By David Berens, Nick Thacker
Jo Bennett Archeological Mysteries #1

Published on October 31, 2018
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About Temple of the Snake:

A famous lost journal that points to a hidden temple.

A shadowy organization that will kill anyone to find it. 

A woman who will do whatever it takes to get there first. 

Josephine Bennett — Jo to everyone but her family and closest friends — is Harvey Bennett's (of the Harvey Bennett Mysteries series) youngest cousin. An archeologist with an attitude, she wants to find what G.E. Kinkaid's diary is pointing to.

"A cross between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft."

Kinkaid's diary chronicles his incredible expedition into the Temple of the Snake, deep in a cave in Arizona. 

...A temple that has Egyptian hieroglyphics and artifacts that could change the history of not only the United States... but of the entire human race. 

The journal is the key to finding the cave and the temple, but Axel LaFitte and a shadowy organization are willing to kill to get into the temple first. 

Why? No one knows.

Follow Jo's quest to find the temple, figure out what's inside that is worth killing for and stay alive! If you love Raiders of the Lost Ark and National Treasure, you're going to LOVE Jo Bennett!

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