inexcusable.

  41. Bjmw


  42. Tammi

    This book is full of suspense with flashes of humor. Loved the fact that one of the locations is one that I know well. I could actually see the location and the scene play out in my mind.

  43. CatM

    Ok so it took 3 books to get to the bottom of the mystery so had to read all – but it was good reading! Now I’m left wondering if this team will be together on future missions?

  44. Spark

    I was excited at the concept of a story line involving a secret base in Antarctica, a lot of technology, a mystery to be resolved and a team sent to find out what was going on. In places, though, the story seemed to get a bit wordy which detracted from the excitement at the moment.

  45. Ray 410

    For me this story started a little slow, maybe because I haven’t read the first 2 books but it held my attention& I got into it as I realized they were using people to run the computer. I would recommend this book to my friends.

  46. Gillian Skeemer

    Well written.

  47. Coral Keller

    An action packed mission. Great characters development, attention tof detail and although on the cutting edge between reality and fiction very believable. Couldn’t put the book down! I’m looking forward to the next book.

  48. CCG

    Great story, well told.

  49. Steve

    I could not put this book down. I thought it was the best of the three. Loved the action and as always the characters. I think it’s a must read.

  50. K. Camp

    This third book of the series follows the same formula as the previous two. The characters are generally engaging, and the storyline flows relatively well. There are (of course) some major gaps in logic, but overall, the book is a fun escape.

  51. M. C. Birch

    Action and adventure in the Antarctic! I love the characters of the Harvey Bennett series. If you haven’t started it yet, give it a try. They are well-developed and you really learn to like them as the series goes on. With winter starting and the cold weather outside at home, it made it easy to identify a bit with the setting and the descriptions of the cold and ice made it very real. Good job Mr. Thacker!

  52. Chief Dowis

    I thoroughly enjoyed Nick’s book. It kept me interested from the very start. Nicks style of action writing is one that will keep me interested in his writings and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us next.

  53. Lorrie A. Yeschick

    Wow..what a great book and the third in the series. I can’t wait for Mr. Thacker to continue on this series. The book ended with that possibility. Never boring, unbelievable,yet written believably. This is the kind of book I can’t put down. Full of action, twists and turns. I put this author at the top of my list!

  54. Larry Strouth

    I have now read the first three books in this series, and am a die hard fan of Harvey, Jules, Reggie and now Joshua. Mr. Thacker obviously researcches his subject material thoroughly and takes the time to bring characters to life while at the same time keeping a faat pace that makes for a great read.

  55. Chris Adams

    The story gets better and better. Plenty of excitement from the heroes and heroines as they continue to battle for right . I look forward to the next book .

  56. Herbert Frazier

    i did enjoy all three in this series and based on the ending of this book there will be more to come. However…the author apparently lost a character…what happened to Colson? He disappeared without explanation before the “final” meeting with Mr. and Mrs. E. I was wondering what happened to the hapless overweighr geek who managed to survive all that and find some courage along the way!

  57. Karlou V

    This is the last of three books and finally answers the question of what the evil Francis Valere was doing with his secretive company. The book is non-stop action. I love all the characters- Ben, Julie, Reggie and Jonathan. This was a satisfying end to the story as well as a hint of more adventures to come. I can’t wait to read the next book!

  58. Cynthia

    Good read, but some of the scenes either took forever or just hurried up too fast. I wanted to know what happened to the computer geek at the end of the book! Not as good as first two.

  59. JJ

    The frozen, windswept landscape of Antarctica is the setting for the exciting third book in Nick Thacker’s Harvey “Ben” Bennett earthly sci fi trilogy. Ben and his girlfriend, Julie, are continuing their search for an evil terrorist organization.While “The Ice Chasm” stands alone, I highly recommend reading the first book, “The Enigma Strain” and the second book, “The Amazon Code”, before reading “The Ice Chasm”. I think each book is more exciting than the previous one.You will love Nick’s characters, who are very believable. There are new characters in this book – some good and some bad – and not all of them survive.The plot and subplots are exciting and will keep you turning pages, while you cheer on the good guys.It was almost impossible to put this book down. Also, Nick opened the possibility of another book, and I sincerely hope he does. I highly recommend “The Ice Chasm”!!!

  60. Stipz

    Loved how Ben & Jules have grown. Nick’s books grab you and bring you along for the ride! Interesting concept of getting everyone’s minds working together can change the world. Liked reading about Antarctica too.

  61. james baker

    A good book. I enjoyed and recommend it

  62. Patti Miller

    I don’t know how he does it, but each book in this series is better than the ones before. From the non stop action to the unique and varied characters and their interactions, Nick takes us through a story that had me on the edge of my seat! I absolutely, positively recommend this third chapter in the Harvey Bennett series!!

  63. John L Bentley

    Ice Chasm is the third book in the series and without a doubt the best one yet. It’s action and adventure thats you though twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  64. RPJ

    With great respect for indie writers/publishers, I have to say the huge number of typos and simple grammatical errors in The Ice Chasm were distracting. When I buy a book, even an indie book, I expect text that shows evidence of at least rudimentary editorial attention. I agree with others’ assessment that The Ice Chasm is the most interesting story line so far in this series. But at least in the Kindle edition, editorial quality control has led to an amateurish product.

  65. jonathan kastoff

    For his third Harvey Bennett thriller, Nick Thacker relies on ongoing action. The reader knows no more and no less than what the protagonists know, which adds to the suspense. The main characters are well developed and the reader cares what happens to them. Reminiscent of early Matt Reilly books, the characters are well positioned for further books in this series. I, for one, eagerly await the next volume.

  66. Jo K

    Well written, fast paced once it got started. A little slow in the beginning. It was a worthy sequel to the first two.

  67. bellawho

    You have done it again – only better! This really is the best of the series. Now we can anxiously await the set of adventures for CSO. You have done an excellent job of portraying the characters as every day people whose strengths and weaknesses the average reader can relate to. Thanks for giving us an enjoyable set of stories.

  68. Manie Kilian

    Colson is a system programmer for a computer game company (exept it is actually involved in creating the world’s first hard AI that is located under the ice in Antactica. Then he discovers an anomaly in the computer code and, having demanded an explanation and not getting it, he decides to resign…..underground in the arctic. Instead his bosses have him put in some casket to die a slow death only to be rescued by our hero, Ben and company ………. just in time to land up in the cross hairs of an invading squad of Chinese after the secrets of the AI. Ah, well some days at work is just hell.And this is but one thread in this action packed thriller. Wait until you read what happen with our heroes! Well actioned thriller, Mrr. Thacker.

  69. Red48

    I have read the other two Harvey Bennet thrillers that Nick Thacker has written and they were great. Ice Chasm however is way above those two. Watch out James Patterson, Daniel Silvia and other thriller authors. There is a new guy in town! This book was so good I literally could not put it down. You have no idea what is going to happen next and are totally surprised at the twists and turns this book takes. How Harvey and the rest of the crew get out of the predicaments they end up in. You’re sure they are dead, but Nick gets them out in the most unique ways. I am very much hoping that there is another book in this series. It was left either way. You can literally see Nick grow as an author from The Enigma Strain to The Amazon Code, then Ice Chasm. Keep up the good work, Nick. Don’t miss one of the best thriller series out there.

  70. pgamark

    Well written, good character development. Enjoyed it!

  71. Michael &Tulay C

    This book will make a good movie, would I see it? No I won’t.Under the ice, in Antarctica, secret laboratory, programmes working to create Biologically structured supercomputer. Ten layers deep compound, thousands of people on life support, their brains are hooked up to computers to create this computer. Government wants this data, as well as the Chinese. Fights, more killings with long descriptions. Blizzard, but drones flying in this weather!

  72. Erik Pointer

    Not bad… I got the chills… evocative of the climate outside the station in Antarctica!

  73. 1happybrit

    (I was provided with a pre-publication copy of this book.)It’s another attempt to stop Draconis Industries from taking over the world, this time in the Antarctic. And again Ben and Julie are part of the chase, along with old acquaintances and new faces – and not all of them are friendly.The adventure in this book is far more nerve-wracking and dangerous than the ones that have come before it, and again lives are lost. But the characters gain a deeper awareness of themselves and what they are capable of during this latest mission. And the survivors emerge very battered and bruised, but more confident about their abilities.It’s a ride that the reader may not want to get off of.

  74. George W. Wilkinson

    The Ice Chasm was the third Nick Thacker book that I’ve read. I couldn’t put Amazon Code and couldn’t put down this follow up either. Very enjoyable reading!

  75. Ann MacKenzie

    This is the third Harvey Bennett story I’ve read and will probably not read another. There is plenty of danger and thriller moments, but the inner dialog and spoken dialog that bothers me.

  76. Anna

    this is the 3rd book in the series and I hope there will be more. They are exciting and fun to read. Sometimes they start to get a bit deep and dark but then pull out and the good guys always win. I like that.

  77. Kindle Customer

    Fast paced, exciting, terrifying, believable, the list goes on ! What more could one want in an action book. NOTHING! Keep up the good work Mr. Thacker, loved all three but this one was the best.

  78. Barry Lennard

    A very exciting story, kept me interested to the ending. The text would benefit from more thorough proof reading and I thought the resolution was a tad rushed leaving too many loose ends. I’m pleased to have spent the time reading it though.

  79. Kindle Customer

    Not my normal type of reading material, but as the pages kept turning my interest kept growing. A good plot that has some very interesting twists and turns as the story progresses. All in all an enjoyable read.

  80. Jay Willhoft

    Really good book. Characters were for the most part believable. Some of the guards were a little too evil. I enjoyed the development of the character Colston, but we never found out what happened to him. Did I miss something?

  81. D. Vandeven

    This book , like the two before it, really hit the ground running and never looked back. It’s fast paced and engaging peppered with rich characters (really what’s not to love about them) and interesting concepts. A serious book that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Honestly, I absolutely can’t wait for the movies!

  82. Amazon Customer

    very slow and boring! to me it looked like the author has tried to put some cheap computer shooter game in book format.

  83. Michelle Kaeding

    I like the characters very much. I did not like the story as much as the one before it, Amazon Code.

  84. Amazon Customer

    This is the third book of the series that keeps getting better. Each instalment improves on the last. Well worth reading.

  85. Izak

    Good read. Action throughout. Bit unrealistic. BBB BBB NN mm LL KK KK KK JJ JJ GG ff DD ss

  86. Kindle Customer

    Well written and full of action. Unfortunately, I personally am not a fan of blow by blow battle accounts, and there are a lot of these in this book. The idea is good and fans of this type of action will love the book.

  87. maryjane

    Another great story! I’ve read all in the series now & enjoyed every one of them! Things seem to be progressing nicely for Ben & Julie, finally. I was so proud of the nerdy computer guy (Colson) when he finally manned up & fought back. I’m not quite sure what to make of Reggie. He’s likeable, but seems like he could be a bomb about to explode, under certain conditions. Meaningful characters that are easy to relate to.

  88. bill johnson

    Good plot and characters. Very enjoyable read.

  89. David C Taylor

    This latest Harvey Bennett story has plenty of action, a little romance, and plenty of “cool technology” all set in the most remote location on earth.If you are looking for something to escape for a few hours, The Ice Chasm is the ticket.

  90. Kindle Customer

    Nice book, keeps your interest, I would recommend this as well as other. Books by Nick Thacker, looking forward to new books by Nick

  91. Amazon Customer

    A bit laborious. More than enough action, too little plot. But I read it all in hope of understanding. Sadly, glad I’m done.

  92. Bookworm Sandy

    Author Nick Thacker hits his stride with his third Harvey “Ben” Bennett adventure. Ben and Julie meet up with two characters from The Amazon Code to continue their search to discover the elusive “Company’s” goal and to identify the villain(s) behind it. Their mission is financed and equipped by the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. E, who have their own reasons for learning the Company’s secret plan.All the action takes place in Antarctica, in a secret facility straight out of a Michael Crichton thriller. We’re talking drones, artificial intelligence, computer server farms and the creepy Level 9, filled with rows and rows of what appear to be giant file cabinets, which hold the final secret. From the moment the group lands on this frozen continent, the action and suspense never let up. Secrets are revealed, bonds are forged and there is a nice little twist at the end. Fascinating — I was up all night.

  93. Carla Gordon

    Great characters, great plot, lots of action and tons of fun to read. I am ready to go on the team’s next, or really their first assignment. Loved the comic book reference at the end.

  94. aRTy

    I enjoyed reading this book. I was sorry I didn’t read book two first. Even so it is well written as usual. The characters are believable and interesting. I think they should make this series into a move r three moves.

  95. E Chapman

    This was my second book by Mr Thacker. I was disappointed with the first one,but being a free offer and the high stars received, I was eager for the next read. Sadly I did not share the enthusiasm as the other reviewers. The setting grew tiresome to me, either ice cliffs or air ducts or seemingly long gun fights. I had a problem with the tidy way the problems were cleaned up. This just wasn’t the book for me.

  96. Amazon Customer

    Can’t wait for the next installment of the series hopefully it will be out soon with all the same characters if you enjoy action stories give this series a try

  97. Gerald Abey

    Thrilling tale with lots of suspense, twists in the tail and a good read!

  98. Kindle Customer

    Antarctica as a setting was cool, literally. The story was a bit confusing. There were multiple references to previous books. If I had read this as a third story it might have helped as a memory aid. As it was, it annoyed and did not help the plot along.

  99. garyobrien

    enjoyed very much hope to see more soon

  100. Gail Jenner

    These two from Harvey Bennet were a great way for me to tune out the realities of my world. A bit busy with the details in some spots, but easy to just jump ahead…

  101. Dee’s Kindle review

    WOW!!!! If this is practice, you are off to a great start!!! Please excuse the my KINDLE is on the blink.

  102. Gramps3421

    This is the third book of the Harvey Bennet that I have read. Nick has come a long way in his writing since introducing “Ben.”There are quite a few twists and turns in “The ice chasm” and some that just doesn’t make sense but it all comes together. I would recommend reading the other two books in the series to see how the characters are formed as a team.

  103. Amazon Customer

    This is the second work I have read by this author. I found this to be engaging… when I don’t want to go to sleep so I can keep reading that says it all. High tech plus adventure in a most unlikely setting made for a very enjoyable read. I will be reading more of his works. Thanks Nick!

  104. Larry

    This book will keep you on the edge of your seat! What I don’t like is the fact that it was so hard to put down. A read I definitely recommend!

  105. Wes Harper

    Have enjoyed the continuing story line of this series. Each new book reveals another layer to the main characters.The author sprinkles realistic responses in just the right places. As he shares thoughts from the characters, you find you were thinking the same thing.

  106. Barbara Rysted

    Enjoyed this book a great deal! I hated having to quit reading in order to go to bed. A lot of excitement and thrills! Looking forward to reading other books by this author. Enjoy!

  107. Dan

    A good read

  108. Kindle Customer

    I actually loved this book. I loved the characters and story line. I have ended up buying all 4 of the books now in the Harvey Bennett Series and can’t wait for the next one!! Kept me up nights and I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Nick Thacker

  109. Kindle Customer

    Fast paced with a good wrapup of the Draconis series. The ending sets the stage for more great stories to follow.

  110. Patrick Reece

    This is a typical Nick Thacker adventure. Plenty of action and keeps you reading page after page. Each of his books gets better and this will be one that you don’t want to miss

  111. B.B.

    This is another Harvey Bennett adventure. Clean language. The characters are all easy to care about. I hope Jonathon Colson shows up in future novels in this series. Nick Thacker is a good novelist and I recommend this and other books in this series.

  112. Myles Cohen

    A fabulous action adventure that could be a stand alone novel. Great characters, excellent story line, and fast paced action make this novel a winner. Hidden in the Antarctic is facility that houses a research project to finish developing artificial intelligence for evil purposes.

  113. Kathleen WH

    Excellent. This series has been like a roller coaster ride going from one impossible plot to anotherPlot elements are dropped at times for wild and crazy, actually improbable narrative twistsBut the series is excellent.

  114. Kindle Customer

    Nick Thacker is becoming one of my favorite authors. I particularly enjoyed this book. Lots of action and entertainment. Editing is good, with less than usual errors (the bane of my reading existence).I can definitely recommend it to a wide audience, regardless of your favorite genre.

  115. Judith Stewart

    I enjoyed this book and look forward to toner adventures in tje Harvey Bennett series

  116. Kindle Customer

    I really enjoy this series, I’ve come to know each of the characters as each book progresses. It is an adventure waiting to happen in each book and the thrills are top notch. Can’t wait for the next one!

  117. Purple dragonfly

    The storyline in all of his books thus far, have an intriguing plot. The author is starting to develop his characters and as such, you find yourself more involved and naturally, rooting for the good guys!

  118. kjkearns

    Ben, Julie, Joshua, & Reggie are still looking for and trying to end Draconis Industries. With the latest scrap of information regarding their nemesis leads Ben, Julie, and the rest of our Quixotic crew to the bowels of Antarctica.As this book ends, we are left with two questions, Is this really the end of Draconis Industries, and What will be the ramifications of the proposal put forth by the ultra mysterious Mr. E? I guess the next book will give us some clues.

  119. Kindle Customer

    Although this book, while one of a series, could have stood alone, Mr. Thacker apparently thought it best to expose a goodly portion of book 2….and not just once but three times! And there was a annoyance of mine….the word to stop a horse or ??? is whoa….not woah.

  120. Traci Kidd

    enjoyed the characters . enjoyed the intrigue .looking forward to the next two installments . would like so.more character development for Julie and Ben

  121. Cheryl

    Read first 3 in the series and highly recommend. These are really good stories and I enjoyed them. Very good author!

  122. Amazon Customer

    Nick Thacker delivers a fast pace, action packed book that also manages to develop believeable characters with some depth. Can’t wait to read another.

  123. Roougou

    Turned out to be not my cup of tea. Stayed with it to the end but it was a struggle. Well written but this genre isn’t one I enjoy. Read a few pages at a time then went on to something else for a while. Hate to put down any book.

  124. happymom

    A great place for a book to be based in, Antarctica is! Made me want to put on a parka and boots, hat and gloves and experience it for myself! Great characters! And A.I.! Plenty of action, and crazy situations. A page turner.

  125. Sheepieluv

    AI is a dominent factor in this compelling experience which includes a tightly-wound, battle-driven onslaught of bad guys, drones and foreign mercinaries, as well an Antarctic cold snap. We haven’t even mentioned the Amazon, the megalomaniac or the chilling and deadly finale. Enjoy!

  126. Michael

    Looking forward to reading this. I have so many books and so little time.

  127. Customer

    I’m looking forward to the next in the series, so far liking all the characters and direction they’re going. Great read

  128. Chris P

    The book was well written. The story line was good and had some good twists. The only that detracted from the story was in one chapter it became obvious what was happening but it took the main characters another 2 -3 chapters before they figured it out.

  129. Philly

    One of those books where, from the first pages, you know who will live and who will die. The body count was high in this book you knew the main characters would survive. Enjoyed the book though despite the endless firefights.

  130. Gaetgodi

    I would recommend this to anyone who likes action stories. only 4 start instead of 5 because of some tedious descriptions. They did not take away from the story though. I had also read Enigma which I liked too.Bring able to buy the audible version was a plus. I ended up listening to about half the book while driving.

  131. Reader88

    Fast-paced with a different spin on AI plus believable characters all add up to an enjoyable read. I gave this only 3 stars because it was a bit predictable and needs a few edits for clarity.

  132. John

    An abrupt ending that wasn’t very clear. A very confusing and way to long book. It was well written but it did not hold my attention throughout.

  133. JCM-SCC

    The beginning of the book was very interesting – like the first chapter. However, after that I found it juvenile like it was written by someone in high school. The only reason I finished it is because I am stubborn.

  134. Kindle Customer

    This series by Nick Thacker has to be three of the best related books I have ever read. I can only hope that there will be more about this group of characters in the future.

  135. night reader

    Exellant book!

  136. Robert Porter

    Good read when nothing is going on

  137. Amazon Customer

    Its a good story and well written. But the basic premise will a bit hard to swallow, at least for real-life code monkeys.

  138. Ed Monte

    A reasonably straight-forward adventure action story with a bit of suspense which would make good light-hearted read; however, it was let down by two things. Firstly, as has been mentioned by others, the lack of editing (kindle edition) was very distracting, having to stop the story to work out just what was intended. The other was what I consider a failed attempt to add a complication to the plot, with another character introduced in chap. 1, and captured, then not appearing again until 2 lines right at the end, when the hero/heroines were instantly able to recognise his name as on a briefly viewed list of about 1000 bodies now in the basement. I guess that may be why they are the hero/heroines, but it didn’t work for me. The whole concept of this lone character doing a solo research study was also so totally against protocol in that environment that I have to suspect a lack of basic research here.

  139. Shirl

    Very suspenseful and exciting.

  140. Pinktech

    Enjoyed the adventure.

  141. Mike

    all good

  142. KL_Burke

    While multiple typos were disappointing, the action is nonstop and the characters grow on you. Exciting!

  143. Ferd D.

    Sgsdgdhc dhfhfhxbf xd xfhdbsjfjsjx dhdbddjcbxbcccn cnffj dnddjsj dnddjsj dnddjsj dnndn dhdbddjcbxbcccn dnndn dhfhfhxbf dh dbsj dhddh shdhdj dhdbddjcbxbcccn zxbxb dhdbddjcbxbcccn dhdbddjcbxbcccn

  144. Avid Reader

    I enjoyed reading “The Ice Chasm.” It moves quickly through the plot. However, that’s also the problem with the story. It moves too quickly and there is little character development. I will admit that I have only read this book and not the previous two books in the series. There may be more explanation that I haven’t read. If you are looking for a quick action novel, without wanting to invest a lot of thought into what you are reading, this will definitely fill the bill.

  145. cheri

    Author has continued to develop the characters in this series. The original characters from book 1 have now been joined with some people from book 2 and now new people from this book. The characters have now become a part of the Nick Thacker family with all their reader fans. Good read!

  146. Paula Jilling

    This is by far the best of the Harvey Bennet series. Excellent action and interaction with the main characters. A definite must read. I hope there is another adventure ahead for the whole gang.

  147. Paul B.

    I found the beginning of this novel a bit slow but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. There were plenty of both action and surprises plus good characters that I actually cared about.The editors need to up their game-there were a LOT of inexplicable typos. I hereby offer to proofread anything that Mr. Thacker cares to send me. 😉

  148. WAYNE

    Is not that great. [ttttttttttttt just kidney logs sorry kkoyyt the sole stuff to dash. I’d this it you think

  149. Kindle Customer

    I did like the book, but it was my least favorite of the three in this series. But to be fair, I get bored pretty easily with book series. However, I did feel this last book had more action than plot. The book did finish up well, and left the door open for another Harvey Bennett adventure, if the author chooses to do so. I would like to add that I do really like Nick Thacker as an author. I think he is one of the best “indie” writers that I’ve read. I would highly recommend giving this author a try, if you like well-written action novels.

  150. Retha Mayhew

    This story was scary and exciting. I have read the two others and also liked them. I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to the next book in the series, if there is one.

  151. Longrider

    A little bit far fetched but somewhat interesting.

  152. Peggy Hayden

    This is the third book by Nick Thacker that I have read and it didn’t disappoint. He ranks right up with my all-time favorite writers.

  153. BillB

    The story was spellbinding. It still drags in places like the author is trying to reach a specific number of words. The editing is falling off. The characters are likeable and flawed so they seem more real. It was alluded but not really said. Storms in the Antarctic normally do not produce more snow. This k more of a sandstorm in the desert which is what Antarctic is. The average snowfall is 6″ per year. It just never melts. Now on to The Jefferson Legacy.


    I enjoyed this book. Read it in a day. Guess you could say It is a m or put down book. Just wish he would not kill off so many of our military boys.

  155. Eric D.

    Like the two prior books in the Harvey Bennett series, constant twists and turns in a hostile environment. It’s definitely a sit on the edge of your seat book. I already purchased the next episode in the series…

  156. DRX7

    These books get better as they go. Don’t worry the next million words are going to be fantastic. A must read.

  157. MaggieD

    I could tell that I missed number 1 and 2 in this series. I wasn’t totally lost, but could have used a bit more history about these characters since I haven’t read the first two books in this series. I enjoyed this book enough that I will pick up the ones that came before.

  158. Chloe Cuthbert

    Highly recommended for fans of James Rollins, Preston and Child, and Dan Brown. This is an intriguing thriller with a sci-fi twist.

  159. Tuckie

    I loved having to think I had and all the action in The smarts and different kinds of heroes and villains very very very interesting in a good series to follow

  160. Kindle Customer

    I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others

  161. Colleen

    Book 3 in the Harvey Bennet Series is a very good, action packed story. I would have given it a 4.5 if it existed. A 5 I use for books that hold me spell bound. I think the reason I cannot give this a 5 is that though it is a really fun story and the action is very well written, some of the action becomes tedious because it is overdone or redone. Repeats of some things could be eliminated. For instance, near the end there is mention that the character grabbed the gun even though it was not loaded. About two sentences later, this is said again making me want to go back to see if I misread the character name because maybe it was 2 people with empty weapons. I could not figure out why it would be written twice as it was. It was redundant. If the action and this kind of thing is tightened up, the story writing will be excellent. Early in the this story, the character, Reggie, is reintroduced. It was enough different from his introduction early in the series that I thought they were talking about a different Reggie. I even went back to the book where he is first introduced to make sure it really was the same person because the introduction of him in the two stories gave me very different mental images of the character. I did enjoy the story, and I look forward to seeing what mess the characters get into in book 4.

  162. Dennis M. Eddington

    There’s a new Cussler in town!! I’ve read the 1st three of Nick’s ‘Bennett ‘ books, 1 right after the other!! Can’t put them down!!

  163. Paul M. MIcheletti

    The story starts with a bang, and keeps going.Harvey Bennet is my kind of hero, makes mistakes but always comes thru.

  164. Dale W.

    I am am now completely hooked on this series! It just keeps getting better and better with each book. I can not wait to find out what Ben and Julie get themselves into next. These books are real page turners, and I read them quite fast. RECOMMENDED!!

  165. GaryB

    This is a very interesting novel with a cast of characters that will draw you in. The plot is quite involved and very inventive. I read this as the last novel in a 3 book set in purchased and have read another of the Harvey Bennett series as well. Also, a couple of other Nick Thacker books and they have all been worthy. A little Clive Cussler like.

  166. Rick L

    I enjoyed this book although a bit less than the first two in the series. While there is lots of action, some off it seems too far beyond belief which diminished the story somewhat. Overall however still a fun read.

  167. Sue L.

    Loved the fast-paced action and constant twists and turns of the plot! I had a really hard time putting the book down. Enjoyed the previous characters from this series and the new ones who were introduced. I hope we see more of them! Great setting for a book and love the practical explanation for how all the things work that seem impossible. I already have the next book in the series queued up to read!

  168. Kindle Customer

    Loved this book! Lots of action, very believable!!!!!Interesting twists.

  169. Ellen Oceanside

    Roald had been alone before, the frozen nothingness was everywhere, cutting thru him. Trudging, the killing wind , when he notice something in the ice.. Hours passed, all he could tell it was a square metal plate, digging more, he finds it was a door. Door lead to somewhere. Once again the author has captured us, in this frozen land, what did he uncover.Action packed, and full of intrigue.

  170. Jewel E. Colvin

    This is the third book in a boxed set I’ve read by Nick Thacker and I can’t get enough. I have read other reviews and a few gave 1 star ratings. I guess they are looking for Pulitzer winning writers. If that’s what you are looking for please move on. If you want GREAT reading entertainment than read on. Nick has a great style I appreciate and will continue to read. Of course I can predict the ultimate end, like the main characters prevail, But hey, the great read is the fun of why we buy his books. I just found Nick Yhacker’s books and plant to buy everything he has published.Ice Chasm is the 3rd of the 1st 3 and he had me at page 1. Gripping suspense and GR8 character development. If you are looking for a set of books that will entertain and keep you on the edge of your seat then buy Nick’s books.

  171. Rich Lenz

    This writer is right up there with Cussler and Rollins. Non-stop action and well crafted story line. The character development is excellent and the interplay of the characters is lively and fun. Excellent read.

  172. Lorraine Garten

    I love these books. This team is developing into a great group. Can’t wait to read the next book. Nick Thacker has a way of really keeping the excitement going.

  173. Cripplious

    During the reading i marked a few pages where stuff didn’t make sense. It is a good yarn but now to see who big bad is striking next.

  174. David W. Julian

    Arrived fast and just as described.

  175. Colonel B

    I have read all three Harvey Bennet books, and each time the plots and the writing get better. Bring on the next one!

  176. David E.

    This is the third book in the Harvey Bennet series and follows in the same vein as the other two featuring a single specific location, in this instance, Antarctica, and the potential misuse of technology. A mysterious benefactor funds a mission for Ben et al to investigate a location in Antarctica where Draconis may be attempting to complete their most terrifying plan yet, relating to artificial intelligence. This book is a highly entertaining read with a number of twists and turns that makes you want to read it to the end in one sitting! The book combines the thriller aspect with focus on the personal interactions between the usual crew and a few new additions. An excellent blend of science fiction and humanity. This book should appeal to anyone who likes thrillers focused on the abuse of new technologies.

  177. Steelmaimee

    Love the characters and find myself disappointed when I finish these books. I want the book to never end lol. Highly recommend!

  178. Grandkids49

    Never ordered, never received

  179. Denise Pursifull

    Reader beware, you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve turned the final page. Even then you’ll be hungry for the next book! Harvey Bennett and his adventures just keep getting better and better!

  180. Amazon Customer

    This book although the third in the series, is without a doubt my favorite one so far and I’m looking forward to book 4

  181. CPicou

    This is a thrill-ride of a story, from a lost pueblo in New Mexico to the Antarctic the story carries you along for the ride! Great story, wonderful characters and unexpected plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat and totally engrossed in this book

  182. Kindle Customer

    Great story. Loved the plot line and character growth.Would recommend it to my friends. I am looking forward to the next installment.

  183. Kevin Champion

    Good continuation of the series. interesting plot, growing characters, more action. good read,

  184. Judith M. Wilson

    Loved the story but really love the twist at the end. The price is a bit much though.

  185. Howard White

    Exciting read under the ice

  186. Me

    You want action, spice, a a little romance? Baby,you got it. Ben and the gang are up to their eyeballs with it. They finally found the Dragon main office I at the South Pole of all places. But, there are so many things stacked against them and not all of them are human. And you won’t believe what it is that there looking for that is running this machine. You don’t want to miss out on this one. So, jump on board.

  187. Kindle Customer

    Great book. A little too much violence.

  188. Amazon Customer

    Great read..non stop and believeable.. good author to follow…

  189. John

    I have become a fan of this Series after reading three of its novels. I enjoy the chemistry of team of strong characters and the great story. ☺

  190. Sunni N.

    From beginning to end this book lead you on a tour of the most inhospitable place on earth. As Harvey Bennett finds out who he truly loves . Ending is nothing short of a surprise.

  191. Jim

    This is the third book in the Harvey Bennet series and the third one I have read.I have enjoyed all of them, but the Ice Chasm was the most enjoyable.

  192. S. Widdecomb

    I couldn’t put it down. This is a great read for all ages. Each book just gets better. I can’t wait to read the next one.

  193. little-debbie

    Great book plenty of twist and turns. I hope this book never comes true, but I am sure a few have thought about it if not decided to try.

  194. Maggi Walker

    This is my second time reading this book. It is as great as the first time. Lots of action and excitement.Great job.

  195. Kindle Customer

    I thoroughly enjoy the first book in this series and could not wait to begin the second. The second wasn’t as good, but I finished it. This, however, is simply a re-writing of books 1 and 2 just in a different location with beyond improbable circumstances. I read 65% of the book but finally decided I read for enjoyment and I wasn’t enjoying the storyline anymore. Won’t be reading anymore in the series as the characters are at a stalemate and are becoming stagnant.

  196. Tom

    Enjoyed it much. Some concept.

  197. Trump the Cabal

    An extraordinary author, who creates stories to captivate his readers. My new favorite writer!!!

  198. soccermom

    The plot was mysterious and kept you guessing. I think all the characters were perfect for this story. I suggest if you want something a bit different

  199. Beth Hubbartt

    Another winner. I really enjoyed this book, all the action and all the complicated brain computer stuff, great work. I love this book

  200. Linda Meadows

    Action packed!!

  201. buyer

    Not as good as his first two books. The Ice Chasm was just too far fetched, security and weather wise

  202. Kevin H.

    Mr. Thacker writes some of the most intense fiction I have ever encountered. I really liked The Ice Chasm, and I’d like read more of his novels, but I need some time to regroup. Honestly! I confess, there were times when I had trouble following the depth and intricacies that were needed to totally glean what was being described. And some of the techno-jargon got too indepth, forcing me to re-read sections. But I have rarely been gripped with the physical tenderness that took hold of me during many of the action scenes. I had to literally put the book down and rest! But like I said, I want to read more.

  203. Magz

    I like following this group of unusual groups of friend coming together in middle of chaos. It is weird and funny

  204. Kindle Customer

    Sry say it but this book took a long time to give very little at the end. Pity about that.

  205. Arthur Rosenblatt

    A fitting conclusion to an exciting series. It makes you want to see more of the group, so I hope the series contnues. The characters are like friends and you come to care about what happens to each of them. It certainly kept my full attention and it was hard to leave the novel to tend to other things.

  206. JSW

    good series

  207. Kindle CustomerJim

    I enjoyed this book. Real interesting plot and surprises. Makes one wonder if things like this are going on today

  208. JF White

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this great series of thrilling adventures and The Ice Chasm is no exception. It’s an adrenaline-packed book with tons of great, edge of the seat action and terrific characters. I highly recommend this breath taking thrill ride

  209. Pitt713

    Love all of the Harvey Bennett adventures

  210. Susan

    Thacker surprises with a location not often the setting in books (that I have read). The unusual locale allows for new twists that nearly made my thudding heart stop! Just when you think you figured everything out he dives into another pathway that gets the excitement building again. Definitely recommend this series!

  211. Mr.Bill

    I’ve read the two previous books in this series. Each book was a unique experience in widely differing locations. Author Nick Thacker’s stories flow seamlessly without awkward ramblings. The Ice Chasm has everything I enjoy when reading a book – adventure, characters with sensible dialogues, suspense, danger and a well managed plot. Do not miss reading this series.I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, The Jefferson Legacy.

  212. Llama Lover

    This book was riveting. I could not put it down. The characters are very well written and I feel like I know them.

  213. Adam Bailey

    This was one red hot read. Couldn’t put it down actually.But my favorite part was the author’s attention to detail regarding character arcs.Excluding the villain, each of the POV characters had some limiting belief or internal struggle they needed to overcome to become a better version of themselves.The bonus was watching Ben lower his defenses with Julie and getting a tiny bit more of a glimpse into what makes Reggie tick.Really good stuff.

  214. jkfulmer

    Fast paced

  215. Derstahlhelm

    I found that the characters were quite enjoyable and relatable in the sense that the author made them so. While at times they seemed to be quite silly and some details annoyimg , they were relatable.The story itself was very interesting to me and held my interest throughout. Several descriptions in the book left me wondering “what if?” I am looking forward to reading more from this author.Great job Mr. Thacker.

  216. Amazon Customer

    Interesting plot with non-stop action and realistic characters

  217. Richard A Stull

    Ending was weak and indefinite

  218. Amazon Customerwdj

    The story line is logical and keeps your interest to the end.

  219. Amazon Customer

    I have read several of Nick Thacker’s books and always enjoy them. It is always fast-paced and thrilling but has a sense of humour. Sometimes it is a bit far-fetched but isn’t that also a great way to be swept away in a different world? I like Harvey Bennett’s character so have bought the new one also. And all Thacker’s books have a beginning, middle and end so you know you have finished a story and are not blackmailed into buying a sequel which too many books seem to do. You can just leave it or read another if you wish. And I guess I’m hooked.

  220. Kindle Customer

    I love action and thrill without a lot of profanity and this book was perfect! I will definitely be reading more by this author!

  221. D. Dergan

    This story grips you right away and then keeps on til the end. Then promise of another book! You’ll love it.

  222. bob4life

    Nick did it again. The series has been great so far, I hope he can keep it going. I look forward to the next book and will leave a more detailed review at the conclusion of that book. Onward!

  223. Saundra Wright

    This is the perfect culmination of the first two books. I can only wonder what Harvey will be up to next!

  224. Kindle Customer

    Great story regarding the hopeful end of the Dragon in the hidden lab in the Antarctic. Fighting security, Chinese and freezing weather takes its toll but the group works its way through but not without mishap. But at least now they know what Dragon was trying to create. Great job. Thank you.

  225. rajah622

    The characters are well rounded and have depth. The story was surprising at every turn. I would like to read more from Mr. Thacker in the future.

  226. cindy

    Another great story with lots of tense moments! Great characters, leaving you wanting more of their adventures. I love the books by this author!

  227. Toni V. Sweeney

    Have read all the books up to this point and enjoyed them, but (Spoiler Here) the fact that the people supplying the “brainpower” for the computer were all killed, while more or less unconscious, didn’t sit right. They didn’t hesitate to kill everyone. No attempt to rescue them at all. (No proof of whether they were voluntarily supplying it or were forced into the “coffins” as Colson was, although we know Raold Montgomery was, so we know one of the death was completely innocent) Oh, Ben says he can’t do it, so they shuffle the actual act off on Joshua, but still… And not a word of regret from anyone afterward. And these are supposed to be the good guys.Other than that, I enjoyed the story but the ending has really made me hesitate to read others. Call me overly-sensitive, but…there it is. Sorry. I want my heroes to dispense justice with mercy.

  228. cpm418

    I keep thinking this series will get boring and uninteresting. Well so far, it hasn’t. I wish this series would make it to the big screen. Make for a great visual experience.Off to read book 4!

  229. Pat

    This part of the series has much more violence in it. Ben experiences a lot of that violence to his person. It was confusing to me until I got close to the end. Also, this story is very far-fetched which is why it is a story. I didn’t feel it was a good ending. There continues to be swearing. I purchased an audio copy from the author’s website.

  230. Airplane Reviews

    As airplane books go Ice Chasm fits the bill. It’ll keep you turning the pages–as it did for me on a 9-hour flight from Chicago to Honolulu. But as good reads go, it just misses the mark. I’m reminded of the time I binge watched the first season of 24… When there’s a week gap between episodes it seems believable but back to back viewing leaves you in disbelief… Hey, didn’t Bauer just fall out a 3rd story window after being shot in the leg two hours ago? And now he’s running down the road chasing a bad guy at full sprint? Same here. Wait… Didn’t Ben just get his face and arms pummeled, ready to just roll over and die and now he’s doing what? And while I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the room, as soon as level 10 was described it was obvious what was happening even if the characters themselves didn’t figure it out until a few hundred pages later. And what happened to the “army” (being generic to avoid spoilers)? Figure out the computer and, what? They just stopped fighting? And the ending was, well–how many people sacrificed to accomplish that goal? Seems a bit overkill — literally. And oddly enough none of the characters seem overly PO’d over it which, based on books one and two, seems out of character. But, like I said, it did the job and occupied me while on a long flight. The writing style is improving over books 1&2. Character depth getting there. Here’s hoping #4 is a page turner without the Bauer-esq plot line. I’ll be reading that one on the flight home!

  231. Harley’s Mom

    One agreement i made to myself when I started reading for escapism, and sheer pleasure was that I would total accept anything that the author presented at face value, no matter how unrealistic, so that I could just focus on enjoying the story. I view that as my job. And since I have done that I get so much more enjoyment out of every novel that I read. Wisk me away. I say! Adventure awaits!That said, this book was loads of fun and adventure in a new location. They added new friends to their Scoobie crew which I hope will show up in later stories, and they were resourceful in doing what needed to be done. Can’t ask for more. I was happy.

  232. DDG22 Sailor

    I liked the story. Fast paced, fun characters and must an all out rocking story. Looking g forward to reading more Harvey Bennett stories.

  233. Gabrielle Sutherland

    I’m enjoying this series. I like how the characters are consistent and develop over time. Ben and Julie have a great relationship. She’s awesome. Ben isn’t very macho, is he? The twisty plot is good with enough evil villain threats going on. The never-ending fighting got a little tedious. Overall I recommend it.

  234. Betty

    Harvey Bennett had great crew by his side in Antarctica. He is An amazing character who doesn’t understand his own true worth. This book is action packed.I was on pins and needles as I read it.Keep up the good writing. I now own all of this series. Thank you for keeping me entertained. Pins and needles style.

  235. Rosemary56

    The CSO (Civilian Service Operation) led by the mysterious Mr and Mrs E have sent the Team, led by Harvey ‘Ben’ Bennett to Antarctica, where a signal that’s been detected leads to the frozen lair of their latest eco-terrorist enemies, Draconis Industries – but which other country’s forces come to investigate?Many battles ensue – both physical and mental – as the opponents fight for control, on behalf of themselves and their countries. Who will triumph?Get your copy of Nick Thacker’s The Ice Chasm to find out all the answers!

  236. I. Hass

    I recommend all 13 books in series. Good for all ages and genders

  237. CheshireCat

    II am reading this ebook thru Kindle UnlimitedEditing/Proofing Let me note that the author has evidently put some tie into cleaning up his proof reading. (I will not include editing in that observation). When I read it in Feb of 2022. I saw none of the klingers, klankers and klunkers that marred the Enigma Strain). So someone since 2016 has cleaned that up. Good.Editing, well the story hangs together,mostly, with a healthy suspension of belief.Plotinteresting and twisty enough. Lots of cliff hangers of course. Plenty of blood and guts, but not so quick to kill off characters. Relationships are developing.As far as I can observe we have an exotic location The Antarctic near McMurdo station. Developmental AI run by the shadowy Dragnstone Corp. And we get the Chinese involved in a not so shadowy way. Though I was never clear why the Chinese were involved. But do bad guys have to have a reason to be bad guys? Remember my comment about Saturday morning serials. I don’t know what kids over the last 20 years or so watch on Saturday mornings, but I just watched some Lone Ranger tv series and was surprised that I could barely get thru 3 or 4 o them. I mostly cringed. And yet I remember being absolutely riveted as a kid watching the series with the Lone Ranger (John Claymore) and Tonto (Jay Silverheels) on Silver and Scout.. So I’m saying this series is is still at a very low level of sophistication.And yet I kept on reading.CharactersBetter than before but still somewhat stiff. I note some of the 3 star complained too much character development, but I found it satisfactory.The language still seems flat. Cliches flourish and I highlighted one sentence that had 3 metaphors in it. Wow if one is good 3 of them have got to be great.Read at your own peril.

  238. Dakota 7

    The book is called “Harvey Bennett Trillers”, but Harvey is a less than a minor character in the book. Harvey has less experience in these books that anyone else. He doesn’t have the experience to pull off anything in any of the books I’ve read. The author could write these books without Harvey, with minor changes and have a better book. There really isn’t a lead character in the book, just a group with minor parts to make a whole. The stories are interesting some, but this one is totally unbelievable, just like Yellowstone and the Amazon stories. At the end, to think some group would organize these characters into an investigative team to do things the Special Forces or the FBI can’t do is really stretching the mind of readers.

  239. S. Jones

    Human technology – This was an interesting topic. The characters were very descriptive. I was intrigued by the fight scene with the Chinese and the marriage proposal. Very good.

  240. Kindle Customer

    Good adventure story. The story is well written and holds your interest from the start. Characters good and are well written into the story.

  241. Stephen Steiner

    Third book in the series. WARNING! Do not start this book unless you have plenty of time.. For me it was almost impossible to put down. Start with the first book in the series; “The Enigma Strain”. Get the series.

  242. Trish (Patricia) Smith

    The Ice Chasm is a fast paced, action thriller. This series has a great core of interesting characters that add a lot of interesting personalities.

  243. KRD

    Loved the characters in this book. Interesting and fully developed. Lots of action and some well placed humor.I would recommend this book if you live action and technology.

  244. NeeRu

    Fast paced storyline that keeps you engaged throughout and on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Awesome characters that you can get behind or dislike immensely. Definitely a book worth reading.

  245. John Ames

    Excellent book with believable characters. I greatly enjoyed this book. It was even sad when Sara died.

  246. Noni2015

    I really am enjoying this series and highly recommend it! Fast paced and never boring. I have read several in this series and it just keeps getting better.

  247. marcia

    Non-stop action that leads to a impossible situations and one snafu afer another.Julie and Ben with friends from the previous book to find out what mystery is down in the Antarctica.

  248. giffergirl

    I love this genre! Fun reading with plausible plots! The characters are believable and fun. Take it to the beach or curl up on a cold day… easy and fun read!

  249. Steven

    Enjoyed! Will read the rest in the series. Characters are well thought out and they seem to be very real

  250. Daniel T

    I enjoyed this book. There was lots of action and adventure which kept my interest. My only complaint is that there was to much idle talk and thoughts which did nothing but add unnecessary pages to the book.

  251. DenverRealtor

    Expect a chilling thriller with heroes & villains.

  252. Kindle Customer

    This is the second book I read of Nick’s. Fast paste and full of twist and turns. Looks forward to my next book.

  253. Kindle Customer

    Read this out of order but did not disapoint. Well written and keeps your attention. I recommend this author. Well worth it

  254. jeff

    I hate it when I forget my place in a book, I turn a page and it’s the end. the main plot has come to a end andThe author add a little more, you keep reading, you turn the page and your directed to continue with the next book in the series. On to the next book as have to see what happens next.

  255. DP

    The premise of this book caught my interest. There was plenty of action but there was also plenty of unnecessary back story on all of the characters that was not needed and only drew out the book. At times it seemed to me that Nick Thacker was using it to fill the pages so the book would be long enough. This book could easily be half as long without all the extraneous information.

  256. James Blond

    Outstanding plot, characters, and action. This is an amazing look at Artificial Intelligence and the lengths to which criminals will go to try to take over the world. Very Exciting!!

  257. Robert

    Great book I really enjoy Nick Thacker style of writing he makes a normal adventure into a wild one when you finish a chapter you can wait to start the next

  258. LynnetteLantosh

    Characters that are just like your neighbors and your friends but the only differences they work to save the world from destruction

  259. Kindle CustomerKathleen Olson

    This is the second of these books for me; full of interest, excitement and great characters. Looking forward to the next.

  260. Becky kKindle Customer

    Imaginative and exciting, this is a “Can’t put it down book”. There is a lot of fight discription but none the less fun to read. I have greatly enjoyed all of the Harvey Bennet stories.

  261. Donna

    Well written, easy to read and so engaging to hold your interest. I love the fact that it is clean with no lewd scenes. It is an intriguing plot like no other I have read Kinda scary when you find out what is in the boxes!! Great story with imagination

  262. Moses

    I found this story difficult to get into. It seemed too hectic at the start with too many characters suddenly appearing without explanation of whom and what they were about. I appreciate that this story is the third in a series and that Juliette Richardson, Harvey Bennett, Reggie and Joshua Jefferson were all characters from the previous Harvey Bennett stories, but unless the previous stories have already been read, their lack of introduction in Chapter 2 creates concern for the reader as you don’t have any introduction to understand just where they fit in. The character of Raold Montgomery in the Prologue did not need further introduction, as to this reader his appearance was understandable. But then in Chapter 1, without some background information, Monsieur Valere and Emilio Vasquez are unknown quantities again.The story did gather interest as it progressed even though some scenes were unbelievable – long discussions took place whilst the good guys were under attack by the bad guys! So, it became a reasonable read. I believe it would be enhanced by further explanations of the characters as they enter the storyFor those that have read of Harvey Bennet before, it probably would all fall into place, but for this first time Harvey Bennett reader, it left something to be desired until the action got going and it could be appreciated where the various characters fitted in.Moses.

  263. Virginia Jones

    This is an exciting story with lots of action and intense drama. This isn’t my usual type of reading but I do like to vary now and then. I did enjoy this book and recommend it to all who enjoy lots of suspense.

  264. BlackCloud15

    I dislike reading about current political or economic positions that are occurring in our day to day lives. There is enough of that on the 24 hour news. I read for pure pleasure. This book was believable and did not forge into long conversations about technology. However what was disclosed was enough to keep my interest. I liked this book. It moved continuously, it did not dwell too long on the personalities and it did not have long periods where nothing happened. If you like this genre I would recommend it.

  265. R

    The team heads into another mystery but danger search for an item it’s necessary to find. It has suspense in the cold artic.

  266. LAM

    You definitely need to suspend disbelief to read this series. IF you can do that, it’s a fun ride, but there are major issues.This time Ben, Julie, Reggie, and Joshua, are on their way to Antarctica, in the company of a mysterious woman, Mrs. E, and her security team, and funded by a Mr. E (eyeroll). I wasn’t as happy with this one as I was book 2, because of this.Yes, I understand that they were drawn there by the promise of bringing down Drache Global, BUT… they went with little, to no, information, were told that certain members of their group would have certain roles, and then that was all taken away, and while upset they STILL chose to forge ahead with the mission. Excuse me? Why the hell would you take this on, with no info and people who lie to you? They never were told what the “real” mission was, and then, at the end, they’re all offered positions in the CSO – a newly formed Civilian Special Operations group. And, of course, they all agree (another eyeroll). Especially as Joshua has just gotten out from under the Drache Global villains. I guess he’s too stupid to learn not to trust those who’ve proven untrustworthy, along with everyone else? Ugh. So, my beef is the naivety they all respond with, as a result they’re all TSTL.I can read a fun, fast paced, mystery, thriller, and suspend my disbelief, but I cannot stand idiot characters.

  267. MicahG

    Each book in this series gets better and better. This was a plot twist I didn’t see coming and a satisfying ending. I will say I enjoy that this book doesn’t contain a lot of “fluff” or back story but you may want to make sure you reread the last few chapters of the previous book to remember who all the players are.

  268. Bubba Mcchicken

    I enjoyed the story a fast pace and good characters and hard to put it down after I started to read it.

  269. Linda

    Set in the Antarctic this is a cool adventure. Building the ultimate computer with a secret design? Adventure non stop.

  270. Tricia

    This book had way too much non-stop action for me. It actually got boring to me towards the end. I realize that many people would not agree with me but that is my personal opinion. Less is more!

  271. DaveB.

    This is the second Harvey Bennet book I have read (actually listened to – Audible) and it was the better of the two. Ben and his team seem to always manage to find themselves in impossible situations only to be saved at the last minute by someone on the “other side” who changes alliances. In this case, it was a guy who was to be locked into a container to become part of a plot to create an artificial intelligence powered by hundreds of living human brains. Sounds far out and probably is, but hey, this is fiction so we deal with it.It seems like the author takes a really long time getting to the source of the trouble. There is a lot of time spent going from place to place and while this is probably how many quests actually are, it makes for less than exciting reading. I liked this book but didn’t love it. This is the second Harvey Bennet book I have read (actually listened to – Audible) and it was the better of the two. Ben and his team seem to always manage to find themselves in impossible situations only to be saved at the last minute by someone on the “other side” who changes alliances. In this case, it was a guy who was to be locked into a container to become part of a plot to create an artificial intelligence powered by hundreds of living human brains. Sounds far out and probably is, but hey, this is fiction so we deal with it.It seems like the author takes a really long time getting to the source of the trouble. There is a lot of time spent going from place to place and while this is probably how many quests actually are, it makes for less than exciting reading. I liked this book but didn’t love it.


    Over the past 2 months I’ve read the first 6 of Thacker’s Harvey Bennet series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work!When do we get to see a TV series??!?!

  273. Ron

    Couldn’t put the book down wanted to know how this group of people were going to keep out of trouble but that would not be a good story. These characters continue to find themselves literally hanging but still have each other’s back, great story

  274. G.Hunt

    I just love this author’s book. When a writer can make the story come so alive that I’m right thete in it, then I feel that author had gone above and beyond just writing a book. I was sad to see it end although not about the ending itself. Even though this book is 3rd in a series, it easily stands alone. The thing is, it’s so good, has made me love the characters so much and keeps me so enthralled I miss meals, that I am thrilled there’s more to read! I think thete are 10 books in the series now and I’m going to read everyone. I really need to close this now so I can go start book 4! Boy oh boy, do I highly recommend this book….YOU BET! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! :DHIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 😀

  275. RitaBear

    The premise of this novel is probably not nearly as foreign as it seems. Artificial Intelligence is much in the news these days but this concept is over the moon. And the location in which it takes place just adds to the mystery and thrill. I guess you could say that I liked it.

  276. Kindle Customer

    Unconvincing and unrealistic plot progression. Highly unrealistic scenarios with a poor writing style.It leaves the reader disappointed and unfulfilled

  277. Rev Dr Ron Hestand

    An excellent plot with lots of action and interesting plot twists.

  278. Mimi 7

    Just as exciting as the first two books. Action packed from start to finish, with believable characters and very descriptive scenery. Highly recommend! Looking forward to the next book in this series!

  279. Kindle Customer

    Ben’s luck is something to behold, as he continues to avoid getting killed time again. Great to read and hard to believe.

  280. Rabid Reader

    Our brave explorers from The Amazon Code have been called back into service. Harvey and Julie have been holed up in a cabin in Alaska when they are instructed to meet with Joshua Jefferson and Reggie.Presented with a mysterious mission to fly across the world to the Antarctic, our group is hooked by the opportunity to finally get to the bottom of the nefarious plan of Draconis Industries.From the start of the mission, at a breakneck speed, plans go awry. Dropped just outside of McMurdo base, they move towards the site of where a tremendous electrical discharge had been spotted by satellite.Unfortunately, not only do they engage Draconis’ defense systems but the Chinese government has also gotten involved and is hot on their heels.Awaiting them is the horrifying culmination of the work of Dr. Amanda Meron and the twisted mind of the Head of Draconis Industries.Through -20 degree temperatures, violent gun battles and futuristic discoveries of, well, let’s say, uniquely structured computer systems, our group survives.Is this the end of Draconis? Read it to find out! Your pulse rate will thank you!

  281. Richard Villa

    Keeps you reading throughout the entire book. You have to keep three different parts going to stay with the main story.

  282. Kindle Customer

    The action and adventure is equal to Indiana Jones and star wars combined. The thrill of the hunt , the survival effort of the team. The sci/fi component was tremendous.

  283. Amazon Customer

    Enjoyed the book. Good story line. Didn’t like break in action by description of characters feelings in middle of action. Will read more titles by this author

  284. Hillel Kaminsky

    Harvey Bennet, Julie, and the rest of the gang, fresh from their adventures in the Amazon are recruited by the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. E to travel to Antarctica and investigate a signal picked up by satellite. They discover a massive underground facility run by Draconis Industries, the secretive company behind the near-disaster at Yellowstone, and the murders and chase leading to the Amazon. (From prior books.) The Chinese have also learned of the signal in Antarctica and have sent many soldiers to investigate. Bennet’s group runs afoul of the Chinese and the base security leading to a three-way shootout.The writing was solid all around and I like the characters, so I was pleased when Mrs. E mentions a project called Civilian Special Operations because it means that there will probably be more adventures with Bennet in the future.

  285. Gita Sturtevant

    perfection should review with 10 stars characters are flawless

  286. Mr. P

    Wow, this was loads of fun to read ! Ben and Julie are asked to go to Antarctica to help a rich man discover who’s been using his equipment without paying for it. This soon turns a life and death situation for them and their team of friends. Awesome cast of characters, non stop action and an extremely well written storyline will it extremely hard to put this book down !

  287. ken

    Well thought out plots, characters, along with fluid writing-interspersed with a high degree of suspense, means the reader must possess a high degree of fortitude to put this book down.

  288. Kindle Customer

    The Ice Chasm is a fast flowing thriller situated in Antarctica. Harvey Bennett, Julie Richardson and the rest of the gang are challenged by Mr. and Mrs. E to sneak into a huge complex beneath the ice and learn what is being done. Their success leads to more adventure.

  289. Amazon Customer

    The book was very enjoyable with many twists and turns to keep your interest. Fast paced so I wasn’t distracted or bored at any time. A great read.

  290. Dan Walton

    I got the book for free, but the review is my own. It was a fun read that pulled me into the story; but it was a bit far out.

  291. dlg

    Page turner. At times a little to much technical computer stuff, but story overall was good.Well developed characters. Good story line. Would recommend this book. Would like to readmore in this series.

  292. Michel Russell

    A little disjointed in the action scenes, but all around fun read.

  293. Mr David Smith

    This book kept showing signs of promise, then the following page it digresses. Very good read though, well worth the time spent.

  294. Gavin

    I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I didn’t mind putting it down and doing other things for a while. A 5 star read is one I can’t put down unless I just can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I wouldn’t call it a stand alone book. It helps to have read the series in order so that you understand the characters and their relationships. I didn’t hate it. It kept me interested but not excited. The plot was good…made sense…and had a satisfying conclusion.

  295. Shelly in Sunny San Diego🌞

    Man, what a great read. I was on the edge of my seat reading this. One thing after another is woven together to intrigue and scare the reader. I like that the story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We are not left hanging and then new opportunities for our fearless band! Excellent story that ties up the Dragon Industries ARC and starts us off with a new direction that sounds extremely interesting. Looking forward to more from Nick Thacker.

  296. jlhinte

    This started out as a predictable story of impossible characters. However there were a couple of plot twists that made this enjoyable..

  297. Priscilla Horn

    The team has followed clues to discover the headquarters of the evil organization intent on using AI to rule the world. The resulting chaos engages the reader with riveting twists in each chapter. Nick Thacker is a masterful author and this story fills each page with anticipation for the suspenseful conclusion.

  298. usmc-mike

    To me, a different kind of Harvey Bennett novel that had me looking for the old Harvey Bennett style of character. I was a bit distracted while reading it and looked forward to getting to the end. I’m going to start the Jefferson Legacy and see how that story line progressrs

  299. madhatter

    Very fun story with continual action that kept me awake reading. If you want pure action tied into technology of the future this is it

  300. Rastro

    I like Nick and his style of writing. A bit of action, a bit of technology and a good human story

  301. Manualgrad

    Nick Thacker is an amazing writer. His books are all page turner. Once I start reading one, I can’t put it down. . You think , I’ll just read one more chapter and when you finally look up, it’s 3am. I love the adventures he takes you on. Keep going Nick. I have a lot of time to dedicate.

  302. Michael E. Flanagan

    Loving the Harvey Bennet series. I am am on to book 4 and consuming them daily. The characters are well thought out and the storylines certainly have a great degree of plausibility. Thank you Kevin Tumlinson for turning me on to Nick’s work.

  303. DeeAnne Moore

    Fast paced with good believable characters. A truly good read.

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About Nick Thacker

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