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Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker

USA Today Bestselling Author

About Nick

Nick is an action-adventure thriller novelist, who writes the types of books he likes to read. That means you won’t find anything boring, slow, or sappy in his stories. People have described his work as “airplane books,” but he just sees that as a compliment.

Nick was born in Connecticut, grew up in Texas, and lives in Colorado with his wife, two children, three dogs, and tortoise. He loves snow, drinking whiskey by the fireplace while it’s snowing, and writing books by candlelight while a thick layer of snow piles up outside.


Nick wasn’t always a writer. He began studying music at a young age and sought a career in composition and film scoring. He began his undergraduate work as a high school student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and has a degree in music from Texas State University.

After graduating, he decided to try his hand at writing novels, inspired by books from authors such as James Rollins, Dan Brown, and Clive Cussler. He thought writing a book would be easy.

He was wrong.

That first book, The Golden Crystal, was terrible, and needed serious work from an editor in order to become publishable. That editor would go on to become a friend and cowriter, MP MacDougallThe Golden Crystal was reworked, edited, and revamped, then released in 2011. It was later re-released as The Atlantis Stone.

Thacker continued progress on his novels, releasing The Depths and The Enigma Strain shortly thereafter. The Enigma Strain was received well, and requests to continue the characters of Harvey Bennett and Juliette Richardson were answered with the sequel, The Amazon Code

To date, Thacker has released numerous novels in the Harvey Bennett Mysteries series, the Mason Dixon Thrillers series, the Relics Singularity Seriesand other short stories and short standalone novels.

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Books by Nick Thacker

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Current Work

Nick is still writing, working on bringing his characters to life through the numerous series he has launched. He is also working with cowriters to expand the Harvey Bennett Mysteries universe.

He regularly contributes to the indie author community through blogs, social media, and podcast interviews, and has a number of nonfiction titles currently published. He is working on a set of nonfiction author-centric books to help writers struggling with everything from anxiety to marketing their work.

He has been the host of a long-running podcast — Self-Publishing Answers — and owns a community-driven author blog called Write Hacked. He has also written articles and posts for dozens of well-known blogs and websites.

Sonata & Scribe

Nick recently launched a company that combines both his love for writing and the author community and his dream of composing music.

Sonata & Scribe is the first and only music studio creating “soundtracks” for books and stories. The company works directly with the author to design, compose, produce, and release full-length, completely original music based on the author’s characters, settings, themes, and story elements.

Launched in late 2017, Sonata & Scribe already has a waiting list of authors on board to hear their books. Sonata & Scribe scores can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Amazon Music, and anywhere else music can be purchased.

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